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  1. Mr Vapour

    m52b25 engine out of e39 523i 120kms - $450ono

    do you know if it's a tu motor? I'm tempted to put my m52b28tu crank in it.
  2. Mr Vapour

    m52b25 engine out of e39 523i 120kms - $450ono

    is it a auto or manual motor. I have a dme for a manual ish any one wants it.
  3. Mr Vapour

    1973 Square Tail lights 2002 Parts Wanted

    try the 2002 face book page also. as a last resort try murry Fullerton down in papakura. 021 978 254. he has 5 ish 2002. everything's for sale but he knows what stuff is worth and charges accordingly.
  4. Mr Vapour

    E30 Race Car - Jim Richard's JPS M3 Tribute.

    a guy in the e21 world brought a set of flares from him and scraped them due to the poor quality. grab something hard plastic, a screwdriver handle works well. or nilon. and run it over every corner and edge. if there are air bubbles in the glass they will most likely be in there. you will need to use good pressure as he may have used a thick layer of gel and you want to break this to expose the air pocket. you should not scratch it but if you do, it will be minor and you have to prep to paint any way.
  5. Mr Vapour

    E28 Dilemma

    i will be needing the help of a rust certification inspector for the e21. is he shore only or will he travel to teh dark south
  6. Mr Vapour

    E28 Dilemma

    i think you already know what to do and answered your own question towards the end there
  7. I have a pair of headlights that were a failed attempt to retro fit. You can have both for 40 bucks. (must take both) +postage note- once i got them side by side it was very obvious that the retrofit would not work so they were never pulled apart.
  8. Mr Vapour

    Getrag 220 from E36 1.8L M43 fit M54?

    yes it will but it will most likely not last long
  9. Mr Vapour

    Free E30 parts

    Thanks for teh lights. Have yet to check but i do hope that i have not ended up with two RH projectors haha
  10. Mr Vapour

    '86 e30 motor swap

    why has your 325 got a b20 in it. Would you not be wanting to put a b25 back in? or are you racing in the 2.0l BMW class ??
  11. Mr Vapour

    Free E30 parts

    All I am after from them would be the one elopsiod as I will be retrofitting them into e21 buckets. Let me know if that will work. Thanks
  12. Mr Vapour

    Free E30 parts

    Hello I would be very keen on the headlights if they are still available Thanks
  13. Mr Vapour

    E12 parts

    Would you sell the front hubs?
  14. Mr Vapour

    Local parts Pricing & Availability

    https://store.vacmotorsports.com/mobile/cp-carrillo-forged-piston-set-bmw-m52-p1067.aspx Just a link I had in my phone. What are the factory mahle pistons made out of? Do you have the piston/pin weight to compare. I would think that the mahle pistons are a hyperutectic with high silicone content.? Depends on what you want to do.
  15. Mr Vapour

    Looking to buy a welder

    https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/58949-welder-buying-spam/& Lots of good info here from guys that do lots of resto wotk.
  16. Mr Vapour

    Looking to buy a welder

    What do you mean by this . Please explain
  17. Mr Vapour

    Vinyl Wraping

    Smudge do all the work for council. Have seen them wrap lots of things. Never seen a fault yet
  18. Mr Vapour

    E30 Race Car - Jim Richard's JPS M3 Tribute.

    A friend of a friend up here has done a similar thing. Car was hail damaged insurance paid for the new panels and it was not much different for the m3 parts. He has it all on but is still some time from finishing it
  19. Mr Vapour

    Looking to buy a welder

    I have a multi-function machine from boc. IT has a mig torch, tig torch and a arc torch. I have only used it on mig so far and it works well. Cost me a grand. it will not tig alloy. this unit will not allow adjustment of the wire speed, just the volts. some find this hard to use, but i dont know any better so its not an issue for me. Paid a grand for it directly from BOC. You will also need a helmet, gloves, clamps and magnets flap wheels and stuff. Leave about 3-350 to get started with this, and a 15a plug in teh wall. Check what the shed is wired with. IF you have 2.5tps tile it should then just buy a plug from bunnings and swap it over. i have made gates and modded my sub frame. When i start my body repairs i will put out the tig and learn how to use that also. there are other machines out there but i chose teh BOC unit as boc will keep spares for many years. Most of the units in the price bracket are made in china and i had concerns regarding parts long term. Also look at bunnings for the coregas swap a bottle scheme. Cheaper than BOC. 190 deposit(refundable if you take it back) on the bottle and about 120 per bottle on a swap basis after that.
  20. Mr Vapour

    BMW 323i E21 1980

    Ask for photos of inner guards behind rear seat backs,boot side floors, boot lip under screen, rear side Windows front lower corners.
  21. Mr Vapour

    BMW 323i E21 1980

    Doing a m5x swap is not a massive amount of work. Basically Google will be your friend. They are basically the same as swapping in a motor in a e30. So search e30 swaps. It has has had some playing with in the past. It should have mechanical injection. It may have a m20 out of a later car with motech or it could have been retro fitted to the original 323 motor. Impossible to tell with out a lot of looking and numbers.
  22. Mr Vapour

    E34, what's it worth?

    Have you ever been out and runamuck in this?
  23. Mr Vapour

    Broken 335i - Insurance & Dealership

    I thought there was a 90 day thing when buying from a dealer. There is a whole section to consumer last regarding car dealer it's worth looking it.up.
  24. May i ask why you went with the Getrag 220 not the ZF?
  25. Mr Vapour

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Got it out of the shed yesterday. I'm using early e24/e12 front hubs. The bearings are the same as the 323 bearings so direct fit. I had to machine the hub centre down about 1.2 mm. This allowed me to fit commodore discs. Giving me about 41mm more disc. The Holden caliper is also bolt on so major upgrade. The rear is e28 subframe shortened to fit. and e34 arms.