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  1. Yes we have them @ HELLBM 0212435526
  2. Plenty @ HELLBM. Many colours available.
  3. Have what you need @ HELLBM
  4. Sorry. I meant `I don`t bother looking`. Sport mode is permanently on in all my M cars. Last time I did look it was 14.something litres/100km
  5. Don`t bother looking
  6. Unknown.
  7. No cats. Should be interesting. The link doesn`t appear to work.
  8. Did a trial fitment of a set of Ergen Headers which are fabricated for M60/62 or S62 E30. The intention is to fit them to 8M3 in place of the restrictive factory headers. Our spare S62 had the privilege of posing next to 8M3 with the Ergen headers on.
  9. Re. a quicker rack we have a good supply of purple tag sport racks (3 turns lock to lock) and Z3 racks 2.7 turns.
  10. Certainly crossed my mind Tom.And here`s the brace we are looking at replicating.
  11. In my books the ultimate BMW. https://www.racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/78041/bmw-m3-e46-gtr-gt2
  12. Great story here:
  13. Still have a S65 with manual box put aside for the red M3 if and when time allows. Sleeper on the road of course.
  14. Our latest challenge @ HELLBM: 2007 118i Le Mans Blau M Sport powered by S65 with DCT. Using a 130 shell as a mockup test fitted E92M3 subframe,Steering column with linkage,S65 and DCT. Fitted like it belonged there. Interestingly the chassis dimensions shared with E92 M3 and E87 are identical right down to the extra threaded holes for the M3 subframe. Overall weight difference between the E92 M3 and E87 118i is approx. 400kg with 100kg weight difference between the motors. The finished S65 powered E87 will be approx. 250-300kg`s lighter.
  15. Change of plan with the drivetrain being reverted back to S54 at the request of the new owner. Interesting conversion - manual to smg along with brembo brake upgrade.