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  1. Our latest challenge @ HELLBM: 2007 118i Le Mans Blau M Sport powered by S65 with DCT. Using a 130 shell as a mockup test fitted E92M3 subframe,Steering column with linkage,S65 and DCT. Fitted like it belonged there. Interestingly the chassis dimensions shared with E92 M3 and E87 are identical right down to the extra threaded holes for the M3 subframe. Overall weight difference between the E92 M3 and E87 118i is approx. 400kg with 100kg weight difference between the motors. The finished S65 powered E87 will be approx. 250-300kg`s lighter.
  2. This project is finally back on track. Found some time over the Xmas break to move things along. Need to introduce the JBE and all E92 M3 wiring to give seamless integration. Using existing plugs and wiring wherever possible this is well under way thanks to the effort/time put in by James. The pics can do the talking.
  3. Had a reality check re. fitment. Would need quite a bit of modification to fit the E39 restricted space.Put this plan to one side while I focus on my S65 powered E87. These headers will be saved for something else.
  4. Did a trial fitment of a set of Ergen Headers which are fabricated for M60/62 or S62 E30. The intention is to fit them to 8M3 in place of the restrictive factory headers. Our spare S62 had the privilege of posing next to 8M3 with the Ergen headers on.
  5. Something we have done with a couple of E30`s and an E34 is the M54B30 Conversion. What we can supply is: M54B30 with ancilliaries ZF Box E36 Arm MS43 DME with ews delete/manual/EU2 tune E30 pedal set with E46 Accelerator Drive by wire pedal. Necessary wiring. Not to dissimilar to an M52B28 conversion.
  6. https://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-spottedykywt/bmw-m3-e46-wagon-you-know-you-want-to/37315
  7. HELLM3 with it`s XMAS present. Thanks Tom.
  8. Can do. At the shop weds - thurs this week. Regards Ray
  9. We can do the SMG CSL reflash as well as a DME tune like this:
  10. Send us your DME and we will do an ews delete on it. Plug and play $150 bimmersport price.
  11. Hardly noticeable but with mine the agency power exhaust drowns it out.
  12. Certainly doesn`t detract from the performance and definitely looks pretty cool. My M Coupe would love this for Xmas Tom. Here`s what HELLM3 has in it`s engine bay.
  13. Xmas special $1 Reserve https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1481599309
  14. $180 plus gst @HELLBM
  15. Have plenty of the older oem multi pronged style. Will see if I can find some mint ones for you Tom.
  16. About to do our weekly order from FCP Euro Tom. Will get x4 for you if you want: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-wheel-center-cap-36136783536
  17. We are doing M54B30 retrofit kits into E36,E30,E34 or older. Plenty of motors/looms,dme`s with ews delete,eu2 tune and more available. Also available 3 and 2.8 stroker kits for your M50. Call to discuss options.
  18. Have a set 7.5 x 17 front and 8.5 rear @ Hellbm $750
  19. Available @ Hellbm
  20. Yes we have them @ HELLBM 0212435526
  21. Plenty @ HELLBM. Many colours available.
  22. Have what you need @ HELLBM
  23. Sorry. I meant `I don`t bother looking`. Sport mode is permanently on in all my M cars. Last time I did look it was 14.something litres/100km
  24. Don`t bother looking