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  1. Brand new Karbonius CSL carbon door panel inserts in 1x1 carbon weave. I can honestly say these are as good if not better than the genuine article. Perfect fitment and weave pattern and stronger construction than the real thing. Made of Prepreg carbon vacuum packed and autoclave cured. Very strong. ***BARE CARBON DOOR INSERT PANELS ONLY *** ****NO door handles or door cards included**** NO mounting hardware included*** - ALL YOU GET ARE THE CARBON PANEL INSERTS WITHOUT THE GENUINE CSL DOOR HANDLES SEEN IN THE PHOTOS**** The weave on these are so good that if you placed a genuine CSL door panel next to it you would struggle to tell them apart - see last photo illustrating this. These are not off the shelf items and are made to order only from karbonius. Very rare. Genuine CSL door panels are $8000 EACH!! So it?s $32,000 just for the door panels - And there are none in stock at all. $4000 firm. Compared to the genuine csl panel (front bare panel pictured below is a really old genuine csl carbon door panel - has slight yellowing already) as you can see the Karbonius (the rear panel - top one) is a perfect match
  2. Hmmmmmm i don’t think so, it’s a thin carbon panel, whilst strong, impact the corners Or havesomething heavy land in the middle or the packaging bent would mean certain destruction. Having said this however, when BMW AG used to sell these they send them in a fairly small dimension cardboard box with no reinforcements and very little protection. Not sure if the expansion foam could cause a reaction with the carbon??
  3. Very Minor crack in the usual bottom skin left rear and front right mounting point. Secondary skin opened up to check welding on top which was fine. Reddish Motorsport plate installed plus GTR style triangulation bar for overkill repair and complete bullet proofing for the most powerful S54B32 700hp NA build ( : P ) lol
  4. Been a while ... the car has been occupying a hoist space for almost too long, but it’s nearing the end of the rebuild with almost all new parts installed underneath ... some pictures of the progress just waiting for the cert man to return photos!
  5. Reaching out to the community first before I ring around for quotes!! I found a true unicorn in terms of BMW spare parts and purchased it before Christmas. It is currently sitting with a friend in Germany. However I need help getting it over here (bit large to just rock down to the post shop!!) It is unfortunately slightly fragil to travel I suppose, but extremely lightweight 3.2kg, quite large however (1500mm x 1000mm x 180mm) before any packaging. I want it airfreighted on its own not in combined freight and most definitely not by sea given my experience with shipment damage. I am well aware I’ll be paying for the previlegd so that’s ok! If you can help please let me know !! Thank you!!
  6. Happy to see it in such a deserving engine bay Ray!! Glad I can play Santa and give this to you for all the help over the years! Merry Christmas!!
  7. It has a slightly different tone - if you youtube it you will be able to see some videos of it in action. Nothing like the CSL intake but perceptibly louder and deeper if run a stock exhaust system. It’s a bolt on application so it’ll work without tuning. However as with anything related to this motor, anything with a tune will benefit. If you are looking for huge gains however, look away lol! Anyone that tells you 20hp+ from a s54 from an intake is lying.
  8. No idea, never had it in my car. But Ray’s car runs one and it made more power than any other s54 on the dyno day.
  9. Unfortunately no ... at least I don’t believe so without some modifications.
  10. Used but in good condition. Has usual scratches and marks you get when these are used. Comes with one brand new Genuine gruppe M airfilter ($380 to buy) and one used but cleaned filter. These are over $3000 brand new, asking half price of a new one with one new filter! $1500
  11. Hi Rob Pending payment tomorrow. Will let you know if it falls through. Thank you!
  12. I have this and bimmercode and they are both pretty cool little tools to have. Works pretty well!! I am Auckland based.
  13. Hi Ray Thanks for the offer, but the new design looks different to the older style unfortunately!!! As above Allan!! Cheers!!
  14. MUST be in MINT condition with all tabs intact and emblem in perfect condition Must carry part number 1095361on the back and look exactly like the picture below. These were available between 1999-2005 if anyone happens to have a brand new set willing to pay good money for it : )