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  1. ISTA is slow enough on a capable laptop with ssd with a genuine ICOM (I have one), I’d say it would be painfully slow on a cloud system especially if you do programming (slow on a system already with FASTA turned off) having said that though BMW does offer an online option with annual subscription for ISTA next ... not sure how it works as I’ve never used it on a subscription.
  2. http://www.munichlegends.co.uk/item/bmw-e30-m3-europameister-73221 I thought well priced?!
  3. M3_Power

    E46 M3`s

    Stunning Needs a Phoenix yellow to be period correct for the holy trinity of E46 M3 colours.
  4. Sort of - it has to meet 3 out of the 4 requirements. So for example the M3 CSL does because it meets 1,3 and 4 below but not 2 for reasons explained above. Here are the requirements 1. The vehicle (or its make, model and submodel) is identified as being a collector’s item in one of the following magazines or their respective websites – Australian Classic Car, Car and Driver (US), Automobile (US), Motor (Australia), Motor Trend (US), New Zealand Autocar, New Zealand Classic Car, Road and Track (US), Top Gear (UK), Top Gear NZ, Unique Cars (Australia) or Wheels (Australia). 2. Less than 20,000 units of the vehicle’s make and model have been (or were) manufactured annually. 3. The vehicle is, and was, manufactured as a two-door coupe or a convertible. 4. The vehicle is, and was, manufactured as a high-performance vehicle. My suggestion someone bombard Jeremy Clarkson and get him to write an article in Top Gear as to why it would be a future collectable - I think telling him so we can get it registered here in NZ as a SIV might do the trick as he’s anti-establishment 😆😆
  5. "The vehicle’s make and model has been (or was) manufactured in annual volumes of 20,000 units or less (evidence must be supplied with this application)." - Make = BMW - Model = E46 - Sub Model = E46 M3 The wording specifies model not sub model like requirement 1 I have been told that this is interpreted as in all model variations (ie all E46 chassis) not just a M3, a 330ci a 316i ect because otherwise almost every single car has the potential to meet this requirement. The E46 M3 does not qualify for SIV and I believe some have tried and failed as none of the quoted magazineS have listed it as a collectable. Only the CSL qualify under 1,3 and 4 So I am afraid you are out of luck there. It would not qualify under the rules.
  6. This is used and I rate it 6/10 in condition. It has been repainted and sanded in places as it was used to take a mould. Needs repaint in my opinion as it was not done very well. These are No Longer Available from BMW like a lot of CSL parts. Genuine part over $2000 brand new. $1500
  7. No that goes under the ball to act as the flat surface of the “tongue” for bike carriers and the likes. also if I am not mistaken the towbar rating is from the bar itself?? I am no expert on this at all so don’t quote me!! As the detachable part seems to be the same for all westfalia bars but the bar itself has different ratings?? Someone that knows better please enlighten!
  8. Apparently the swan neck type towbar use these adaptors according to BMW
  9. M3_Power

    E46 M3 Decat.

    OMG you just chopped up a CSL cat 😱😱😱😱
  10. Replace the cmos battery - requires you to open up the unit and separate the two boards to get to it. It’s a standard button lithium battery. you can crack the GT1 bios password with an online program. when you enter the password it gives you an error and provides you with a 6 digit number it is a generic phoenix code I can provide you a link that allows you to enter that code and it will spit out a password. Once in just change the password to whatever or blank. Change the date and time in there - much easier than via the Gt1 menu where you have to physically click it over one day at a time from 2002 - it will take hours!! Infrared keyboard has to be synchronised to work it is the little black button on the top right of the keyboard - usb keyboard can be configured to work quite easily but bit hard to explain on here. email me aviemore.tom@gmail.com
  11. Certs are $650 now days and no it’s more than a tick the box exercise now far more extensive as the onus falls on the certifier to make sure it is done correctly and if you have a smash he’s not up for manslaughter charger. It now takes a good 3hours or more to certify a vehicle with moderate modification properly. Every single nut and bolt is photographed and documented by the certifier (the good ones at least) and anything that is not up to standard get written on a list of “remedials” I have been getting certs for years and know the rules like the back of my hand and even on my latest cert I got a list of remedials and the length I had to go to prove removal of side airbags were dandy and the remainder of the system was still functioning ect made me realise how difficult certification has become. You also used to be able to convert the likes of trailing arm systems into full coilovers, now you’d struggle without proper documentation to back up that the arm can handle the load, the bolt system is sound and the suspension geometry doesn’t change through the full travel. So no it’s not a tick the box exercise. You should see the paperwork certifiers have to fill out! It’s no wonder some are going to the electronic system now on an iPad to do it all.
  12. M3_Power

    Book Help!

    Hi all just a long shot here But wondering if anyone has a particular children’s book by L Frank Baum (of Wizard of Oz) called “Life and Adventures of Santa Clause” (any year publish is ok) that I can borrow for a week or so around end of September. Seems with ebooks not even the library has a hardcopy of this or any bookshops I can find online. If you have a copy or know where to source one within the week please let me know! thanks!
  13. For sale again as I have something else in mind for the project car so this is surplus to requirement. Main airbox is genuine Wethje - ie genuine M3 CSL (the important part) The unfiltered section is a geoff steel copy and works perfectly with the genuine main box section. Will include genuine BMC air filter. $5000 with the geoff steel snorkel part seen in photo it will be $5500 Prices not negotiable. note - setup came off a racecar so it is not mint cosmetically but functionally perfect.
  14. M3_Power

    Eurotrip 2019

    Gosh how does everyone have such a different experience of Paris than I had?? Absolutely hated the place, expensive, super rude people and dirty as f**k everywhere (rats running around in Mcdonalds like they just ordered a Happy Meal) And if you are of Asian descent be prepared to be ignored by nearly everyone there that you ask for help. Even a nice gesture of picking up a lady’s dropped scarf and running across the road to give it to her nearly earned me a slap in the face and a I am going to call the police on you as a thank you (actually also had the cops nearly called on me because I handed in a lost cell phone from a train because they thought I’d stolen it) It’d be the last place I’d want to visit in Europe. Granted the Museums are awesome but other than that be prepared to be disappointed. Even the Taxi driver that drove us to the airport told us not to bother to visit Paris but to go to Southern France next time. How come nobody’s mentioned Spain?? I’ve heard so many great things about it from virtually everyone that have been. Need to visit myself to see if true! And yes Rome is a must ... I too can watch Italians all day lol!! But as they say you don’t build Rome in a day so spend a few days there and walk around - it’s the best way to see the city. Don’t know if they still do Rome passes but it allows you to skip some really long queues if you have one.
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