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  1. Does anyone remember this???

    Ray got this one I think??? Fried electronics and all. Odd however the plate is onhold, because if I recall correctly the shell was accidentally sent to be crushed.
  2. M TOY M3

    Isn’t the purpose of LVVT certification to certify “modifications”??? Lol?!!! Seems counter productive what you are doing?!
  3. What are these fault codes?

    My money on one or both of the dsc pressure sensors on the brake master cylinder. Factory tools will give you live readings and tell you if one is faulting. Only takes a little bit of variation for it to trigger those two lights.
  4. FS - Karbonius CSL carbon door panel inserts

    What do you mean??? I can see my advert fine unless it’s a cached version I am seeing?
  5. FS - Karbonius CSL carbon door panel inserts

    Bump need the storage room so these have to go lol!
  6. ISTA e61 help?

  7. M TOY M3

    I am not sure how you are lifting that whole right side of the car, but I wouldn’t do that on that rear jack spot to lift one full side - the rear jack spots are known to collapse into the chassis when you do that. Use the front jack point if you want to lift one side with the wheels off the ground like that.
  8. M Dyno Day March 17th

    What a fantastic day ... Thank you Ray for putting this on! Has been far too long since I went to one of these.
  9. Hmmmm I don’t have an engineering degree but I am good enough with physics to know this can’t be true. Nano second wheel change arguments aside, and ignoring wear and tear of stud or bolt, with appropriate material properties and thread pitch you can yield the same clamping force, sheer force and yield strength in both stud and bolt fastening methodology but you have the following mechanical advantages with a stud and lug\nut set up. - consistency of tightening torque as the amount of thread engaged on a stud and lug nut is the same and not dependent on how many threads are picked up in the hub (more torque the more threads/friction or more bolt stretch you introduce - if any) - safer and easier to inspect stud and lug\nut wear over bolt and hub wear. - single vertical force acting on a stud and nut during the tightening phase vs two forces being acted upon on a bolt through stretch and twist in the tightening phase leading to a more accurate and even clamping between the two mating surfaces (think cylinder heads). but apart from that I agree that the M14 to M12 stud kits are a bad idea vs enlarging holes in the wheel. But give me centre lock anytime over everything else because “race car” lol!! : )
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1543716932.htm improved looks perhaps
  11. E46 M3 mirror leak

    Pull mirror off and drain and reinstall. You’ll lose autodim function but meh. it’ll leak till all the chemical inside has completely gone.
  12. BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    It’s in both of my s54 powered cars at the moment and as stated above I am in two minds about it as it does appear to behave slightly differently compared to Castrol of old. Personally I think it’s actually quite a good product on paper especially on higher km engines. Is it as good or better than the Castrol Edge TWS/Professional/Supercar stuff that BMW used to recommend. I would most certainly say so, but without empiracal evidence to back it up so purely speculation and personal opinion. From what I have read and seen also there are now many good alternatives if you do not like the dealership oil. The top pickings appears to be (in no particular order). LiquiMolly Castrol Edge Professional TWS/Supercar Motul 8100
  13. BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    And fairly sure this was already discussed back in 2014
  14. BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    Are you saying they are different “ONLY BECAUSE” the products are for - different markets/climatic/operating conditions or are you saying the formulation is substantively different because it’s for a completely different engine requirement application? It seems to me you are saying 10W-60 from the Castrol edge titanium range (“insert sub range here”) are all roughly the same with the differentiating factor being marketing and usage in different countries with slight variations in the formulation for market climate and operating conditions? Because from what I have been told by Castrol the formulation is completely different from the perspective that it is for a different engine requirement and not a marketing, climatic or operating condition variation that you are alluding to. Anyways, some updates. It seems Castrol NZ still have loads of the correct product for M engines (ie the original Castrol TWS aka Castrol Edge Professional (subsequent branding change)) but they weren’t sure if they could sell this to retail customers yet and have now been told that BMW no longer hold a contract over this product. To be continued ....
  15. BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    It’s not a standards or classification difference talking to the technical guy at Castrol. He said flat out the SN local product isn’t approved for BMW M engines. He says the formulation is completely different. There is reprive as I say as he says a M approved product maybe released to local retail market soon.