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  1. M3_Power

    M TOY M3

    You need better tools!!! I’ve never had to drop the bumper to drop that muffler and I’ve done it more times than I care to count. You don’t even need to remove the diffuser. Easily done by one person with all four limbs supporting the bloody thing and a good jack : )
  2. Facelift E46 coupe LED tail lights What you see is what you get minor defect (see photo - interior crack or scratch not broken) $300
  3. M3_Power

    CSL time again

    I enjoy being a grumpy old man, I thrive on it lol! Everyone’s entitled to a general value opinion, but how many are actually in the market for one? Or can afford the asking price. Cars like this will yoyo in value depending on what’s out there and the demand for it - Heck I think the person that paid $100million for that Classic Ferrari is crazy, but I am not even in the same league as those bidding on that Ferrari (not even close) so who am I to say it was overpriced or not? Reality is you can’t build a 1:1 replica CSL for the price of buying one now days assuming you can source every single part. Sure you can build a replica using replica parts for cheaper and get the same thrill so there’s always that route. But it’s not the same - different strokes for different folks.
  4. M3_Power

    CSL time again

    Everytime one of these comes up for sale the amount of crap comment that gets generated blows my mind. I am going to bury mine with me when I die just so I don’t have to deal with these type of comments 😂😂😂
  5. M3_Power

    My New Trolley

    Technically a BMW M given the ex-head designer for M is now at Hyundai 😂
  6. M3_Power

    Replica M3 CSL 19inch wheels

    Not really as I have a set if genuine 19s
  7. Near new genuine M3 CSL air balance rail aka Map Sensor rail. powder coated in hell Green : P only used for about 2000km bare rail only NO sensor or mounting screws or bolts. $500 what you will get As new
  8. M3_Power

    Replica M3 CSL 19inch wheels

    With tyres only will not separate and must pick up as I don’t have time to ship these.
  9. M3_Power

    Replica M3 CSL 19inch wheels

    Replica M3 CSL rims all have curbing - comes with near new triangle tyres with really good treads will include alloy hub centric rings required for e46 m3 install. Don’t know who made these got them from an UK import car no centre caps included 19x8.5 fronts and 19x9.5 rears $1200
  10. M3_Power

    FS - Genuine M3 CSL carbon centre console

    Clear coat
  11. Serial number 2 - second one ever made. full carbon fibre construction - extemely light. this has a slight repair to the back corner but not very obvious once mounted. Needs repaint - poor paint condition. $700
  12. M3_Power

    Opportunity to replicate M3 CSL intake

    I think given there are so many replicas now available it probably wasn’t worth the effort! Buy the latest Karbonious airbox - well priced and very very well constructed. You don’t want to pay for a genuine airbox !!! They are astronomical to buy nowdays ... even beat up used ones!
  13. M3_Power

    Opportunity to replicate M3 CSL intake

    Nope .... didn’t actually get any offers to replicate it from anyone.
  14. Did you read the new rules at all (been around since 2016) about suspension modifications? I’ve just had my car certified and I can tell you the new rules are lot more comprehensive and has already done away with the 100mm clearance requirement. (i’ve had no less than 5 cars lvvt certified since 1997) and the rules have changed significantly since back then. It is now about having sufficient suspension travel - the gist of it requires at least 40mm travel or at least 1/3 of original non modified suspension travel, amongst other things. When it lands on the bump stop it cannot contact any part of the vehicle body or shield ect. So with 60mm clearance I am willing to wager you will fail the cert period. There’s also extensive rules now about alignment and camber and castor angles - an alignment read out has to be provided to the certifier with suspension modifications - at least in my case. The car is scrutinised right down to the nuts and bolts used and suspension arm angle and binding, steering arm angle ect. For sump clearance - dry sump it : )
  15. M3_Power

    E39 airbag issue

    You can legally remove any airbags more than 12 years old if I recall correctly. Needs a cert and warning sticker on the airbag cover however.