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  1. M3_Power

    E46 LS7 Endurance racing car

    Sedan is more rigid better for racing Good to see you here Shaun!! Peter told me about this the other day!!!
  2. Free in great condition
  3. M3_Power

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Driven the new M140i? If not go try it, it eats the 1M for breakfast in every single department. You can’t really compare a modern car to something nearly 20 years old. I drove my CSL the other day right after my daily driver Twin turbo V8 wagon and my first impression was ... holy sh*t this is slow and unresponsive!!! Then I heard the induction roar again instead of the artificial exhaust burbles and pops of the modern turbos and all was good again! Don’t get me wrong the 1M is a great car ... I just don’t think it deserves to be called a M. Perhaps a 135iS like it’s sister Z4 35iS
  4. M3_Power

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Fair enough .... until this came along. What a shame it wasn’t put into production. My point is BMW might as do what Mercedes does now and badge everything with an “AMG” of some sort and capitalise on it (also at the same time dilute the brand) and slap a M badge on every second model they make ... oh wait ...
  5. M3_Power

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Wasn’t the 850CSi also “engineered” by motorsport? But it never received the M status .... perhaps back then Motorsport understood what “motorsport” meant? Rather than having their balls pulled along by the marketing department nowdays?
  6. M3_Power

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    If Porsche stuck a Boxster engine in a 911 body and called it a GT3 Porsche owners would never buy that car. BMW does it to a 1 series - an ugly one at that (Z4 engine in a 1 body) and all the BMW fan boys go crazy over the car and thinks it’s the bees knees. It’s not a M car just a marketing spin. No one will ever convince me otherwise.
  7. M3_Power

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Going to agree to disagree here. The US S52 was an emission related designation and the M spec engines did get some M rework if I am not mistaken. This differs significantly to the 1M engine which is a complete production engine. When BMW offer the same engine first in a z4 35iS you know they fluffed it by calling it a M car. Anyways we should all believe BMW that that G20 is going to beat them all ... or have they just Banksy’d themselves and doubled the price of the CSL : P https://jalopnik.com/bmw-is-tired-of-your-sh*t-1829635007
  8. M3_Power

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Lack of S engine not a true M car Never was never will be one and finally the market have realised this and prices have started to reflect this fact. Marketing gimmic to ever call this a M car. To me this was the defining moment BMW M went downhill and everything just needed a badge to be a M
  9. M3_Power

    Avoid Bimmer Software K+DCAN Cables

    I’ve yet to come across a cable that doesn’t require switching between K and D and I own loads of them!!! Most of the time the cables are shipped in D Can mode which can still talk to earlier K Line cars because pins 7 and 8 are bridged The better cables are shipped without this bridge and have an adaptor that bridge the two pins for K line cars. The cheapercable vendors then built a manual toggle switch to bridge this and called it K&D Can capable. Post 08 cars require true D can, so it may just be that your cable was shipped in K line state instead of D Can state. As I said, I’ve never seen a cable (especially those clear ones) that don’t require software switching to be fully functional.
  10. M3_Power

    Avoid Bimmer Software K+DCAN Cables

    Search for the following 2 utility software depending on cable firmware you will need one or the other
  11. M3_Power

    Avoid Bimmer Software K+DCAN Cables

    Most of these type of cables require a software switch to turn it from K to D can Have you tried this yet? Also not all protocol chat through line 7 and 8 so when switching to D can you need to disconnect the bridge. I find operator error more often than cable error with these things.
  12. M3_Power

    CSL Intake for E46 m3

    That’s only one section of the airbox you’ve got the other parts also which is about the same price again ... My understanding from Die Wethje is they made a last batch of these airboxes (some 200 or so I believe) for BMWAG and will not be making any more after this. Here’s the one I have for sale ... If authenticity isn’t required then I would recommend the Karbonius version ... it is as good as OE at a fraction of the cost (about 35% of an original intake). You’d struggle to tell the sound difference apart (I can personally just hearing it drive by but not many would know and dyno figures show equivalent performance).
  13. M3_Power

    S50b30/2 owners - quick question!!

    Appreciate the responses!!! Exactly what I needed!! Thank you all!!! Anyone with a spare rubber tube that attaches to that connector sitting around want to sell?? Please contact me thank you!
  14. Can someone show me what connects to this connector on the intake manifold? Is it a particular Norma snap on fitting or is it just a rubber tube?? also what is the OD and ID of this fitting??
  15. M3_Power

    FS - near new CSL replica wheels CM wheels UK

    Shape wise they are fairly close - a little more chunky in places. the paint colour is quite a bit off obviously weight wise they are heavier but not significantly to be honest good thing about these is the front offset means you can use bmw performance brembo 6 pot brakes without spacers for clearance unlike the stock CSL rims which require a 3mm spacer minimum. Also these are actually a smidgent wider than the advertised 8.5” and 9.5” width meaning you can actully run 245 and 275 width tyres without it looking narrow.