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  1. M3_Power

    FS - e46 M3 carbon intake - Gruppe M copy

    PM me when you want this one ... plenty of members on here have had this done by me. Not hard to do, few options.
  2. M3_Power

    E46 M3 project

    Simply couldn’t resist doing this to it. It’s like dailying a CSL
  3. M3_Power

    FS - e46 M3 carbon intake - Gruppe M copy

    You can’t fit this with a csl intake. Well not both parts just the front induction bit you can.
  4. Replacement O rings for the stock coolant hoses made of Viton 75 and Silicon 70 I saw kits being put together overseas and decided to do similar for those of us in NZ so I bulk purchased quite a lot of these to make it economical! $10 for all 3 on the left.
  5. M3_Power

    E46 Coding

    PA Soft probably the most idiot proof or ncs expert easy to do. Or approach someone with the above and get them to do it.
  6. M3_Power

    FS - MSS54HP DME

    Various for sale Stock DME $800 Full CSL conversion $1000 (no H bridge) CSL conversion with H bridge to run flaps $1200
  7. M3_Power

    SOLD - 245/35/19 (93Y) Falken Azenis FK453 x 2

    Price drop $300 for the pair
  8. I bought this intending on turning it into a coffee table, but the wife says a big fat “no bloody way” so out it goes! Has a dent on the inner side - very repairable (about $250-300) $150 takes it face of the rim is actually quite clean (that’s bird poo on there lol)
  9. Can’t actually remember what these trims are for now - See part numbers . They were for the X5 which I no longer own. $80 for the lot
  10. Gruppe M copy e46 M3 carbon intake system. extremely light weight. Full carbon fibre construction. filter is filthy needs a wash and re oil. Comes with MAF sensor. $700
  11. 2 pretty good condition Recaro SPG shells both expired of course as the photos show No cushions unfortunately. Can’t find them lol! New cushions are quite cheap from Germany (around €150 for a set) no rips in the fabric as far as I can tell - no cracks in shell and mounting holes both excellent (no cross threading). Scratches on the seat back as expected for age. One seat has a back protective cover from Recaro. $800 for both no offers please.
  12. A few years back I bought a bunch of genuine BMW GT1 units from a computer recycler overseas. All but one was working and the rest had smashed touch screens. I managed to salvage all but one of them (broken mainboard) and replaced the units with brand new genuine lcd panels and genuine touch screen panels and repair the hard drives. I further sourced genuine Sincon 28V power supplies for these. (Extremely hard to find) I was going to repack the batteries but have never gotten around to it - so the batteries are dead. You therefore have to use the units with the docking station only. The units originally came with genuine v57 DIS discs inside the cd drive and together with a set of genuine v44 coding discs I had I modified it to have both diagnostics v57 (up to around Feb 2008 cars) and v44 coding. (Discs not included with sale). The units will also come with a genuine yellow diagnostic head but replica cables from ebay for that authentic experience (these can be used wirelessly unlike the clone heads) Are these better than your laptop version vmware DIS? Yes and no, but you can’t beat the cool and nostalgic factor of having a genuine BMW diagnostic system. The asking price is therefore a reflection of these being a bit of a collectable so it is not for everyone - so leave comments about the price in your head thanks! I have seen working units of these sell on ebay for over us$2000 but I am asking less of course. Genuine working diagnostic heads alone can go for $1000 or more. So you will get: 1 x Group Tester One with new lcd and touch screen loaded with genuine v57 and with v44 coding capabilities( BMW, mini and RR) 1 x Docking Station 1 x Genuine Yellow diagnostic head 1 x Replica OBD2 and 20 pin round plug cable $1200 firm Keyboard NOT included
  13. M3_Power

    Questions re genuine E30 M3 DTM airbox

    My thought exactly lol! Wish I could afford that genuine Schnitzer car for sale at the moment !!!