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  1. Certs are $650 now days and no it’s more than a tick the box exercise now far more extensive as the onus falls on the certifier to make sure it is done correctly and if you have a smash he’s not up for manslaughter charger. It now takes a good 3hours or more to certify a vehicle with moderate modification properly. Every single nut and bolt is photographed and documented by the certifier (the good ones at least) and anything that is not up to standard get written on a list of “remedials” I have been getting certs for years and know the rules like the back of my hand and even on my latest cert I got a list of remedials and the length I had to go to prove removal of side airbags were dandy and the remainder of the system was still functioning ect made me realise how difficult certification has become. You also used to be able to convert the likes of trailing arm systems into full coilovers, now you’d struggle without proper documentation to back up that the arm can handle the load, the bolt system is sound and the suspension geometry doesn’t change through the full travel. So no it’s not a tick the box exercise. You should see the paperwork certifiers have to fill out! It’s no wonder some are going to the electronic system now on an iPad to do it all.
  2. M3_Power

    Book Help!

    Hi all just a long shot here But wondering if anyone has a particular children’s book by L Frank Baum (of Wizard of Oz) called “Life and Adventures of Santa Clause” (any year publish is ok) that I can borrow for a week or so around end of September. Seems with ebooks not even the library has a hardcopy of this or any bookshops I can find online. If you have a copy or know where to source one within the week please let me know! thanks!
  3. Dave as stated not calling you out as racist ... reading your reply I highly doubt you are in fact. I know where you are coming from totally. My point is some terms or sayings, labels, symbols or jargons have such a historical attachment to it that it is difficult or almost impossible to say it has little to no racial undertone to it (swastika, iron fist, the triple k ect) - the saying “get out of my country” is basically universal in nationalism that has its roots in racism. Anyways I appreciate your replies and explanations and I simply want to point out that it should be a saying used with thought and appreciation. I have a simple test for whether something might come across as racist ... if it is something you wouldn’t teach an innocent child to say then it is probably racist. If it is something you wouldn’t say to the biggest mother f**ker to their face it is probably not a good one. For one rule cannot be drafted in haste without considerations for all factors. Criminals may have family who are innocent victims they may have children born of natural citizens, they may be from countries that guarantees the death sentence for the type of convictions that they carry ... they do their time and we hope for society they don’t do it again. Heck afterall the government’s become quite rich from it ... imagine the GST take from all those cars and now the forfeiture of it. I am with you on banishing criminals and I think if we sat down over a coffee and chat in person you’ll see we are fairly similar in thinking when it comes to crimes in many ways probably lol! Kwhelan - you are the one that brought up Alt right is coming ... not me. You’ve assumed my noting of Trump equate to that, I don’t - nothing is ever as it appears in politics. In some countries that’d be classed as “Fighting words” prosecutable by law. If you feel what I have written is personal, absolutely. I live it every f**king day. Walk in my shoes for a day and you’ll understand. Or are you going to say if I don’t like it I can just leave this country and go back to where I come from?
  4. Dave it is because I have met you that I have pointed out the obvious. Do I think you are a racist? - probably not. Are words that you have used carry a racial undertone? Absolutely! Usually I wouldn’t bother. As I have found over the years you can’t change someone’s belief systems over a few comments. Life experiences social circle ect all play a part. I am aware that having racist intentions and merely having something sound racist are two different things or are they? Have a think, what might be harmless humour is perhaps quite hurtful to some. Harden up you say? Sure I have and I am impervious to racist taunts since ages ago. But does that stop me from trying to change perception? Sometimes I wonder why I bother? Lol Here is why that comment was troubling - You feel he “deserves” extra punishment - to f**k off and go back to where he is from simply because they are not from here - you have a differentiating standard despite the fact he is paying for his crimes under the laws of this land to the fullest extent. You are “able” to tell him to buggar off home and leave because he was not born here - would we even be discussing this if he was Gerry from Waitomo? The comments sort of remind me of a friend that I have that used to tell me he loved asian food, loved f**king asian chicks and don’t mind asian gadgets, but would constantly tell me Asian men have small dicks, can’t pull chicks and crash their cars because they can’t drive for sh*t. All humorous and probably all true to a certain extent ... but without realising that playing into the stereotype is perpetuating racial undertones. Is he a racist? Not likely, does he say racist things? Yes and proud of it lol! Is it harmful? Hard to say. Or I can recall a situation quite a few years back where I happened to be in company of the top 1% of this country and only to have one of them telling me after meeting and talking to me about my background ect that “why aren’t there more of you like this here?” Only for him to suddenly realise that came out a bit wrong. Racist intention? Unlikely, did it sound bias and racial? Just a tad but what’s the harm? Not much perhaps given he realised what he had just said with fully red faced. Until you have been on the receiving end of the “go back to where you come from” you have zero clue what it means and what it feels to be told so ... until you have friends that get beaten into comas into hospitals because they don’t look or act the same as locals and for simply walking down the street you have no idea what it means ... until you were like me at 16 driving out of a street and be promptly crashed into by three white guys who then proceed to pull you out of the car and say “you f**king asian driver you nearly killed me and why are you in my country go back to where you come from and then proceed to beat the literal crap out of you” (yes I literally sh*t myself from the beatings in case you thought you read that wrong because I was that scared and I lost bowel control) ... you have no idea what it means. And then to have bystanders refuse to call the police for you because you are an asian driver so you must have been at fault (Police determined the other driver was at fault in that incident just in case you were wondering - they made an illegal Turn). as for alt right, Trump ect ... I actually don’t mind Trump or the alt right. I actually quite like Trump as I believe it takes an evil to curtail another evil in this world. Election ... as you say many years ago who cares. For the rest of the comments, I know where you stand so that’s fine, you are more than entitled to your beliefs and views and most likely have a reason for them much like I have a reason for mine. I just sincerely hope you don’t act upon your beliefs and carryout evil in this world - and if you do maybe Dave will want you to buggar off also. If only we could treat race like we treat different car brands and respect that we are simply just enthusiast at the end of the day looking to enjoy life in peace and harmony. Lol! Thanks for reading Peace out!
  5. For sale again as I have something else in mind for the project car so this is surplus to requirement. Main airbox is genuine Wethje - ie genuine M3 CSL (the important part) The unfiltered section is a geoff steel copy and works perfectly with the genuine main box section. Will include genuine BMC air filter. $5000 with the geoff steel snorkel part seen in photo it will be $5500 Prices not negotiable. note - setup came off a racecar so it is not mint cosmetically but functionally perfect.
  6. M3_Power

    Eurotrip 2019

    Gosh how does everyone have such a different experience of Paris than I had?? Absolutely hated the place, expensive, super rude people and dirty as f**k everywhere (rats running around in Mcdonalds like they just ordered a Happy Meal) And if you are of Asian descent be prepared to be ignored by nearly everyone there that you ask for help. Even a nice gesture of picking up a lady’s dropped scarf and running across the road to give it to her nearly earned me a slap in the face and a I am going to call the police on you as a thank you (actually also had the cops nearly called on me because I handed in a lost cell phone from a train because they thought I’d stolen it) It’d be the last place I’d want to visit in Europe. Granted the Museums are awesome but other than that be prepared to be disappointed. Even the Taxi driver that drove us to the airport told us not to bother to visit Paris but to go to Southern France next time. How come nobody’s mentioned Spain?? I’ve heard so many great things about it from virtually everyone that have been. Need to visit myself to see if true! And yes Rome is a must ... I too can watch Italians all day lol!! But as they say you don’t build Rome in a day so spend a few days there and walk around - it’s the best way to see the city. Don’t know if they still do Rome passes but it allows you to skip some really long queues if you have one.
  7. She could also try and get in touch with Brett Riley as he raced Senna once in touring cars Julian. Brett works at Auckland City Mercedes. The motorsport community is fairly tight nit group in NZ, so she’d get quite good contacts from approaching the likes of Giltrap group or even people that have been in F1 or are close to it.
  8. Saw this in person when I was up there tuning John’s car for big cams! It is lovely and so well executed (makes me want to build one or a wagon 🤔🤔) but mate you need a better condition steering wheel 😝😝😝
  9. Hello again. Just been looking at the driver files supplied with my cable. It seems to have auto-installed some, but not all the drivers. Any direction on which ones I need for my E39?

    Also, the daten and usb folders. Do I need to install these somehow? Am not interested in coding anything, Inpa seems to be all I will ever need. I can't find any clear info on this.



    1. M3_Power


      Hi Bruce will try and reply to you later on about this and provide you with some of the files you need! Sorry just a bit busy!

  10. Hello. I have an E39 I bought not going, several months ago. Since then I have been playing around with Inpa, which I can get to communicate with the vehicle (key status etc - it also tells me the ECU is rejected because of the isn), but I can't commuicate with the engine module / anything on the k-line to rectify this. I have a cable with the switch to bridge pins 7 & 8.

    I just saw on a post you wrote several years ago that software is possibly needed for switching from D-CAN to K. (something along those lines). Can you supply this to me please?

    Any other advice greatly appreciated - not sure at the moment if it is my cable, inpa version, laptop (currently using Windows 10, picking up a Windows 7 machine next week), or vehicle itself that is at fault. The isn / rolling codes being out of sync makes sense as the guy I bought it off said he had been having battery problems for a while before it died. Yes, have replaced battery and checked fuses and earths.

    Cheers. Bruce from round Kaitaia way.

  11. https://racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/103179/bmw-turbo-formula-1-engine-from-1986 engine transplant anybody?!!
  12. M3_Power

    E46 M3 project

    Hmmm do I or don’t I 🤔🤔🤔
  13. Learn to build a relationship with your local bmw parts department. I buy virtually 90% of the parts through them and they have never failed me in terms of pricing, service and sometimes speed (although I agree sometimes it is faster to get stuff shipped from the UK) Wait till one day you come across the need to return a $4xxx part because of defects to some overseas vendor and they don’t want to know about it (been there with a $2000 part and never again) ... I had to do this once with the local dealership ... no questions asked when defect shown and new replacement ordered straight away and faulty part returned.
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