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  1. M3_Power

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    The subframe is a certainty it’s just a matter of when not if. But the degree of repair required depends on a few factors and it also depends on how you drive the car, what you have done in maintenance bushing wise how often you adapt the smg ect .. the list goes on. The Vanos issue not so much and is blown way out of proportion by the Internet. In fact, a well known German race team that build some of the best E46 M3s and s54s do not rebuild the Vanos with the well known kits out there simply because and I quote “of failures from repair kits”. They use brand new Vanos units from BMW only. The big end bearing to me is a maintenance item like a clutch kit ... so it’s a non issue in reality. SMG ... again these last for many many miles before failure and if you know how to diagnose these they are not a scary technology, in fact they are fairly basic to work on. There’s also abundant information out there about them and repair kits that are proven to be as good and at 1/10 of the price of buying a new pump unit.
  2. M3_Power

    BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    Dave Dave Dave, is it so hard for you to admit that your advice was some what lacking? The guy asked which was the TWS equivalent and there was only one right answer to that. I am sure you’ve heard of the Tribunal case of the Maserati owner that lost against the dealership and mechanical Insurer because a non approved oil was used in the engine once and it blew up? Whilst that might not impact you personally or majority of people here I am certain you won’t catch a reputable BMW specialist workshop using non approved oil to do a service on a customer car - imagine the uproar lol!!! Heck they’d double their margins on oil if they swapped one product for another! Perhaps you should be telling them all to get off their high horses and to pull their snobby fingers out of their arses for being pretentious? On a more serious note, I was on three different phone calls with the Castrol technical guy (not saled rep) for an hour over this topic last year and he looked up the formulation (not available to the public of course) and said they are different products - period. Whilst I agree it need not be an “approved” oil for an engine to work, but it surely can’t hurt? Surely you agree on that? Heck I don’t see you use made in China bushes over Lemforder for your cars in your builds. Double standard are we?! And if you’ve bothered to read past posts you’ll see I actually agree somewhat when it comes to other branded oil of the same weight that meets or exceeds the approved oil standards like Liqui Moly, Redline, Motul ect But let’s see how staunch you actually are about your cavalier and simply don’t give a F attitude over engine oil ... here’s my offer to you and let’s put your theory to the test ... I’ll buy you an oil of “my” choosing out of my own pocket each and everytime you need an oil change for your E36 M3 and you put that in each and everytime and run it till the next scheduled oil change? Should we see if Chinese oil is just as good and perfectly suited for M engines? And let’s document it for the forum masses shall we? Challenge accepted?
  3. M3_Power

    BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    And here’s for the doubters like Dave Data Spec from Castrol Castrol Edge Titanium FST SN (not BMW M approved) the one used to be sold by Repco and the only 10w-60 available via retail until recently. The famous or should that be infamous Castrol edge TWS (aka TWS Professional) approved by BMW M and used by BMW dealerships until they cancelled their contract with Castrol. And the Castrol Edge Titanium FST Supercar - aka the newly branded TWS edge professional - approved by BMW M, but no longer sold through the dealerships As you can see identical spec to the TWS Edge Professional. And for those that still say don’t get worked up over oil, I am off to pick up a drum of fish and chips oils from my local fish and chip shop, I will happily do an oil change with this stuff for anyone with a BMW M motor - no guarantees however your motor won’t go boom!
  4. M3_Power

    BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    And because I put my money where my mouth is
  5. M3_Power

    BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    I am disappointed Dave that you take the words of a Repco employee over that of a Castrol technical engineer. But oh well like you said no need to get worked up over oil!
  6. M3_Power

    BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    Wtf are you talking about??? It has already been determined by Castrol directly that it is two different product. Castrol TWS = Edge Professional = Titanium FST Supercar Castrol edge = Titanium FST SN (also marketed as Supercars overseas but not the same thing) Only the top one is approved for M
  7. M3_Power

    BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    The Supercar oil is the one to get. The back of the container states “approved for BMW M” motors. I guess as the official Castrol Rep stated in the past the retail packaging for this oil has finally come to our shores! Good to see! On another note, various owners in the USA all run the new BMW stuff made by Shell and many track their cars extensively without any issues whatsoever.
  8. M3_Power

    Sold - near new CSL replica wheels CM wheels UK

    Bump Tyres are off now so bare rims only $1600 bargain!
  9. Not sure if this as ever been posted before, but came across these today and thought it was rather good read with excellent high resolution photos. Before the mighty M3 GTR was born ... Apologies if it is repost https://roadscholars.com/current-offerings/public-stock/2001-bmw-m3-e46-gt-sold/ https://www.bimmer-mag.com/issues/126/articles/first-and-last-of-its-kind#.XDcHpqTRWEe
  10. M3_Power

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    I think the best examples of that are Lexus LFAs .... apparently you can still buy brand new 2010 cars never used, registered or PDI’d.
  11. M3_Power

    Insurance and tuning question

    Technically speaking if you increase output by 20% from the tune the car will need to be Lvvt certified. Some insurers are clued up on the rules some are not of course. Personally I wouldn’t give any insurance company any sort of excuse for declining a claim.
  12. M3_Power

    Unobtanium is now listed, 850CSi

    I was friends with the first original HK owner’s son and they offered the car to me back then at $50k. Really kicking myself not buying it now lol!!