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  1. bga

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Alpina B7 - Dominion Rd Mt Eden Auckland 5 mins ago ..
  2. bga

    New Member Intro e82 135i

    .. i'll be in the market for a manual 135i at the end of the year when the mini is paid off, any tips or stuff to watch out for gratefully received..
  3. bga

    The latest daily E30

    Cheers Gaz, Ebay - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272705847294
  4. bga

    The latest daily E30

    Heres the list, monroes were replaced on the rear
  5. bga

    The latest daily E30

    Getting few and far between are Coupe sports seats as you’re no doubt aware, best of luck sourcing - i kept my eye out for a good while. Had the suspension overhauled this week, and got the 3” gap between wheel and wheel arch sorted, looks a bit tidier now -
  6. bga

    The latest daily E30

    got a freshly recovered MTech1 steering wheel off ebay - was located in Ireland, cost around $200 delivered, bargain as its mint, found some 15" basketweaves under someones house, had been there years another bargain, had seals and all belts replaced in 2016 so no more leaks anywhere .. had it converted to manual as posted previously with new bushes, clutch etc .. found a couple of Sport Seats in a wreckers year thanks to WYZEUP giving me the heads up that there were some available, they were rough but mechanically sound. Sourced the factory material to match the originals / rears / doors etc - from LeMans Auto Fabrics in Welly - and got them reupholstered last year, got a back seat from a sedan and got the rear headrest mechanism out of them and added rear headrests again in matching material, currently in the shop getting new suspension at the front and dropping it around an inch and a half, should be done later today, added an IS Lip and sprayed up in SterlingSilber to match up. Fitted a new Speedo to the existing cluster and changed the gears in it - sat on 130000km for 6 years - put a speedo in with 163000 kms on it - figured if not dead accurate its closer to the real milage, painted all needles red (I know .. but looks great), shadowlined all windows (used a car wrapping guy to do that), Serviced regularly, brake master cylinder replaced and system overhauled: to do Air Con needs sorting, Passenger side rear panel needs respraying due to imperfection and my terrible attempt to sort it which has made it more noticeable and maybe remote central locking - then we're about done, Longer term a full glass out respray, all factory stuff and mostly cosmetic but the spec is now a bit higher than what it was .. I've got other pics at home so will post later
  7. bga

    The latest daily E30

    ok Olaf, here we go .. heres the interior when I got it .. standard wheel, seats etc - usual E30 rips but generally I bought this car due to its potential as I wanted a straight unmolested example, there were a few oil drips but nothing terminal, the body was straight bar a small bump on the passenger side and the engine purred so I figured that was a plus straight away
  8. bga

    Fabulous E30 drive round Lake Taupo

    it was beautiful alright. Just had a few days away down there (live in Auckland) decided to take the E30 for a good run as the weather looked good , best decision I made. Left Taupo to see what was around the area and realised very quickly that there was a great road to follow so just kept on going round the lake until I got back to Taupo a few hours later, quality time with the young 'un and the old girl. My lad commented that it was like a scene from a movie, great landscapes in an old car .. loved it
  9. bga

    Fabulous E30 drive round Lake Taupo

    cheers Olaf, car ran like a dream, am very near to finishing it now, bit of cosmetics and air con to sort then she's finished - a great way to spend a day alright
  10. Hi all, sort of by accident had a fabulous drive around Lake Taupo on saturday in the trusty E30 with my youngest . Took a couple of hours and some of the views were breathtaking, very little traffic and glorious weather - heres some pics and the GPS tracking for the day - didn't take anywhere near enough of them.. cheers
  11. bga

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    2005 Alpina B5 - 20 mins ago Newmarket Auckland
  12. bga

    Auckland tinters

    Give Nad at 027Alarmed a bell - done a lot of buisness with him recently, mobile, fast and a good guy .. https://www.facebook.com/027alarmed
  13. bga

    E30 motor swap

    I dont think the E46 had the M42 motor, had the M43 and N42 I believe ? , the M42 was in the E30 318is and E36ti I think.. anyway there was a thread regarding the M42 swap ..
  14. bga

    WTB: E30 sedan leather seats

    some come up on Tardme - need a bit of work https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/interior/listing-1814053267.htm?rsqid=36acea805e2b4c56be2bc4e0729c34b9
  15. bga

    WTB: E30 sedan leather seats

    Go Euro were advertising a set not long ago , just had a look and they've sold now unfortunately - give Ed there a shout they get stuff in all the time - https://goeuro.nz/