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  1. got the tranny changed to a manual last week, still only a wee 318i but feels alive now, more than enough for the daily work and school run .. next job on the list sport seat reupholstery ..
  2. I took a bit of time to get the old clips out of the front cleanly and cleaned the holes out on the new lip - just removed any thin bits of plastic that were still in there - then it just clipped in easily - better to have 2 of you so one can secure to one clip at a time whilst someone else hold it square but fitment is very good, you're more than welcome to have a look personally if you like - In Mt Eden during the week and Meadowbank at weekends or I can take a few closer pics if you like
  3. I put a new one on my E30 a few weeks ago - from here (NZ Based) - replaced all clips too - around $22 from dealer
  4. Had a bit of an E30 get together on Sunday at Bastion Point Aucks
  5. if he did they'd probably fall through the rusty floor
  6. go on... words fail me ... buy now for $12k !!
  7. brilliant little cars eh .. can throw it around all day, not a JCW but a CooperS 6 speed manual
  8. you on E30 owners facebook page Mike? - Ed Swan in Devonport always breaking, PM me if not and I'll give you his number
  9. you know what measurement will do you? know someone who does this, he may have an offcut...
  10. this on trademe if of interest ? ...
  11. Are you on E30 Owners NZ on facebook Rob? - Ed Swan has all sorts of wheels - I got 14" baskets off him last year but he definitely had 15's too (I already have 15's on mine)
  12. Man, when I saw it I was knocked out, to me it is a mythical beast - never thought there would be any over in little old NZ as such a relatively small production run I would have imagined, how long you had it over here?
  13. the E30 320is was LHD, for the Portugese and Italian markets only, theres at least one in NZ saw it at the 100yr do last year
  14. ooh, the radio frequency bit would be relatively pain free but the satnav stuff - change of maps etc - could be quite pricy, someone on trademe offers the service for Jap cars for $599 !! while a uk import would cost $200 - don't know why that would be tbh .. or places like this ..
  15. you haven't stated where its from, assuming Japanese ? ..