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  1. EeK


    I'm all for texting. I definitely agree it's more of an age thing, as now I'm older and wiser and 21 I probably text less than I did when I was 14 or whatever. But in saying that it's proper convenient, especially for me to keep in contact with kids back home as I'm overseas. And there's no pissing around with the small talk that you might have in a regular call, you're pretty much forgiven for being straight to the point.
  2. EeK

    21 today...

    oh... a late happy birthday from me word up to you for not being sick after that drink. jus looking at the photo's is vomit inducing...
  3. EeK

    Happy Birthday Dave

    happy birthday
  4. nothing. i quit. well, i quit as of friday. i do [did?] work in insurance, which i abhor. but managed to have 6 months in wellington on an IT project for the company which was rad. now, i'm leaving for england and have no idea of what i'll do when i get there. i'm hoping nothing in terms of work, but that's only if i have some sort of magical bank balance that never decreases... it could happen...
  5. EeK

    better than gt4

    +--> QUOTE(this guy ) ellie....andy and i offer is still open! get it while its hot! ha, yea uh, thanx Gus, i'll keep that in mind
  6. um, i'll be on that plane on the 15th of April... that was me trying to be clever and have something in there to explain my extreme lack of car-ness... yea i know, i'm pretty rad uh... wha'? maybe i'm not having a particularly onto it day [ak to be honest, more than likely], but i don't follow...
  7. i got the email - there's probably loads of variations but this is the one i got anyways...
  8. 0Y = the "0" is a zero, or a naught/nought [both words which mean the same thing, so i'm not sure which is the right one] i guess... so "naught-y"
  9. EeK

    A must have!

    well shux, quality goods, and honestly, a price like that? what a bargain
  10. can i ask for a bit of a review ryan? namely how were frontline [ ]?
  11. Frontline... rad anyone seen them live?
  12. Emma, check here for the membership info an account details, online banking may be a bit easier than sending money thru the post...
  13. EeK


    finally 20, felt like i was 19 for aaaaaaages [like, a year, for example... ]
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