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  1. Haitoman

    E46 M3 mirror leak

    It's either that or 250 bucks for a new cell...hmm
  2. Haitoman

    E46 M3 mirror leak

    Thanks for that, I'll order one.
  3. Haitoman

    E46 M3 mirror leak

    Feck....the heat exploded my M3 mirror and it leaked crap all over my centre console trim and ate the paint. I'm in England next week so have ordered replacements. Does anyone know if it does this more than once and whether I now need to replace the mirror?
  4. Haitoman

    badge removal

    Dental floss is the best method.
  5. Haitoman

    Newbie from Wellywood

    Hi Brian...welcome, great to have you along.
  6. Haitoman

    Time for another BMW

    Yeh..If you check out their website they have rebadged their Ultimate as Racechip GTS (+77HP).
  7. Haitoman

    Time for another BMW

    I would love to help you out but I couldn't let mine go for that. It is 2012 mint with 12k on the clock. My wife has trouble understanding the whole depreciation thing and I think she would rather hang on to it as we will never have the opportunity to own another brand new car. As for the numbness, I have fitted a Racechip Ultimate and with +77HP any sign of numbness is long gone. I cannot fault the 535i N55, good luck.
  8. Haitoman


    His GF obviously caught him...
  9. Are you sure it's not just a case of turn off TMC.
  10. Haitoman

    Not a good look...

    Apart from anything else, this is Mr Hanky reporting. You don't see news sites saying a 'man was injured when a Honda went down a bank', so why say it when a BMW does? Jeez!! Anyway, judging by that arrow road sign it is obvious what happened...What are those wheels doing on an E90 anyway? https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/western-leader/94140897/person-seriously-injured-after-car-goes-off-the-road-in-the-waitakere-ranges
  11. Haitoman

    Building inspection (for a house)

    If it's '60's the bones will be fine.
  12. Haitoman

    Early 70s Loctite ad - drag car pull off!

    Now they just put superglue on the soles of boots and stick people to the ceiling upside down...
  13. Haitoman

    Anyone know what a Bridge Racing Master is?

    It does the same as the Sport button in an E46 M3. Nothing extra, just more responsive accelerator.
  14. I used to get all hung up about putting the best tyres on my M3 and you know what...the Falken 452's I have on now are the best all round tyre I have had. Great price too. One day I just woke up and asked myself what am I trying to prove. My Conti's and Bridgestones lasted about 12k.
  15. Haitoman

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    A new set of mats directly from Munich....yeehah...