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  1. I'm looking to upgrade my E46. New car will be at least 2014, more recent than 2016 is probably beyond budget. I don't need a high powered car, but no less than 180bhp. Three options that appeal so far 125i or 320i (Msport models)... or a Merc A-250 lol. The 3 series I've owned over the past decade have had awesome handling, but interiors are a let down... this hasn't improved much with newer beamers. That's one thing that's drawing me to other brands but I've never driven Merc/Audi/VW etc. They are probably very different cars but does anyone have opinions on models from those years?
  2. arcon

    Chirping idle after new tensioner?

    getting back to this thread really late, but yeah it was just faulty brand new parts (top tensioner belt / pulleys). thanks to the team at Burgers for a speedy warranty replacement.
  3. In a recent service on my E46 the main drive belt tensioner and pulley idler were replaced. Now it chirps / rattles quite loud at idle. ... ? Bad install, new parts wearing in or possibly something unrelated... what is the most likely option lol.
  4. arcon

    Tyre recommendations

    Hi all - I will probably have both my rear tyres fail the next warrant. I currently have Bridgestone Potenza 050 17", don't know much about tyres though. What would you guys recommend in the 200-300 price range per tyre (don't need run flats), to give a good balance of performance & quiet.. Stick with the same or can you get better for the money?
  5. arcon

    E46 problem starting

    Thanks that fixed it... I'lll make sure to always leave it running for a few mins lol.
  6. arcon

    E46 problem starting

    Yeah that's what happened. I washed it out in the cold, then drove it back in in about 10 secs and powered down. As you say it whirs but doesn't attempt to fire. So to clarify I should just keep it whirring until it starts...? Foot on the gas..?
  7. arcon

    E46 problem starting

    Tbh its an unusual sound that I'm not familiar with, like it just whirs fast lol, and there's no ooomph noises that you usually get when it attempts to ignite if hat makes sense. Everything was off while washing... battery was replaced 2 years ago would be surprised if that's it... but I'm not mechanically minded so not sure how to check the battery anyway. And yes it has petrol in it
  8. arcon

    E46 problem starting

    So after washing my 2001 320i it now won't start lol. It whines on ignition but can't quite fire up. I would usually take it to Burger but he doesn't do call outs AFAIK. I'm in East Coast Bays, who would you guys recommend who can come see it?
  9. arcon

    E46 windscreen cost

    Wow I thought genuine would be way more expensive.... The insurance company defaults to aftermarket parts without telling you, which is pretty dodgy considering they charge luxury car owners higher premiums for more expensive parts.
  10. arcon

    E46 windscreen cost

    Hi guys - bizarre random question. Does anyone know the cost (excluding labor) for a brand new genuine BMW windscreen and also the cost of your average aftermarket one. This is for a 2001 320i sedan, no rain sensor. This is in relation to an insurance squabble lol.
  11. arcon

    E46 SRS warning light

    not specifically but the most recent mechanic told me it was a bad connection.
  12. arcon

    E46 SRS warning light

    My SRS airbag light keeps lighting up, over the past few years its been repaired 6 times by two different mechanics (well known shops to these forums). Each subsequent time it fails they've repaired for no charge like they should, but its actually wasting my time now. Maybe they're not qualified if its a wiring issue - can anyone recommend an auto-electrician or should I just take it to JC...?
  13. Haven't used my car in 4 days, today tried to start and no go with several attempts. It just makes this funny loud click sound twice and the lights blink on. Dash lights as usual - red battery and oil and orange engine as it normally is on ignition, but no other warning lights. Everytime I put the keys in the aircon turns on and is reset to factory defaults which is odd.... is it likely a dead battery or worse...? I will have to call someone out obviously as i don't know how to test for sh*t lol.
  14. arcon

    rough idle & stall after ignition

    i've had it scanned today while i was getting some other work done. it all looks good and they couldn't reproduce stall or rough idle (maybe if they left it for 3 days lol, but i needed it back). the cam & exhaust sensors were all replaced by JC 5 yrs ago. its not causing any issues at the mo as i use it everyday...
  15. arcon

    E46, another airbag light thread :D

    was a quick fix - took it to Burger's on Wairau, was wiring / poor connections to airbag.