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  1. Check out No 15,and 17 they are rubber caps on the back of the inlet manifold due to the heat they just disintegrate
  2. Taking just this short section of John's quote. The car manufactures have for years been in a race or one up man Ship to produce more Hp from each new model. Then having to over come the problem of puttiing that hp to good use by introducing electronic wizadry and more expensive drive trains. All good for track car set ups surely the average street motorist are not interested in the whole hp race only in a car that is functional, well presented and cost effective. Plus want cost them a arm and leg when all the electronc's fail.
  3. Looked at the first couple of photos and thought that's not to bad. Oh boy until the one of the rear Ouch twice
  4. Thanks Richard M badge won't go their it came with the de-badge option ticked and i like it like that quiet little sleeper. Thanks Ray have sent you a Pm
  5. Yes they are style 194 on the e90 's rim size start at 8 or 8.5 i believe have seen a few e46's with them fitted. Just being a bit pick ey personnel I prefer the 97's as they were fitted to the e46 Compact M sport also which I have used as a guide on my project car Tim325.
  6. Hi Graham Take your point been trying for close on a year now missed out on the set Brent had for sale over a weekend. All the others I have noticed were in poor condition and asking an arm and a leg plus a refurbish as well. Have to be careful as the e90 series came out with a very similar style as the one's I'm after.
  7. Thanks Brent, those are the ones I was looking at so not genuine hu. Do you know of any style 97's for sale it appears if one goes staggered they are 7.5 in the front with an off set of 47 tyres 225/45 x17 the rear are 8.5 with 50 off set tyres 245/40 x17.
  8. Can any one help me trying to find what the off set of a set of wheels the pic shows ET3/8 see pic which I'm not familiar with thought it was IS 47 or similar.
  9. If of any help the e46 Ti has one rear fog light on the right hand side this is in the clear space part of the tail light normally for the reverse light. It has had a red section added to the lense have the circuit diagram some were if you need it best of luck.
  10. Just out of interest what did the toy weigh compared to the bimmer and the their cc rating?.
  12. geesss Treone have you got that bitter taste of lemon's yet .Or a long list of possible problems which are being crossed off visit by visit or people who don't know what to look for?.
  13. Ok try removing the rubber vent pipes altogether to allow air to move freely so helping to remove the moisture laden air. Trying to find a way other than dismantling the headlight unit ( pain the arse) completely drying it out and finding you still have the problem return. Also do you have high wattage bulbs fitted?.
  14. Check to see if the drain vents don't have spider webs or the like blocking them. The headlights must have been on for a while and gotten warm but the air temperature must have been cool and as they cooled condensation has been created.and unable to escape. Try gently warming the headlight glass to remove it and hopefully with the drains open and air movement it will solve your problem.
  15. Interested in some style 97 wheels on trademe but they are at a Wreckers in Sockburn Christchurch would anyone in Christchurch be interested in having a look for me. If so could you send me a pm please tim325.