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  1. Would be interesting to see what it would cost to get re-gassed if at all possible it. As to the 22.79 pound plus freight.
  2. As Glenn mentioned a must have or have you got deep pockets?
  3. Any help Appears the strut No 12 do not come as a separate piece. Surely after all this time they must be available in some form also check the compact it may have something similar both have fold type seats. A quick check and it appears the seat base on the cabio and compact are the same L side 52108234795/ 796 right.
  4. Hi try Brent BM World a forum sponsor for a manual believe he dismantled one.
  5. These wires are from memory no heavy weight so even that small number could course some difference. Would definitely repair/ replace the broken strands of wire even that small number could up set things. Not keen on cutting and using connectors in this case could create more trouble Personnel I would begin by laying and twisting the broken wires back together then soldier them in place cover it, heat shrink an test. If not to involved could that section of wiring in the door be replaced. Also do some research and try and find some tech details on what sort of values are required to stop the light from coming on. Pain in the rear but best of luck.
  6. Hi Colin how much of the wire is damaged, strains broken etc? Believe when the self check is carried out a certain resistance measurement is required to balance the system . A little like the light check carried out by the e39 wrong resistance measured and a warning light shows.Their are a number of items on the net about this problem water soaked loom from sun roof etc. Repair the damaged wire, heat shrink the repair scan it again to see what happens.
  7. Took some scrap into Macaulays Pnth last week had 80kgs all sorts light panel, pipe, car seat frames etc got $22.80 for it. Not sure how they rate a car body for price though. If you can't get anyone to come and collect it release a bit of agro on it cut it up stack it in a trailer and take it to them problem solved.
  8. Nathan by all means keep the minister happy but beware Babara may go on the war path.
  9. Welcome James enjoy your 318 for what it is while it is up and running. Hopefully it will serve you well and not empty your wallet to quickly over your ownership of it. The members on here give advise freely most of which has been gained from personnel experience so no negativity is intend although it may seem that way. Unfortunately the N42, N46 engine range has a very long list of well documented faults and if one has not had any of them consider one very very lucky. As mentioned the M43 would be the one 4 pot to have if fitted due to the general weight of most bmws. The larger straight 6 or if your fancy leans to an 8 are the preferred motors options hence the plug for the M54B30. Any how good motoring James and may you have many worry free k's roll your way.
  10. So you produce a sh*t product dress it as lamb and sell it for an exorbitant price. Then when the wheels fall off maintenance etc floods in the owner/s get pissed off sells it and doesn't buy another one. If that is all true how have they managed to stay in busy for so long? what is missing because most company's would have been done years ago especially in the competitive auto industry.
  11. For me the question is why does this occur on something of this caliber, not a good look 67000k poor maintenance, hard driving abuse wrong oil
  12. Umm! have you checked out the EWS,, key, car security side of things also. Having done an e46 engine swap and the advances in the security levels the e90 would/ could be way more involved research research.
  13. Welcome you may be interested in this on the 18th
  14. Sweet with it gone should help in keeping things cool.
  15. Great job how much crap did you remove from between the radiator and a/c core. looking at the photo their seem to be a lot visible?