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  1. This is getting confusing, so who or what is insured in the cases in question. Are you insuring your self or a vehicle or does the policy cover both the person and vehicle while together. As William has stated he is covered also even if he rides another person bike / vehicle is it all in the fine print??
  2. Check out the condition of No 15, 17 they are rubber plugs at the back of the manifold
  3. A few article 's turned up from Pelican today among them was this selection of suspension kits if any one is going down that path for E36 30, 21, 46, 90, 91, 92, 93, 34, 28, Z3, X5 e53. Need a manual 15% off Bentley manuals Enjoy
  4. A quick check and BMW fans show a few listed these three for a manual trans17111436060, auto 17111436061, with S823A 17111436063. just to give you an idea of price
  5. As on the door Jon
  6. Ok to do this unfortunately you may have to remove the rear bumper assemble. Or can get under neath and see if any of the connection points have been damaged or simply missed fitting to. Below a photo of a rear bumper bracket the red arrows show were the bumper slides onto these locators. It appears that the sedan and coupe use the same bracket 51128195321 /322 .But if a m sport they use a different one. it would take a lot of broken expandable rivets to allow any play between the carrier and the plastic bumper best of luck
  7. Interesting Tom, when dismantling the 325i I noticed the curtain air bags had an expire date on them. They ended up at the local fire brigade for them to practice with.
  8. Do you know any panel beaters etc have a chat to them surely they would be able to steer you in the right direction. Or could it be as simple as reading the direction on the cartridge.
  9. A big problem with large plastic bumpers they receive a knock and look ok but the clips behind get broken. and after some time the whole thing starts falling apart and the owner wonders what on earth is going on. Out of interest did you check how snug a fit the bumper was on the side retaining brackets as the bumper only slides onto them,not sure if they have a lock in place. A miss fitting or loose connect could course some increased play. The plastic bumper from memory is connected to the metal carrier bar by a number of plastic expandable rivets.
  10. Which part are you referring to front, rear bumper, bumper carrier or the plastic bumper cover see parts photos below
  11. Does it say which one? as i believe their is a recall for the passengers as well as the drivers air bags on certain e46 models others may chime in on this as it is a well discussed issue. Go and talk to your local dealership and get it sorted pronto.
  12. Is plastic gauge still available these days used to use it to measure the clearance on both main bearing and big end bearing shells.
  13. might give you some ideas
  14. Would have to agree with Paul drive both and get a feel for the 5 and 3 series and you will see what we mean chalk and cheese. Kyu's points on engine size is also something to bear in mind as the difference between the e91 e61 maybe minor weight ,size wise but a couple of hundred cc makes a whole lot of difference. Don't rush it spend some time look at every thing, research them both then look for something that you like and put it through the purchase ringer. make sure you get a warranty with it. Just for those unexpected things that do go wrong after all it is a bmw
  15. Learn something new every day New Zealand a continent