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  1. Same on the connectors it is a pain with so many different types slide this and pull, press that, lift the flap press and pull,then twist side ways etc.
  2. What make and model please for a e39
  3. Tell your friend to read the reviews on these for the year mentioned they don't make good reading. The 3.0ltr and diesel ones appear to be the better option that said the reviews are not that good yet again. Some even go as far to say a RAV 4 or x trail may be a better option and value for money in any case tell your mate to do his research and not be blinded by the badge.
  4. Any help not an e46
  5. Given any thought to using a dry sump system and get the motor lower although the cost of it could negate that.
  6. Any help
  7. Have you given any thought about the diameter of the fuel lines both to and from the tank plus the pipe for fumes returning to the carbon canister..
  8. Hi Peter and welcome to the forum their is a whole heap of knowledge available here so no doubt you will get answers to any problems you may have. The slush box In short dump it and for fill your wish of a manual. In saying that do some research on the cost of both the conversion to manual against overhauling the auto plus the cost of a second hand replacement unit. Best of luck with what ever you decide.
  9. Would depend on how you define not so expensive. Will depend on which system it has think they are ccc or cci one is not so go the other better I believe.Others on here are more knowledge able with details and will no doubt chime in later or try Joe Euro Surgeon he has a web sit so a google search could help you out
  10. This turned up today thoughts
  11. Hi have a look here should clear it up for you no pun intended
  12. Had a look a video about this changing a key fob battery also the point of how is the battery recharged came up. Could some explain how this is done in simple terms.
  13. Have a BMW scanner 1.4 also as Gabriel mentioned find it very useful. The only trouble i find is you have to run it through a laptop and it gets messy sometimes with cables running every where. Also these do have problems which are documented google search will enlighten one.
  14. Hi, first what type of keys do you have and how old are they?. Has this happened suddenly or been their for a while and gotten worse until it finally stopped working all together. If they are the key type which has three buttons unlock doors top one, lock doors centre one, unlock boot bottom one or sometimes called diamond shape. These have a battery in side them and over time the battery goes flat and all the remote stuff stops working. Do a google search and it will show you how to replace the batteries. Awaiting some from the UK at present so I can change mine over.It is easier if the replacements have the terminals already attached to them.