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  1. allan

    The Beast

    Well today was the day she slipped her moorings and headed for the bar and open water. The coast guard and local boats escorted her to the bar. Was a king tide around12.06 their about she was showing around 2.2mtrs so a little to play with. Should be Wellington harbour no doubt by night fall.
  2. allan

    Cert requirements for a re-body of a car

    A little like using a voltswagon bettle and converting it to a beach buggy using the conversion kits one could buy. If so would depend on the body used what it had registered against it. Then the drive train and other items. Plus the percentage margins allowed for hp etc. Would have a chat to a cert guy could save a hole lot of grief and dollars.
  3. allan

    The Beast

    Their are a couple more to come I believe Olaf. No doubt both Foxton beach and Foxton will have gained something from it.
  4. allan

    The Beast

    Further in fo https://www.google.com/search?q=the+beast+auckland+boat&rlz=1C1GGRV_enNZ784NZ784&oq=The+beast+Auckland+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.15186j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  5. allan

    The Beast

    Dave you are correct at the moment the bare min to get it in the water. Have about two weeks work yet to go was told will need to be ready for the next king tide in about two weeks. Also with min weight on board to get over the bar the tides about 2.6 mtrs fully laiden will draw about 2.8. It appears he has a similar one but smaller same paint scheme to this. Going to be used when the Americas cup is held in Auck hire it out can hold 10 to 12 people as well as his private boat. He lives in Aussy on the goldcoast I believealso its off to Welly for its final marine cert etc then to Auckland
  6. allan

    The Beast

    Love it or hate it it is what it is was interesting to watch. No M3AN it's not an oil tender boat just the same firm built them as well. Well it is now all tied up at the wharf. That man Murphy showed up with a failed air bag which was replaced and then another managed to slip into the tunnel as the boat was being lunched. Two goodman earth moving trucks as anchors, Air bag fail guys in the water, air bag rolling out from under boat other one can be seen in the tunnel, under her own power coming in to tie up.
  7. allan

    The Beast

    Well things have been buzzing in Foxton Beach over the last month. It happened when this arrived not as you see it but in two pieces it was built in palmerston Nth and transported down by truck took two days.This is the third one they have done the other two were only 34 mtrs odd and oil rig tender boats. The number of contractors running around dropping signs lifting power cable etc bees round a honey pot. Once situated by the boat club the two halves were put together and other fitting out work carried out. Today around mid day is a high tide and they hope to lunch her then yesterday they moved her and got it lined up on the slip way. She was on a transport trailer with support brackets when in position she was set on wooden blocks the support brackets removed along with the trailer and air bags place underneath. These were inflated until they carried the weight of the boat. It called the Beast and is owned by MIcheal Hill (Sir ) the jeweller 40mtrs long, 300 tonnes empty 480 all up was told, twin 12v cats around a 1000hp reduced to 800 cruises about 12 knots could be faster. This info came second hand so need to confirm more to come
  8. allan

    E46 318i HID lights swap

    Do you mean the outer cover lense of the headight? If so best of luck with a bit of mucking around these lense can be removed and swapped.
  9. allan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    So now you don't have to do a Fred Flintsone any more.
  10. allan

    E46 318i HID lights swap

    Any progress on this.
  11. allan

    Tim 325 2 more down

    Finally got to finish a couple of project on Tim 325. These were the rear vent windows and the CD stacker enjoy. Motorised rear vent windows.docx 6 CD Stacker retro.docx
  12. allan

    E46 318i HID lights swap

    As your car didn't have xenons before it may not have the sensor, wiring and module from the front suspension to the headlight motors so as the car hits bumps in the road the headlights are being adjusted to avoid dazzling on coming motorists. Maybe the empty socket could be for that. If the wiring etc is not present on your car and you wish to do this correctly pay the wagon another visit and remove the parts needed. Should be on the front strut i believe best of luck. Oh be careful mucking about with these lights they have some high voltage present when operating. https://www.google.com/search?q=rear+images+xenon+lights+e46&rlz=1C1GGRV_enNZ784NZ784&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=iTCSCpumMbOwLM%3A%2CndPspK1BG-vG3M%2C_&usg=AI4_-kRQloMmctHrmbarqFQ18CmODXtUTw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjrpaCsstvgAhWvgUsFHet9AEwQ9QEwAXoECAUQBg#imgrc=iTCSCpumMbOwLM:
  13. allan

    Connectors and terminal removal

    Just a quick update these arrived to day and a trail on the radio block proved successful. So onto the real ones in the vehicle now.
  14. allan

    Rear Driveshaft Coupling

    before removing the old one just look at where things are as Dan mentioned aline the arrow/ triangles or mark yours before you take it apart. Sure their must be a DIY on u tube or google on it by now .
  15. Ever had that wiring job and ended up with heaps of soldered joins and strips of heat shrink. While adding a few interior goodies to Tim 325 this was the case after a bit if mucking around and a few wrecked connectors and terminals. Came up with this hope it is of help to some body. terminal removal.docx