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  1. Take your business else where surely their must be more than one petrol station in HAM town that sells gas u want. OH let the manger know what your doing and he's loosing custom over a cup of beans sure that will makes his day. Plus tell your friend as well
  2. Hi Matt Was the mirror from a Japanese import with the infrared remote entry if so their are two fuses to this unit. One for the auto dip and one for the remote entry fuses 24, 67 Also the auto dip part is wired into the reverse light, PDC if fitted circuit via a common connector x428 which is situated above the main fuse box a blue wire with a green trace BL/GE.Have had a further look and found in my notes the pin numbers on the mirror connector the coloured wires and where they go if you want that info
  3. Had a win today no more warning symbol yah, have been showing a low washer bottle light for some time. Have checked the float, wiring etc so had it came back faulty sensor had that replaced light still on durr whats wrong.Time goes by have ordered some instrument rings and was interested to see what fitting them involved Took the cluster out to have a look see what was involved and by chance what did I find in one of the connectors bent pins. So with a small blade screw gentle prided them apart,thinking don't break don't break. Then using thin nose pliers straightened them out as best I could finally using a similar connector slid it over the pins a few times just to make sure they were in alignment.and good to go.Put it all back together and warning light has gone how the pins came to get bent I have no idea
  4. MMM very interesting would be interested to know what size the tank is and if you get your 1050k. Then what it cost for the fuel plus the ruc to give you a total to do the ks?. Then compare it with a petrol model for comparison obviously it would take the petrol more than a tank full but $$ wise how close would they be?.
  5. For those interested NZ new rego 20 May 1999 and Vehicle Identification Number WBAGG820X0DB08771 Type GG82 Model 740i - EUR Development Code E38 Chassis LIM Steering RL Doors 4 Engine M62/TU Displacement 4.40 Power 210 Drivetrain HECK Transmission AUT Color Orientblau Metallic - 317 Upholstery Standardleder/beige E36 Sandbeige E - N6SN Production Plant DINGOLFING Production Date 1999-03-31 Exterieur Interieur 360° Standard Equipment 202 Steptronic Steptronic 210 Dynamic Stability Control (dsc) Dynamische Stab. Control (dsc) 304 Lt/aly Wheels/ellipsoid Styling 60 Lm Raeder/ellipsoidstyling 60 853 Language Version English Sprachversion Englisch Options 204 Drive Version Export Antriebsauslegung Export 245 Steering Column Adjustment Elec Lenksaeulenverstellung Elektrisch 261 Side Airbag For Rear Passengers Seitenairbag Fuer Fondpassagiere 302 Alarm System Alarmanlage 316 Automatic Tailgate Operation Automatische Heckklappenbetaetigung 352 Double Glazing Doppelverglasung 403 Glas Roof, Electric Glasdach, Elektrisch 430 Int/ext Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-dazzle Innen-/aussenspiegel Aut.abblendend 441 Smokers Package Raucherpaket 456 Comfort Seats, Electric. Adjustable Komfortsitze Elektrisch Verstellbar 464 Skibag Skisack 499 Headrests In Rear, Electric. Adjustable Kopfstuetzen Im Fond Elektrisch 500 Headlight Washer Sys/intensive Cleaning Scheinw.waschanl./intensivreinigung 508 Park Distance Control (pdc) Park Distance Control (pdc) 548 Speedometer With Kilometer Reading Kilometertacho 602 On-board Monitor With Tv Bordmonitor Mit Tv 629 Car Telephone (gsm) W Card Reader Front Autotelefon Mit Kartenleser Vorn 670 Radio Bmw Professional Radio Bmw Professional 672 Cd Changer Bmw For 6 Cds Cd Wechsler 6-fach 676 Hifi Loudspeaker System Hifi Lautsprechersystem 818 Main Battery Switch Batteriehauptschalter 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export Zusaetzl. Tankfuellung Export 864 Overseas/dealer Directory Service Kontakt-flyer Uebersee 880 English / On-board Documentation Englisch / Bordliteratur 925 Shipping Protection Package Versandschutzpaket Information 431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d Innenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend 459 Seat Adjustm., Electr. W. Memory Sitzverstellung, Memory 473 Armrest, Front Armauflage Vorn 488 Lumbar Support Driver/front Passenger Lordosenstuetze Fahrer/beifahrer 694 Preparation For Cd Changer Cd-wechsler Vorbereitung
  6. What is wrong with your radiator.? the cores are the same on this model I believe the only difference from memory is that the one for the auto box has a thermostat and a different length drain plug. These are all plastic mounted external parts on the left hand side of the radiator
  7. A bit of the topic and asking are these electric cars as green as they make out. Reading an article on the making, maintenance and final disposal of them it seemed darn close. Their are a number of dangerous chemicals and process used to make not only the car panels battery packs etc. This also comes into play when the vehicle reach's the end of it's life and needs to be disposed of and in a safe manner. So looking at the total picture of how both types source their materials for assemble, their maintenance of ie life expectancy and final disposal are they any less harmful to planet earth as a petrol driven car. Or is it just another well angled proper gander campaign using the all green slogan to help it gain traction and sales?.
  8. Find your self a bmw parts catalogue site www bmw fans or Place the last 7 digits of your vin number in the vin decode box and click it this will bring up the parts that were fitted to that car. From the various sections shown choose the one you want and it will give you all the part numbers for the various items you need. From that you can check these number to see if they are combat able. Armed with the numbers you could try Milland premium euro parts or go to the Pelican parts site and enter the part numbers their It opens up the page that those are logged in plus all the various brands they hold. Also which ones are genuine or oem and the price in US dollars. A bit long winded explain sorry but have found 10 -20 minutes research can save you a whole lot of pain and a light wallet best of luck
  9. Were the rear left, right vent windows manual operated or electric?.
  10. For a Anniversary model it doesn't have a few of the goodies i would have expected, comfort seats, clear indicators and side lamps. Not sure on the wheels look more like e60 type than a e39, no rear PDC. This makes it hard to know how close you are to things as visibility out the back is sh%$^t hence the need for a reverse camera set up. At those k's would be looking for a PPI some receipts on cooling system, suspension work, brakes rotors, cluster pixels, cup holders or investing in a warranty cover or the like. Don't get me wrong they are a nice balanced unit but not with out some major faults and with time mounting up 16 odd years and Murphy's Law just lurking plus it is a BMW
  11. Vehicle Identification NumberWBADT62020CE65032 TypeDT62 Model530i - EUR Development CodeE39 ChassisLIM SteeringRL Doors4 EngineM54 Displacement3.00 Power170 DrivetrainHECK TransmissionAUT ColorTopasblau Metallic - 364 UpholsterySonderpolsterung - Z1XX Production PlantDINGOLFING Production Date2001-05-03 tandard Equipment 202SteptronicSteptronic 520FoglightsNebelscheinwerfer 853Language Version EnglishSprachversion Englisch Options 204Drive Version ExportAntriebsauslegung Export 249Multi-function For Steering WheelMultifunktion Fuer Lenkrad 261Side Airbag For Rear PassengersSeitenairbag Fuer Fondpassagiere 354Green Stripe WindscreenGruenkeil-frontscheibe 360Lt/aly Wheels/star Spoke 81Lm Raeder/sternspeiche 81 401Sliding/vent Roof, ElectricSchiebe-hebedach, Elektrisch 415Sunblind For Rear WindowSonnenschutzrollo Fuer Heckscheibe 423Floor Mats, VelourFussmatten In Velours 428Warning TriangleWarndreieck 430Int/ext Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-dazzleInnen-/aussenspiegel Aut.abblendend 438Wood TrimEdelholzausfuehrung 441Smokers PackageRaucherpaket 459Seat Adjustm., Electr. W. MemorySitzverstellung, Memory 473Armrest, FrontArmauflage Vorn 494Seat Heating F Driver/front PassengerSitzheizung Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 500Headlight Washer Sys/intensive CleaningScheinw.waschanl./intensivreinigung 522Xenon LightXenon-licht 534Automatic Air ConditioningKlimaautomatik 548Speedometer With Kilometer ReadingKilometertacho 602On-board Monitor With TvBordmonitor Mit Tv 640Car Telephone PreparationAutotelefonvorbereitung 676Hifi Loudspeaker SystemHifi Lautsprechersystem 694Preparation For Cd ChangerCd-wechsler Vorbereitung 807Japan VersionJapan-ausfuehrung 818Main Battery SwitchBatteriehauptschalter 823Hot Climate VersionHeissland-ausfuehrung 845Acoustic Belt WarningAkustische Gurtwarnung 875Infrared Remote ControlInfrarotfernbedienung 925Shipping Protection PackageVersandschutzpaket 938Control Zs Individual SeriesSteuerung Zs-individualserien 940Special Request EquipmentSonderwunsch Ausstattung Information 431Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-dInnenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend 555On-board ComputerBordcomputer Individual Steuerung Individual Hinweisschild BMW Individual Sonderserie E39-Japan-D-1, KA88 Variante 3 Z1XX Polster Innenausstattung Leder Montana schwarz (Nr. 8 171 304), Umfang N6 zuzueglich Armstuetze Tuer, Mittelkonsole, Armauflage vorne, Handbremshebelbalg, Blende Handbremsausschnitt Naehfaden schwarz (Nr. 1 905 499), Farb-Nr. 0020 Steppzwirn in schwarz (Nr. 1 963 800), Farb-Nr. 0020 Sitzlehnenrueckwand in Schaumfolie schwarz Sitzblenden in schwarz Nahtbild der Sitze vorne und hinten wie N6/N8 Restliche Innenausstattung wie bei Leder Montana schwarz, Schl.Nr. N6SW 0940 Sonderwunschausstattung Tuereinstiegsleisten vorne mit dem Schriftzug, " BMW Japan 20th Anniversary" Tureinstiegsleisten hinten analog SA 778.
  12. Sweet thanks makes things a bit easier
  13. Bentley. Purchased the set of two when i had the 530 these covered a wide range of topic's including engine dismantle. These were not cheap I might add but hands above any others I have come across. Check out your local library they may have a section on car manuals or do a google search you may find a pdf file that you could download.
  14. That's a reasonable amount of change their fees the last i heard were 7.9% up to $200 $200 -$1,500 $15 + 4.5% over $1,500 $73.50 + 1.9% Can any one confirm or have they gone up like every thing else.
  15. Not steel the show but what about this idea