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  1. It is for my ti which now has electric rear vents. The switch originally was in a jap m sport sedan. What is zebra?.
  2. Just asking if any body can help out with a drivers window switch, coupe or sedan. The little locating pin holding the switch lever in place has gone. The part number on it is 6 902 175. Had a look on ebay etc and want stupid money. Thanks guys
  3. Hi all interested in fitting a nav and gps stereo unit to the bimmer came across Android 8, 9, dynavin and a couple of other systems. Has any body had experience with any of them and care to share.
  4. Hi this may seem odd but have a look at the fuel tank filler cap seal and if the cap does seal properly. Also the sensor in the inlet manifold that deals with fuel vapours/ emissions to the carbon canister. As mentioned the two rubber caps/plug at the back of the inlet manifold.
  5. allan

    Stlye 97

    Hi one and all can anyone help me out. After style 97 wheels these are 17" 8.5 rear off set 50, 7.5 front off set 47. Thought I had found a set but was told they only have the two rears and one front. So if anyone can help thank you.
  6. Hi Jon lucky you in that the wiring was already their for you. Have not long retro fitted a 6 CD stacker in my Compact had nothing. Make sure you get the correct mounting bracket for you vehicle. Is this of any help 6 CD Stacker retro.docx
  7. Give it to your local fire station so they can use it for training.
  8. The problem with the electrics is it becomes more complex with every model the security levels keep increasing. Its not only the phyiscal components but also the inter connecting of electronic units and codingthat is used. Don't get me wrong any thing is possible but at what cost both money wise and time. Have no doubt by now someone will have carried out such a transplant even here in little old NZ.
  9. That sounds like a plan a quick check shows the e90 range had the following engines 2.5L N52, 3.0l N52/ N53, 3.0l N54/n55 twin turbo charged plus the S65 v8. So a reasonable range and each with its own good and bad points. Your last statement, feel I need some more experience with the e90 particularly the electrical aspects before I go for it haha, oh so true. As I discovered when undertaking my project do heaps of research and research as their are a number of things that will come up. Ask questions of people on here as the e90 range has been around for awhile now and as they age more mods will be carried out best of luck.
  10. Welcome to the forum, how deep are your pockets. If I may sit down and work out the cost of what you wish to do to the n46 engine and compare it to a 6cylinder transplant. Or simply sell the car and purchase one with a 6 i.e. 330. This may seem harsh but the history of these engines is not good. As I have a e46 compact which had a n42 motor now has a m54b25 a far better combination. Best of luck with what ever path you decide to take.
  11. allan

    The Beast

    Well today was the day she slipped her moorings and headed for the bar and open water. The coast guard and local boats escorted her to the bar. Was a king tide around12.06 their about she was showing around 2.2mtrs so a little to play with. Should be Wellington harbour no doubt by night fall.
  12. A little like using a voltswagon bettle and converting it to a beach buggy using the conversion kits one could buy. If so would depend on the body used what it had registered against it. Then the drive train and other items. Plus the percentage margins allowed for hp etc. Would have a chat to a cert guy could save a hole lot of grief and dollars.
  13. allan

    The Beast

    Their are a couple more to come I believe Olaf. No doubt both Foxton beach and Foxton will have gained something from it.
  14. allan

    The Beast

    Further in fo https://www.google.com/search?q=the+beast+auckland+boat&rlz=1C1GGRV_enNZ784NZ784&oq=The+beast+Auckland+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.15186j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  15. allan

    The Beast

    Dave you are correct at the moment the bare min to get it in the water. Have about two weeks work yet to go was told will need to be ready for the next king tide in about two weeks. Also with min weight on board to get over the bar the tides about 2.6 mtrs fully laiden will draw about 2.8. It appears he has a similar one but smaller same paint scheme to this. Going to be used when the Americas cup is held in Auck hire it out can hold 10 to 12 people as well as his private boat. He lives in Aussy on the goldcoast I believealso its off to Welly for its final marine cert etc then to Auckland
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