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  1. 3 SERIES

    2008 E91 335i msport touring parts car with goodies

    Drivers cup holder?
  2. 3 SERIES

    BMW E46 318Ti motorsport 2003

    Price please.
  3. 3 SERIES

    FS: 2003 BMW 325i

  4. hi, u looking for oem seat fabric, ive got the seats 7 fabric good cond,,, 

     pls pm, 

  5. 3 SERIES

    FS: 2003 BMW 325i

  6. 3 SERIES

    FS: 2003 BMW 325i

    Selling the Mrs E46. NZ New 325i E46 Sedan 193,000km Photos and Spec here: https://trademe.co.nz/1485180736 $4k ono Any questions, shoot me an message-
  7. 3 SERIES

    E30 Motorsport 325

    Wow! I do wonder how many examples like this are tucked away round the country.
  8. 3 SERIES

    1987 E30 M325i Tech I

    Celebration time. After being in storage for a little over 5 years I have a WOF!
  9. 3 SERIES

    1987 E30 M325i Tech I

    Front wheel bearing and oil change complete. Next step, WOF & Reg. First one since 2012!
  10. 3 SERIES

    1987 E30 M325i Tech I

    Well shes pretty much been in storage for 5 years with house, baby and work taking priority. Other than the odd drive and clean very little has been achieved. Yesterday I replaced the rear sub frame and the control arm bushes which were completly shot! Bit of a job but got there in the end. What a different car now. No shimmy in the rear that i have to counteract when hooking gears at 6 grand 😂 Next on the list, a front wheel bearing. Onwards and upwards! Cheers
  11. 3 SERIES

    Brought the 335i, couple questions

    Who quoted you $750 for a battery and $1000 for wipers!? Assume same person based on those exorbitant prices. Hope its not your go to mechanic. If so, find a new one!
  12. 3 SERIES

    Buying a 335i

    The only thing that is bs is what has been said here. Speaking first hand, I have a 335i and a Autosure Warranty. It paid for itself in the first 3 months after my waterpump gave up. I would say in 2.5 years of ownership the maintenance bill (preventative & non preventative) is sitting at 5k with the warranty picking up approx 50% of the tab. Get the vehicle checked by a reputable BMW workshop and ensure you get a warranty.
  13. 3 SERIES

    M325i Tech 1

    Ive just found her sitting in the corner of the garage coated in 3mm of dust and garden tools on the bonnet. Felt guilty so gave her a quick wash. Ol faithful started first pop too!
  14. 3 SERIES

    M325i Tech 1

    Rediculous. Im not complaining thou. I have one identical to this sitting round appreciating lol