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  1. Its flexible and tears easily where the mounting tabs are - just my opinion and its cheaper and also black so I don't have to paint it I would have ripped off either OE or aftermarket the way it hit the ground anyway haha
  2. Yeah thanks but I already asked him before I put this post up
  3. Went to Leadfoot on Sunday with a front lip, came back without a front lip Has anyone got an IS style one? I don't want a genuine one as they are weaker, looking for the black plastic replica.. Like below (without the splitter obviously, I need to make another one of them too haha)
  4. So I think I'm actually 'done' with my car, as weird as it feels, I've nothing left on my todo list haha. Pretty stoked how its turned out and just enjoying driving the thing. Few photos Saturday night by @leebske
  5. Where'd you get the rear bar from? Looks like a nice bit of kit
  6. Maybe, I didn't find it bad, just hack the plastic shroud thingy til it sits nice and drill some misc holes, heres pic from my 21 Make sure to test it at the yard tho, cause they can often not work..
  7. +1 for an e38 fan. Have one in my turbo e30 keeps things under control nicely, also put one in my e21 for the short time I had it and was mint. Like 20 bucks at zebra haha
  8. Haha needle in a haystack. Good luck..
  9. Finally someone who actually seems to know whats wrong with it, so much yay-say about this car. Good luck with the fix up
  10. Ehhhm what you've pictured is the cradle with the fuel level sender. If you only need a pump you can reuse all that stuff. Post a pic of the actual pump
  11. Do you need the whole cradle? Which is what you've pictured, or just the pump? I have a used facelift pump that was working fine, only took out to upgrade to higher flow
  12. Cage now has 4 feet, 4 bolts each, goes in and out...but you have to know the right way haha. I'm going to cut the harness bar out and get a new one bent up, currently it sits hard up on the back of my seat so no good, then paint. Made backing plates for each leg as well, one happened go right where all the fuel lines are which turned a bit chaotic
  13. Haha yeah only reason I wanted one too at this point, hence the bolt in part
  14. Well I bought this a while back for $103 lol. Cage wasn't homogulated and is too small diameter main hoop to get one now as NZ motorsport rules have changed since it was done. So it was basically good for nothing except for me to cut out and send to the scrappy...felt wrong to do but whatever haha Seatbelt mounts are undone as I'm currently cutting cage to fit properly and welding some plates on to make it bolt in, will fit with them in place when I'm done. Quite surprised how well it goes in and out seeing as its one piece. The bottom of the back seat will go in, back part would have to be hacked up....But in saying that pretty sure your not meant to have any rear seating in place with a half cage, I'll probably just make some nice covers to clean up the back area