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  1. Haha yeah only reason I wanted one too at this point, hence the bolt in part
  2. Well I bought this a while back for $103 lol. Cage wasn't homogulated and is too small diameter main hoop to get one now as NZ motorsport rules have changed since it was done. So it was basically good for nothing except for me to cut out and send to the scrappy...felt wrong to do but whatever haha Seatbelt mounts are undone as I'm currently cutting cage to fit properly and welding some plates on to make it bolt in, will fit with them in place when I'm done. Quite surprised how well it goes in and out seeing as its one piece. The bottom of the back seat will go in, back part would have to be hacked up....But in saying that pretty sure your not meant to have any rear seating in place with a half cage, I'll probably just make some nice covers to clean up the back area
  3. Things in the works..
  4. Ah so thats why I haven't seen you about haha
  5. The one on the left is half the size of an M20 one, its definitely not the 'correct' one. You can use it and it wont have any problem, but just sayin.. Z88A as it says on it, is the full size one
  6. God what an ache, feel for ya. Be good to see it on the road soon
  7. @Kepes is that for a m20? kinda looks like you've been given the wrong one from Repco..
  8. wakey wakey, hows the cert going..
  9. Get them chrome plated (got mine done through Jasjot), look the best and last the longest hands down. Using a tumbler will wear the coating off and eventually they'll rust, as will wire wheel then polish. I wasted a week of life with the drill and polish only for them to look like crap 2 weeks later..
  10. Cheers dude, looking forward to seeing your results..
  11. Surely this should cream past 350kw if I made 282kw on a bum old M20
  12. In what way?
  13. Yea that was just the first time we got it going, its not rich like that now, just put the video up for sh*ts
  14. I'm pretty happy how quick it spools up and yeah over 3.5k its just lethal haha. 1st and 2nd are a laugh and 3rd is where it decides to grip (just) and go Cheers Toby, final tune was at 16, although since driving it out the last few days I've noticed pretty bad creep so I'm gonna have to fix that somehow. No o-ring, Cometic MLS head gasket instead which is proving to be all good.
  15. Cheers guys, heres the a bit dirty as things seem to fly around in the car now