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  1. ibboostn

    e46 M3 brake rotors

    I have a few used ones 2x sets that might come up ok after a machining, theyd be very cheap. Feel free to pm me
  2. ibboostn

    FS: Dynavin D99, $500 OBO

    Do all functions work as they should? And are all the cables and gps antenna included? Thanks
  3. ibboostn

    Custom bbs RS742 style 42

    Bbs style 42 converted to 3 piece with 3.5 and 2 inch lips Painted in gun metal grey with gold hardware and polished lips and new center caps and tyre valves Sizes are: 5x120 - 72.5 cb 18x9.5 Offset 12 18x8 offset 22 Perfect E9X m3 or E46 m3 fitment they have a 3 series center bore so wont fit e39 without some work Look much better in person hard to capture their beauty with my phone haha Asking 2.5k but may be persueded to move on the price for bimmersport members.
  4. ibboostn

    Various E46 lights, wheels, other

    These look like e46? Are any of the clips/tabs broken are the clip in or screw in?
  5. ibboostn

    E46 M3 "MPROVD"

    Cheers bro, so stoked
  6. ibboostn

    E46 M3 "MPROVD"

    Yup all done bar one oem hose im waiting for it to arrive. If you look closely you can see it
  7. ibboostn

    E46 M3 "MPROVD"

    Hey guys - another update. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to take an E46 M3 with a CSL airbox for a drive. And as you could imagine I was hooked on the raw induction sound. I had often heard how awesome this intake was but always thought it was unobtainable endeavour due to the cost mostly, and second the complexity. After talking to the owner (M3 power) he explained actually how simple it really was mechanically. I had already seen the magical wizardry that Tom was capable of but when he said he'd help me out with the CSL tune and ECU. It meant that what I thought was unreachable now didnt seem so far away. And as the stars aligned a Geoff Steel airbox came up for sale so I had to snap it up. I got to work and started ordering the bits I needed to put it all together. With many texts to the experts, I soon had the bits and started. Instead of buying a lot of the genuine parts, I used some aftermarket options. I had to slightly bend the oil dipstick to accomodate the airbox but soon realised that the bonnet wouldn't close and I didnt want to bend it anymore so I cut the top off and put a key ring though it. Second was the adding the map sensor. I used the cheaper gm map sensor but had to add 6mm pipe to supply the sensor so using the ttfs rail as basis I made my own budget rail. But I have to thank the wizard himself, Tom (M3 power). If it weren't for him I wouldn't have been able to do this. So thanks for being a top bloke and helping a meer mortal. Anyway, pictures tell the rest. Enjoy!
  8. ibboostn

    N46B20 engine and gearbox

    Bump ill take 900 need to move this
  9. ibboostn

    N46B20 engine and gearbox

    Hey guys got the n46b20 out of my partners wagon. Only selling as im fitting a 3l m54 160k Complete motor includes all parts and ecu maf etc Always serviced every 10k has a small oil leak from somewhere no biggie Also includes the 5 speed gm gearbox with the same kms All working perfectly before removal $1200 with gearbox
  10. ibboostn

    E46 coupe clear indicators

    Set of e46 coupe indicators 150+ shipping 20170129_161536.jpg 20170129_161539.jpg
  11. ibboostn

    WTB e9x e8x drivers airbag msport

    Sorted one. Thanks mosen euro parts
  12. Hey guys i need a m sport drivers side airbag from an e9x or 1 series. Thanks
  13. ibboostn

    E46 M3 "MPROVD"

    hey guys, a bit of update apologizes for the delay ive been trying to get enough together to do another write up. Anyway here's some of things ive been up to over the past months. Wheels- so i wasnt happy with the lips on the Equips as they were chrome plated and numerous stones had taken their toll on it. this was one of the first things i did in the earlier months. so thanks to 41 degree wheels and the legendary polishing services of Jasjot i have fitted 3.5inch rear lips and 2.5 inch front lips thats only 0.5 inch difference but it has made a world of difference both with fitment and looks. And to top it off i fitted 24k gold plated assembly bolts also supplied by jasjot. during this time i also had them stripped and painted. Sounds- ive had troubles with the premium audio in the car the speakers just dont last (not that i fitted new replacements) but i got tried of replacing them so i got a full harmon kardon speaker setup and much to my surprise everything just swapped out including the amp. i wouldnt say it was a huge improvement but it is better with the added bonus of the blingly harmon kardon badging and of course the reliability. Tuning- i took the car into ray to get the shift lights and cruise control programed in while i was there ray told me of a tune he could put on the car while he was programing it. it sounded so good i couldnt refuse and i must say it has made a big difference and has really sharpened the throttle up. Alex did a write up on here somewhere. the only down side was we were unable to get the lights and cruise working however i will look into this again later. Vanos- Kayne Barrie Motorsport rebuilt the vanos with new seals and rattle kit and now its much quieter with a slight improvement in power delivery Servicing- did a 10k kms service which included plugs, a new oil level sensor and valve cover gasket. Suspension- this is has been on my list and ive been saving for these for a while now but this weekend just gone i finally picked up my set of Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers. Naturally i could wait to install them so i spent my sunday doing just that along with a set of braided brakes lines i got off Ebay months ago but i wanted to wait until i got the pss10s to really feel the difference. i got them in and went for a short uneventful drive but i havent had a chance to really try them out as well as they need some adjustment with both height and damper adjust which i will do but after mu overseas holiday in the new year i will have the car corner balanced and setup correctly. Also my car lacked the factory strut brace fitted to other M3s so i managed to grab one of those off of brent from bmworld. So yeah no immediate plans for the near future as i need to focus of life stuff and my partners car build but im sure something will pop up and convince me otherwise haha. but hopefully you all enjoy this update.
  14. ibboostn


    Just wanted to post some more jasjots work, just shows how impressive it really is. Hit him up for all of your 1-3 peice wheels you wont be disappointed.
  15. ibboostn

    Parting e46 manual 330ci coupe

    Bump armrest $50 Interior $200 Front gaurds $50 Bonnet $80 Manual cluster $50 Gearknob and boot $80 Stereo $30 Heater control $20 Window washer $10 Doors $80 bare Window regs $50 Hood linning picked up and remove yourself $30 Bonnet struts $20