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  1. e30timmy

    e30 roof spoiler

    Yea i just got mine today and see what you mean about it being to short and the shape of it being wrong so it won't sit flush. Sent from my SM-G530MU using Tapatalk
  2. e30timmy

    e30 roof spoiler

    I heard you can use a mark 3 golf roof spoiler on a e30 just wondering if any has done this before or knows if its true
  3. e30timmy

    96 323i

    Just putting up some pics of my new e36. Picked her up yesterday. Got a few lil things that need to be done. Mostly just tidying up the interior and getting the rims resurfaced. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  4. e30timmy

    15x8 with 0 offset

    Anotherquestion would you be able to fit 17x9 with 20p offset on a e30
  5. e30timmy

    15x8 with 0 offset

    That looks pretty sweet man. And yea i wouldnt stretch them either and thanks for the info
  6. e30timmy

    e30 body kit

    Was wodering about new 1s
  7. e30timmy

    15x8 with 0 offset

    Sweet cheers
  8. e30timmy

    e30 body kit

    Does anyone know where to get e30 side skirts?
  9. e30timmy

    15x8 with 0 offset

    Am looking at buying somenew mags for my e30 justwondering if ill need spacers or anything The rims are 15x8 0 offset
  10. e30timmy

    M20 Turbo's

    Just wondering how you ran the oil feed and return for the turbo
  11. e30timmy

    IS lip for sale

    Do you have any more available?
  12. e30timmy

    e30 boss kit

    yea il give that a try cheers
  13. e30timmy

    m20b25 turbo

    yea man thats a great help ae and yea just think might try just the basic 1st then when get more use to it might try more advanced stuff but thanks man much appreciated. just another thing what would you reconmend about the brakes?
  14. e30timmy

    e30 boss kit

    yea iv fouind that you cant find them over here
  15. e30timmy

    m20b25 turbo

    were id be able to find parts, and how do you go about the oil feed and return lines as im new to bmws and havent had time to pull the motor out yet. i know im going to need it to be rebuilt before i even consider bolting a turbo on but i was wondering if anyone had a few suggestions on a few set ups like turbo, injectors. also what diff would i need