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  1. Here's a quote I got for a complete exchange diff with a Quaife lsd installed for my car a while ago from Birds in the UK. You get the exchange surcharge back once they receive your stock Diff in return.
  2. Stilm have these
  3. Still got these
  4. Yep highly recommend Taylor too, top notch work.
  5. Nice, you'll love the n55. Good choice with the dealer too. Those guys bring in quality cars
  6. I did the same on my 135i, switched from the run flats to pilot sport 4's. Best decision ever, rides so much better. Also i haven't seen the traction control light up once since switching over. Grip is phenomenal, especially in the wet. No regrets at all
  7. Managed to lock the keys to both our cars in the boot of the 135i...right after giving it a clean. The one time I reaaaally wished it came with comfort access
  8. Good to hear, will definitely consider the re-003's for the 135i next time. Completely agree with you on the run flats. Have just ordered a set of pilot sport 4's. Cannot wait to get them on and get rid of these
  9. I've had it done on mine not too long ago by Auto Trans ltd. They did a great job. Its definitely not lifetime fluid, don't fall for that crap. It's quite a big job, they ended up replacing the trans pan and 2 other filters along with the fluid as part of the service. Came up to under $1200 from memory. Not cheap but definitely worth doing for these transmissions. noticed the shifts become much smoother afterwards too
  10. I'm with Classic Cover insurance for the 135i. Agreed value for $30k from memory. Premium is $600 a year with mileage limited to 15 000km a year (not a daily)
  11. Hope it comes with new tyres at that price
  12. Yeah I would do what Qube said. Cannot wait to get rid of the rft's. I find them terrible on the 135i
  13. Most of those reviews tend to be from people who autocross their cars, outside wheel tends to lift on extremely tight turns with the upgraded bar. Don't think its gonna be an issue for me, for now anyway. I'm also currently pricing up a Quaife lsd exchange diff from Birds in the UK so will see how that pans out
  14. Very interesting read, has convinced me to just upgrade the front arms and continue with my plan to upgrade the rear swaybar instead
  15. What was the fault that came up in the app? You checked the code right?