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  1. AzonicNick

    WTB E46 FL Coupe headlight

    Bump.. still looking!
  2. AzonicNick

    Z1 anyone? 😳

    There is a navy blue one in Auckland, see it around on occasion
  3. AzonicNick

    WTB E46 FL Coupe headlight

  4. AzonicNick

    WTB E46 FL Coupe headlight

    Haha I've already got the rest of it! Just being picky! Not the most straight forward thing to find it seems!
  5. AzonicNick

    WTB E46 FL Coupe headlight

    Another bump..
  6. AzonicNick

    WTB E46 FL Coupe headlight

  7. AzonicNick

    WTB E46 FL Coupe headlight

    Hi Brent, Yes close but was hoping to get with clear indicators as I prefer the look plus will match the current set. Don't think the indicators are interchangeable on the these as they are sealed? Cheers
  8. AzonicNick

    WTB E46 FL Coupe headlight

    Hi guys, Does anybody have a face-lift e46 coupe headlight? Looking for the drivers side, halogen with adaptive bulbs. Might be a long shot! Pretty picky about condition, want to replace one of mine that is cloudy. Other one is perfect :/ Cheers, Nick
  9. AzonicNick

    E46 A & C Pillar repair

    Cool all good info! Thanks all. I will remove from the car before I go at it with the adhesive and will leave them to cure before re-installing them. Will watch up some DIYs before I pop them off to try and avoid the snapping of brackets. Will update when done
  10. AzonicNick

    E46 A & C Pillar repair

    Hi guys, Has anybody had any luck / tips on repairing some loose fabric on the A & C Pillars on a E46? Black if it matters! Just coming loose the the base of the A pillars and the sides of the C pillars. Was thinking some 3M Super 77 spray as have some floating around. Cheers, Nick
  11. AzonicNick

    e46 door handle

    Something to do with the extra requirment of the coupe and the window drop feature? I understand this is some sort of switch inside the handle so the door handle tells the car the door is opening to drop the window 5mm or so so clear the sill
  12. AzonicNick

    WTB - E46 Aux input for factory stereo

    Good to know! Yes I was wondering about the tape HU compatibility as everything I see mentions CD HU 09/02 on wards. Your head unit sounds the same as mine. Business tape..
  13. Does anybody have one of these in NZ before I order online? Am looking for this part.. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/auxiliary-input-retrofit-kit/82110149389/ https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-auxiliary-input-retrofit-kit-82110149389 Cheers, Nick
  14. AzonicNick

    E46 Stereo

    What is a recommended speaker to replace the 6" in the door without any modification etc? When people say shallow what measurment are we looking at here? Keen to use existing wiring etc and upgrade speakers only.
  15. AzonicNick

    E46 Xenon wiring

    Managed to get this fixed at a local auto electrican. Turns out they are not xenon headlights (my fault!). They rewired the wiring inside the headlight without too much issue but will be keeping a eye on this. Cheers