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  1. Something to do with the extra requirment of the coupe and the window drop feature? I understand this is some sort of switch inside the handle so the door handle tells the car the door is opening to drop the window 5mm or so so clear the sill
  2. Good to know! Yes I was wondering about the tape HU compatibility as everything I see mentions CD HU 09/02 on wards. Your head unit sounds the same as mine. Business tape..
  3. Does anybody have one of these in NZ before I order online? Am looking for this part.. Cheers, Nick
  4. What is a recommended speaker to replace the 6" in the door without any modification etc? When people say shallow what measurment are we looking at here? Keen to use existing wiring etc and upgrade speakers only.
  5. Managed to get this fixed at a local auto electrican. Turns out they are not xenon headlights (my fault!). They rewired the wiring inside the headlight without too much issue but will be keeping a eye on this. Cheers
  6. Hi guys, popped open the latch on my cars headlight to see what the deal is with replacing the lamp and discovered the insulation has gone brittle and started to fall apart inside the headlight. 2004 facelift coupe with adaptive headlights. NZ new. Not or something that I want to have a go at fixing myself! Is is anybody familiar with these lights or knows of a good auto sparky who can have a look? Looks like they might have been played with before. Located in Auckland. Cheers
  7. Any photos Brent? Also is it a Motorsport model? Cheers
  8. Hi all, Back in NZ and looking for a new car. Budget is flexible but looking at a 36 or 46. Prefer Motorsport options and nz new. Not too worried on gearbox but would like a nice clean example in good condition. In Auckland. If anybody has anything that isn't on trade me let me know! Cheers, Nick
  9. Maybe get some new seals too if they don't come with the new lights? They are known to leak and easy to replace when you swap out the lights. PFL is better than FL man!
  10. The light interior is a nice option, it really grew on me when I had the e36. Looks sexxxy!! I want a e46..
  11. I'm pretty sure that M3 is on trademe at the moment?
  12. There was a GT3-RS in black with the orange bits that used to live over the road from my parents in Remuera around 4 years back ish? Must be the same one..
  13. That e36 wagon is niiiice! I used to see it quite a bit, pretty sure it's manual too?
  14. Which one is faster? Good to see Dudlee has a mate. He looked very similar when I picked him up form Max. If I can find a photo I'll send it to ya AJ
  15. So much want. PFL e30s mmm