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  1. Damo

    E60 parts

    Too funny! The people that know probably don't want to post about it so as to not alert more people to it. Actually I built an RX7 simulator in our warehouse out of body kit parts before I put them in storage, complete with seats and wheels. I should have taken photos. But really - parts anyone???
  2. Damo

    E60 parts

    Loooong time no BMW for me. Great to see this place still thriving! So, I may get back into a BMW if I can find these at the right price - front bumper - front bumper crash bar - upper radiator support - dash (black) - Steering wheel - passenger rear door (complete minus door card) - front windscreen all for E60 5 series Happy to pull myself (dash is no fun at all) in AK. Probably a few smart cookies out there that know where I am going with this
  3. Damo

    1972 BMW 2002

    Yep been offered plenty for those alone
  4. Damo

    1972 BMW 2002

    Not using this as much as I thought I would - so putting it up for sale to see if anyone else can use it! 1972 BMW 2002 Heart ENGINE: E30 318i EFI block (std 2002 block included) INTAKE: E30 318i, pod filter in front grill EXHAUST: 2002tii manifold into 2" system, centre exit FUEL: E30 318i intank fuel pump ECU: E30 318i COOLING: factory radiator OTHER: De-loomed engine bay Drive GEARBOX: 4 speed (E30 318i 5 speed included) CLUTCH: E30 318i DIFF: standard, powdercoated driveshaft Support STRUTS: (F) bilstein inserts ® adjustable length/damper shocks SPRINGS: Custom springs BRAKES: new front calipers, new rear cylinders, new pads and shoes all round, braided brake lines OTHER: - Full superpro bush kit - All bearings renewed - adjustable rear camber kit welded in - adjustable front camber plates - All parts bead blasted and powdercoated Shoes WHEELS: 16×7.5-inch Rays Engineering 3 piece powdercoated TYRES: (F) 195/45/6, ® 205/40/16 Exterior PAINT: Graphite black with green flake ENHANCEMENTS: - widened /flared rear arches - 35% tinting - new front windscreen - all new rubbers - shadowline trim / grille - flared front guards - front bumper deleted, front lip spoiler added - rear bumper deleted - underbody stripped and recoated - centre exit exhaust Interior SEATS: standard fronts, recovered rears STEERING WHEEL: aftermarket dished wheel INSTRUMENTATION: Alpina red guages, uncalibrated 220km/h speedo CARPET: New Autodec has some minor panel damage in the left rear and the right front (thanks neighbours!!!!), can arrange to have it fixed for a good price. $8000 will take it away as is, will only sell to someone that I know will look after it. Build thread: 2002 build thread Photos:
  5. Damo

    E30 / 2002 parts

    Sounds good - better than them going in the skip with all the other crap I dont have time to list.
  6. Damo

    E30 / 2002 parts

    Hi All, The 2002 is largely completed, so selling off random 2002 parts incase someone needs them, or they go in the bin. Also seeing if anyone wants my leftover E30 parts, you can check them here: Startec Lights $280 start bid Sideskirts $50 start bid
  7. Damo

    BMW 2002 take 2

    And on goes the paint:
  8. Damo

    BMW 2002 take 2

    Grind, Cut, Weld, Hammer, Sand, Repeat. Maybe 50% of the work done. The rear guards are now completely custom, so the wheels can get right up in there if they wanted to, without flares. Chopped out the stupid side exhaust exit and modified it to a centre exit.
  9. Damo

    BMW 2002 take 2

    I got it all done as one lot for a discount price from CazCoat in Wairau. I didn't look at the breakdown but its cheaper than painting for what I had done, and I highly recommend their work.
  10. Damo

    BMW 2002 take 2

    Got the rear subframe, suspension and driveshaft in. Yay for adjustable rear camber, though even more flaring is going to be needed once the ride height gets finalised...
  11. Damo

    BMW 2002 take 2

    Got a motor, front subframe and front suspension in the hole, complete with camber plates, urethane bushings, braided brake lines and shortened bilstein inserts:
  12. Damo

    BMW 2002 take 2

    Haha! So true. I sometimes wonder why so much effort and expense has been consumed on parts that almost nobody will see again, unless they are a WOF inspector, or the car is on its roof (like the last one)
  13. Damo

    BMW 2002 take 2

    Some brake booster and line assembly:
  14. Anyone who can supply the above for beer or props will be labelled a legend! Cant count the number of these I have thrown out, only to need them again....
  15. Damo

    BMW 2002 take 2

    Sure are - I am still waiting to collect the green driveshaft halves, fuel tank and other various small items Got sick and tired of working on dirty cars so decided even the underneath of this one is going to be clean enough to eat off (for the first week or so anyway...)