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  1. Car is road legal, time to start modifying it
  2. Don't get me started on front bumpers.... I bought the 2016/2017 AMG front and rear bumpers from the UK (before I bought the one on the car) and it got stolen in transit... Not impressed. The facelift rear is only a minor change so I didn't even bother fitting it by itself. Luckily the old style AMG bumper came with the bonnet and guards I needed.
  3. Keeping it for sure. Which is the same thing I've said about every car I've owned
  4. And a bit of bodywork back on. Still lots of panel alignment and undertrays, brackets, grille etc to go.
  5. Engine back in the hole:
  6. Not saying they are terrible, they flow enough for 550+ HP. But they are a compromise on size/shape vs. performance no doubt.
  7. No reason for this on the CLS chassis at least; 3" downpipes still had room to spare in test fitting:
  8. As promised, some pics to show how thin the factory downpipes get:
  9. Painting and sealing chassis now:
  10. Car is due back tomorrow; chassis rail replaced. Meanwhile I tacked up some 3 inch downpipes:
  11. Never had a high k's M156 motored car, so hasn't been a concern. As you say, plenty of 10 year old, circa 100,00k M156 based cars out there for relatively cheap. Headbolt change isn't a big deal, but you also have to watch for cam/lifter wear. As for depreciation, it's how most of us on this forum get to drive Euro's
  12. OK OK, now I see the link in your sig I'll hit you up for sure.
  13. Not a fabricator, just a hacker Electronic engineering is my daily bread. Not a lot of options on the tune, short of getting in on that EEPROM myself. Tempting, but it will depend on time commitments. Otherwise there are a few tuners around NZ who have already bought tunes from some of the bigger merc tuners out there that I can buy.
  14. Those aren't even the cats!!! I've taken those pipes off now I'll take some pics that show just how squashed they are. Frees up 50HP/50nm or so to go straight pipes, along with matching tune of course. I have a 6.2 c63 wagon also They kept the 63 moniker but change over to the 5.5 twin turbo platform in the E63 and CLS63 around 2012.
  15. And the 5.5 twin turbo v8: