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  1. AMG A45 project

    Spamming the BMW thread with yet another non-BMW project. Not sure how much time I'm going to get in NZ for the next while to work on this, but got it parked up at least: 2014 AMG A45 50k's rear C-pillar , hatch and suspension 'adjustment' by inattentive (drunk?) driver while parked... The good, the bad and the ugly:
  2. AMG A45 project

    I agree they aren't the prettiest, it's not a shade on the CLS. But it is the Mercedes equivalent of a corolla as you say. Looking forward to the 400+ at the crank after tune and exhaust
  3. AMG A45 project

    An excess of rear toe-in right now, so it drives but doesn't handle too well New suspension parts on the way!
  4. Cls63 Project

    After 10 or so years around this forum, building turbo E30's and 2002's, ive moved to wrenching on the competition as seen here: Genuine question guys. Can someone tell me where the hell the enthusiast community is for this stuff? Yes I know, finish it, sell it and buy a M car. I hear you already. I guess ill just keep posting here as a build thread until i find a better place. Next steps: chassis is off for rail replacement, and engine is on the bench so I can make 3" turbo back downpipes.
  5. Cls63 Project

    Car is road legal, time to start modifying it
  6. Cls63 Project

    Don't get me started on front bumpers.... I bought the 2016/2017 AMG front and rear bumpers from the UK (before I bought the one on the car) and it got stolen in transit... Not impressed. The facelift rear is only a minor change so I didn't even bother fitting it by itself. Luckily the old style AMG bumper came with the bonnet and guards I needed.
  7. Cls63 Project

    Keeping it for sure. Which is the same thing I've said about every car I've owned
  8. Cls63 Project

    And a bit of bodywork back on. Still lots of panel alignment and undertrays, brackets, grille etc to go.
  9. Cls63 Project

    Engine back in the hole:
  10. Cls63 Project

    Not saying they are terrible, they flow enough for 550+ HP. But they are a compromise on size/shape vs. performance no doubt.
  11. Cls63 Project

    No reason for this on the CLS chassis at least; 3" downpipes still had room to spare in test fitting:
  12. Cls63 Project

    As promised, some pics to show how thin the factory downpipes get:
  13. Cls63 Project

    Painting and sealing chassis now:
  14. Cls63 Project

    Car is due back tomorrow; chassis rail replaced. Meanwhile I tacked up some 3 inch downpipes:
  15. Cls63 Project

    Never had a high k's M156 motored car, so hasn't been a concern. As you say, plenty of 10 year old, circa 100,00k M156 based cars out there for relatively cheap. Headbolt change isn't a big deal, but you also have to watch for cam/lifter wear. As for depreciation, it's how most of us on this forum get to drive Euro's
  16. Cls63 Project

    OK OK, now I see the link in your sig I'll hit you up for sure.
  17. Cls63 Project

    Not a fabricator, just a hacker Electronic engineering is my daily bread. Not a lot of options on the tune, short of getting in on that EEPROM myself. Tempting, but it will depend on time commitments. Otherwise there are a few tuners around NZ who have already bought tunes from some of the bigger merc tuners out there that I can buy.
  18. Cls63 Project

    Those aren't even the cats!!! I've taken those pipes off now I'll take some pics that show just how squashed they are. Frees up 50HP/50nm or so to go straight pipes, along with matching tune of course. I have a 6.2 c63 wagon also They kept the 63 moniker but change over to the 5.5 twin turbo platform in the E63 and CLS63 around 2012.
  19. Cls63 Project

    And the 5.5 twin turbo v8:
  20. Cls63 Project

    Some more pics of the damage:
  21. Cls63 Project

    It's commonly known (and super obvious once you see it with your own eyes) the downpipes are an abortion, performance wise. They end up only 25mm wide at some points!!!!
  22. Cls63 Project

    Correct, RH Apron rail and chassis rail. Off on the truck to have that done now.
  23. E60 parts

    Loooong time no BMW for me. Great to see this place still thriving! So, I may get back into a BMW if I can find these at the right price - front bumper - front bumper crash bar - upper radiator support - dash (black) - Steering wheel - passenger rear door (complete minus door card) - front windscreen all for E60 5 series Happy to pull myself (dash is no fun at all) in AK. Probably a few smart cookies out there that know where I am going with this
  24. E60 parts

    Too funny! The people that know probably don't want to post about it so as to not alert more people to it. Actually I built an RX7 simulator in our warehouse out of body kit parts before I put them in storage, complete with seats and wheels. I should have taken photos. But really - parts anyone???
  25. 1972 BMW 2002

    Not using this as much as I thought I would - so putting it up for sale to see if anyone else can use it! 1972 BMW 2002 Heart ENGINE: E30 318i EFI block (std 2002 block included) INTAKE: E30 318i, pod filter in front grill EXHAUST: 2002tii manifold into 2" system, centre exit FUEL: E30 318i intank fuel pump ECU: E30 318i COOLING: factory radiator OTHER: De-loomed engine bay Drive GEARBOX: 4 speed (E30 318i 5 speed included) CLUTCH: E30 318i DIFF: standard, powdercoated driveshaft Support STRUTS: (F) bilstein inserts ® adjustable length/damper shocks SPRINGS: Custom springs BRAKES: new front calipers, new rear cylinders, new pads and shoes all round, braided brake lines OTHER: - Full superpro bush kit - All bearings renewed - adjustable rear camber kit welded in - adjustable front camber plates - All parts bead blasted and powdercoated Shoes WHEELS: 16×7.5-inch Rays Engineering 3 piece powdercoated TYRES: (F) 195/45/6, ® 205/40/16 Exterior PAINT: Graphite black with green flake ENHANCEMENTS: - widened /flared rear arches - 35% tinting - new front windscreen - all new rubbers - shadowline trim / grille - flared front guards - front bumper deleted, front lip spoiler added - rear bumper deleted - underbody stripped and recoated - centre exit exhaust Interior SEATS: standard fronts, recovered rears STEERING WHEEL: aftermarket dished wheel INSTRUMENTATION: Alpina red guages, uncalibrated 220km/h speedo CARPET: New Autodec has some minor panel damage in the left rear and the right front (thanks neighbours!!!!), can arrange to have it fixed for a good price. $8000 will take it away as is, will only sell to someone that I know will look after it. Build thread: 2002 build thread Photos: