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  1. SIR E30

    E36 Coupe M-sport side-trim

    I'll take these, could you txt me please 0274279337 as I wont be online much longer today
  2. SIR E30

    FS: E39 528i - motorsport

    Bump, price drop $1200
  3. SIR E30

    FS: E39 528i - motorsport

    How much Brent
  4. SIR E30

    FS: E39 528i - motorsport

    For sale: 2000 E39 528i auto As is, suspected blown head gasket. Everything else seems to work pretty decent. Still turns over and runs but not very well, sends water out radiator cap. Motorsport bits and pieces around the place, tidy and straight. WOF current, reg just out. Km's unknown, dash pixels are dead. Colour blue slightly lighter than pictures let on. $1200 or near offer? no idea what this is worth so open to feedback and offers. Can deliver north island wide for an appropriate fee. Drop a new motor in and go! Can replace motor and sell car running for appropriate figure also.. apply within to negotiate
  5. SIR E30

    WTB: Cheap coilovers for hack E36

  6. SIR E30

    FS: Westlake SV308 205/45/16

    You coming through New Plymouth at all?
  7. As above, surely someone has some old adjustable suspension lying around. Just for my shitty E36. Cheers
  8. SIR E30

    Personalised Plate - FREE28

    Europlate for your 328i Grab a bargain!! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1363724366&ed=true
  9. SIR E30

    16" 4x100 Wheels For Sale

    Hi All, Wheels for sale! Suit E30 Will deliver north of New Plymouth this weekend. $850 for Bimmersport members - txt for faster response 0274279337 http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1306785886&ed=true
  10. SIR E30

    $1 res E30 318i Coupe

    Bump. Closing tonight!
  11. SIR E30


    That said, there is three of them here! Mines the only turbo and non-bridgeported one though haha! Its almost time for an update on this thread too.. can't wait!
  12. SIR E30

    $1 res E30 318i Coupe

    Yea Hi all, Selling my 318i coupe. Pre facelift, nz new, factory manual. Unfortunately I cant keep this little honey so its gotta go! Free delivery Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, Wellington. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1286486965&ed=true
  13. SIR E30

    Wrecking 2001 325i wagon

    Have you got left tail light? I need clear (not orange) Cheers
  14. SIR E30

    E46 325i Touring For Sale

    Bump. 4k