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  1. WillD

    M20B20 looking dead :(

    Brilliant thanks Brent. Will be in touch tomorrow
  2. WillD

    M20B20 looking dead :(

    So, had some symptoms of a blown head gasket (never overheated btw) in my E30 320i, white smoke started occasionally pouring out the back and was rough on idle for the first minute or so sometimes... the car began drinking coolant, originally very slowly. The issue got worse and worse, to the point where I was seriously concerned at how much coolant the car was using (a 1 hour drive would see nearly 1 litre of water disappear out the exhaust pipe 😲). The minute it got this severe I sent it straight to the workshop for obvious reasons. The problem went from extremely minor and barely even noticeable, to totally chugging the coolant back, in about 3 weeks... so a very short time span which I believe is quite unusual. I just got a ring from the workshop (who has plenty of BMW E30 experience) and immediately found the culprit to be cylinder #6, closest to the firewall. In his best knowledge this is an immediate indicator of a corroded block :( and therefore needing an engine replacement. It could also be a cracked head.... Does anyone have any experience with this, or any idea as to whether the engine could be rebuild-able with a donor block? Or is it likely easier to source a replacement motor? What could the cost look like for a new engine + fitment? Appreciate any feedback. Will
  3. WillD

    14" basketweave-E30

    I technically only need 1, 14" basketweave wheel, but happy to buy a set if their in good nic'. No tyres needed, just the wheel. Cheers, Will
  4. G'day guys. Long time no poster here, after a long and succesful ownership of my e30 320i... I'm looking at a slight upgrade. So there's an E92 M3 I'm looking at purchasing, which I'm very tempted by. Full NZ service history by BMW (no reciepts just the service book + stamps etc)... and boy is it tidy inside and out, + manual! My car perfection brain keeps me up at night however, regarding the 'rod bearing issue' which has been covered to death on the internet I know. The current owner/seller has an oil report by 'Gough' from the last oil change, which I've looked over, I'm wondering if someone with some decent knowledge on this subject could give me some re reassurance with this oil report, as it looks good to me but I'm not particularly knowledgable on this subject. I understand that high Copper and Lead content is one to watch out for (the car is an '07 so not updated bearings). However the high Ti reading, as well as Molybdenum and Boron have me a little concerned. Or is the Mo and B readings probably from oil additives? Essentially I wouldn't mind some reassurance from someone here that general internals of the engine are in good enough nick, that I don't have to worry about changine bearings for at least the first year of ownership FYI: The oil appears to have done roughly 7kms on this oil from the report and is the reccomended 10w-60 Castrol. Any comments welcome. Edit: also the car idled quitely, with no stand out ticking noise or abnormalities throughout the rev range Will
  5. WillD

    E30 320i 'pinking'

    Thanks heaps for the info guys, will give ignition and sparks a check over this weekend and if nothing found will move to look at afm and temp sensor etc. Intake was replaced with new filters etc a few months ago as it had some cracks and wear so thought that could be it, but didnt change a thing. cars a pre facelift. Will give an update sunday. Been trying small things to fix it but cant find any threads online, I've got a good few weeks off and have had enough so just want it done! Again thanks for the info
  6. WillD

    E30 320i 'pinking'

    Since I got my car about 2 years ago, I've been having to run my car on 98 to stop the car from pinking on 95 and 91 and so stopped running on low octanes to stop pinking... however, running on 98, mates driving behind me say my car smells like its running quite rich. When the pinking happens on the lower octanes I get a lot of oil burnt out the back (blue smoke). However, when on 98 it doesn't pink but will still smoke quite a bit when setting off or when under load, just wondering if anyone could share some insight as too what this could be or if they might have a similar issue? Possible piston ring replacement for a Saturday in the garage (for the oil burning at least)? *Also worth noting when I purchased the car, it still had a very solid 200/195psi spread on the 6 cylinders.
  7. WillD

    FS: BMW E36 328I M Sport Manual

    I'd be quite keen if I was in the country, should be back in about 5-6 weeks if it's still for sale? :/
  8. Got a set of 14" weaves on my E30 but don't have all centre caps. I have 3 waffle plates, and one centre cap.. so need 1 waffle and 3 centre caps if anyone has anything out there please let me know! I understand people probably don't want to part half a set so I'm happy to buy a full set of waffle plates and centres, just let me know if theres anything selling out there
  9. yea I saw that... wanting a start of around 500 with no tryes is a joke by now 750. Where are they all they used to be so much more common!
  10. Looking for a set of 15" (can do 14" as well) Basketweaves and Lowering springs for my 320i E30(around 40mm drop for the springs as I still need to be able to get the car in the garage). Would be prefferable if the wheels had tyres with them but can also do without for the right price. Please let me know if you have anything for sale!!!!! I Live in Auckland
  11. WillD

    My 320i

    *Dudlee Mark2? haha cheers max, haha yea you must've seen me within 20 minutes of me getting in to auckland
  12. WillD

    My 320i

    haha thanks mate. Yea in the photos that were on trademe it looked dark brown. really depends on the lighting I guess. good to see theres another one out there!
  13. WillD

    My 320i

    not quite, its luxorbeige, kinda hard to tell the difference really theres three different shades of basically the same colour
  14. WillD

    My 320i

    Hey all, My names Will, I'm a new member on here and finally managed to get my first car, my E30 320i! Im sure a lot of you may know my older brother AJ who's been a member on a here for years and owns 'DUDLEE'. The cars awesome, in perfect condition apart from the odd bits and pieces that will need doing, ended up driving the car up on Wednesday/Thursday from Blenheim, was an awesome road trip and didn't have a thing wrong with the car the whole way up. As stated It does need a bit of mechanical TLC (the car does go very well though) that I'm sure we can sort out over the next few months hopefully getting most of the jobs finished by Christmas. I'll be looking at lowering it and probably getting some wheels for her as well but I'll get all that done after the mechanical stuff is out of the way. good to be on bimmersport and to get my car, looking forward to some good years with her!