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  1. Thanks. This particular project has been put on hold while I get my 4x4 van sorted for this summer. Certified self contained is the goal and I'm nearly there. About all I need to do on the 750i now is get it repainted and that probably wont be for a while yet either as the money for that might get spent on bigger wheels, bull bar and winch for the van. lol
  2. Yep, still going strong. Here's a pic of it's last real outing with the Wellington guys when we did the trip over the Gentle Annie to Napier. It get's a weekly drive just to keep everything moving. I haven't done a lot to it recently as all my efforts have been going into getting my 4x4 van ready for the summer.
  3. Been a while since I've been on here it would seem..lol Looks nice on those wheels but as others have said it's a wee bit pricey.
  4. Another E38 junkie here. I think it comes down to you balancing the costs of what you want as others have said. Very nice examples of 728i's come up for sale all the time however if your attached to the car you already own then spend the money and keep it. But then again that'll depend on what your talking about doing and the depth and quality of the restoration your talking about. Would be nice to see some pics of your car and some kind of idea about the work you'd like done to it.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Nice cars you have there. The guys in Auckland have a monthly coffee meet. Check it out in the meeting sub section. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to see you along.
  6. Nice. I like the look of these.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Luv your car. Beautiful. Will be looking forward to to seeing it at a meet sometime.
  8. Hi Damo. Welcome to the forum. You'll find plenty of sage advice here. Post up some pics when you can. We'd all like to stare at your Bimmer..
  9. Nice. I've always liked this chassis. Will be watching you progress with this one. :-)
  10. This reminded me of another thread I'd been reading. Have a look here. Similar to what your doing with your M73. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2326591-750iL-Project
  11. Welcome to the forum Wessel. Have fun in your new "BIMMER"......... FYI, Beamers only have 2 wheels..
  12. Wow. That 740il is loaded with goodies. Black Nappa leather, picnic tables and vanity headrests. This is identical to the interior I just sent to the US. Very very nice.
  13. Mammoth task I know but I've always wondered how one of these V10's would go in the E38 chassis.
  14. Welcome to the forum and good luck with the hunt.
  15. I like it. :-) Welcome to the forum Micheal. Check out the meetings sub forum. The Auckland guys have a monthly coffee meet. I'm sure they'd be happy to have you along.