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  1. This ones in the For Sale section. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1330385287
  2. A great day out. And the rain stayed away till we were on our way home. :-) Wish I could take the credit but I'm pretty sure @TermiPeteNZ was up there before me. Looking forward to seeing his pics.
  3. I just got home from a road trip to drive the Gentle Annie. Huge thanks to @TermiPeteNZ for organizing this. Met everyone in bulls for a coffee and chat then we headed of to Taihape for breakfast then it was off across the Gentle Annie towards Napier for lunch. Was real nice to meet those of you I hadn't already and nice to see those of you I met previously. Standouts for me were the 2 M5's and the red 535i M Sport. Oh, cant forget Eli in the drivers seat of a very nice 330i. What a fantastic road to drive and I'm thinking more than a few of you had some real fun in your cars. Unfortunately my passenger suffered from a queasy stomach so it was just a nice cruise for me..lol Heres the few pics I took. Feel free to add your own. :-)
  4. Awesome. Cant wait to see this one progress.
  5. Welcome to the forum Alan. +1 for pics. Theres a day trip being organised for the 27th. You'd be more then welcome to come along and show off your car.
  6. This one is a fresh import from Japan. Well, when I say fresh I mean it was imported and turned up on this lot and then has never sold..lol
  7. If it really did sell at that price it was a steal for anyone who knows the car. It was built properly by a member here and if i'd known about it I would have had a bid on it myself. Awesome conversion that was done to meticulous standards. Things cant have gone majorly wrong in the short amount of time since it was last sold and those motors are pretty bullet proof.
  8. Dude. Your cars a real stunner. Welcome to the forum. I'll be looking forward to seeing this in person.
  9. lol, I had a bid on that one. For the price you'd be better looking at this one. https://www.turners.co.nz/Cars/Used-Cars-for-Sale/bmw/728i/16427325
  10. I've wanted one of these for a while. I'd pay the extra 4 g's and buy Julians.
  11. lol, nothing flash Olaf. Just some good mid range tires. It's not going to be driven hard or put on a race track so I didn't see the need to spend LOT's.. I had some expensive Hankooks on there last time and have to say these mid range tire's are feeling just as good if not a little better.
  12. Got new tires for the 750i on Wednesday so all I've been doing since is driving it.
  13. Welcome back to the forum and And the joys of Bimmers Steve. Luv your car, hate your username..
  14. Welcome to the Forum Raj. Will be looking forward to seeing some pics of your new E60.
  15. Welcome to the forum. Super nice looking E30 you've found yourself. The Wellington crowd is planning a road trip to drive the Gentle Annie. Would be nice to see your E30 in the mix.