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  1. kulgan

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    bwa ha ha ha. Center hanging bearing...😂 Knocking noise in transmission tunnel solved.
  2. kulgan

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    Cheers for the prompt. I couldn't see it either but largely ignored it. Deleted.
  3. kulgan

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    I think we're past that part of the discussion and onto other things. Like why the transmission is leaning on the transmission tunnel? :-)
  4. kulgan

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    So I finally got around to having a look under this thing. Jap import so no Guibo there. What I did find was that the transmission was sitting off center on the drivers side and is hitting the tunnel wall on acceleration. So my guess is a broken mount somewhere. I didn't have a lot of time to investigate as it started to rain and I was working outside. The trans mount looked to be intact so maybe a broken engine mount? Will have to wait till I can really get under it for a decent look.
  5. kulgan

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    ha ha. I remember well the trips to the servo.. With the colder weather you'll enjoy those heated seats as well. :-)
  6. kulgan

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    The interior is looking great Brent. How are you enjoying dailying it?
  7. kulgan

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Ha ha. Your welcome. That $2 should start the car up for you. Just dont idle it too long. ;-)
  8. kulgan

    1999 E38 750i Individual

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. New grills will make a huge difference instead of the ones I painted in a rush so I could go to a car show..lol Have fun with it Brent.
  9. kulgan

    99 E38 750i SOLD

    It was immediate..lol Remorse that is. But for me it was time to move it on and concentrate on other things. I did however wait a long time for the right buyer to come along even turning a couple of people away because I didn't think they'd cherish the car like it deserved.. :-) Despite the driveway not looking the same I'm happy with where it's at now.
  10. kulgan

    99 E38 750i SOLD

    SOLD to a member here so no doubt you'll still all see it around. A sad day for me. It's the first time in close to 10 years that I dont own a E38. Congrats to the new owner. Hoping you get as much fun and enjoyment out of it as I did.
  11. kulgan

    99 E38 750i SOLD

  12. kulgan

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    Realoem list #1 as a universal joint. Clicking the pick leads to this. Are we both talking about the same thing? different names for the same thing?
  13. kulgan

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    Thats interesting to know. Mines a 95. I dont know a lot about the E36 chassis and haven't had this one up on the hoist yet to know whats wrong with it. The symptoms fit with a stuffed guibo but I guess I wont know until I can actually get under it for a look. Just had a look on realoem and it appears I do have the guibo(universal Joint). BIG thanks to Andy who spotted a bit of missing trim in the pics and sent it to me gratis. I owe ya for that one.
  14. kulgan

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    Gotta say. I really like driving this car. I've gotten used to the big V12 and do enjoy driving that but theres something to be said for being able to really throw this little E36 around the corners. Been having a blast driving it around..lol
  15. kulgan

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    Yeah I saw that. Was a Jap import in 2005 so some numbnuts didn't know what they were getting registered. Though how a car dealer couldn't know the difference between a coupe and sedan beats me.