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  1. CamB

    Landrover tyres

    They are most likely fairly new - from one of these a couple of years ago (this is the first time I have seen them listed with a tyre size of 225/95R16 - they used to be 750R16): https://www.toyota.co.nz/our-range/land-cruiser/land-cruiser-70/specifications/single-cab-chassis/
  2. CamB

    Landrover tyres

    These might fit the bill ... although wrong end of the country. They've probably come off a 76 series Toyota. They'd be ... ok ... on the road. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/tyres/auction-1420398106.htm I've looked at this is the past and it's hard to find a 7.50r16 equivalent (I didn't focus on smaller) that is ok on a narrow LR rim. I have some Defender base model ones (a Michelin) that I bought on TM for $1100 new on 5.5" steel wheels - a dealer had taken them off, but it's not exactly common to see them for sale. Drives amazingly onroad compared to the mud tyres it came with.
  3. What's the Getrag 4spd out of? M30?
  4. CamB

    1975 2002 window winder refurbishment

    If you put up a pic I can try take an equivalent one of a passenger side, to compare.
  5. CamB

    S50B32 - No Oil Pressure

    My 2002 had nil oil pressure once (mechanical gauge). It was on the start line of my 4th and last ever Targa stage. The oil pump nut had chosen that moment to come undone. Expensive... So you've done the right thing by welding and odd there is no pressure at all. (Edit - have re-read and realised that I didn't really make a point. My point is that I saw a genuine nil pressure and it was really bad. Investigate carefully!!)
  6. CamB

    Credit Card - Making it work for you

    First suggestion would be to avoid paying interest, ever, at those rates. If you don't mind the hassle of churning from account to account, there were recently deals waiving fees for a year on the new platinum airpoints cards. That's best of both worlds.
  7. CamB

    Cops & Plates

    I think the telling point is that few here would be getting worked up if you could call up plates.co.nz and get a Euro plate for $50-60 (even $100). Not sure there are many people who believe they should be able to have whatever they want (any colour or size). So basically the $400 is the problem.
  8. CamB

    To Sunroof Or Not To Sunroof? E30

    I don't like them on balance. Rust, headroom, weight up high. But nice to have sometimes.
  9. CamB

    S54 VS @2jz

    I think it might go like this (based solely on what you see around the internets): - 300rwkw - ish. Probably easiest for a basically stock 2JZ - the next 100kw - can see the s54 coming even - some point where ridiculous hp levels have already been passed - the 2JZ is much better supported so it would be cheaper* / easier / well trodden * a very relative term at that point. What I really meant was that once you go past bolt-ons for a turbo engine and start changing cams and pistons / rods, it probably doesn't cost a lot more to stick with a BMW engine.
  10. CamB

    S54 VS @2jz

    My 2c would be to make sure you are comparing like for like for $. What I mean is: - buy 2JZ - swap 2JZ in - modify 2JZ to rev (probably only need cams) to make it comparable to an s54, plus whatever else one customarily does to a 2JZ - I guess you can sell s54 at that point, recovering a decent amount of cost vs - modify S54 for boost (at very least lower the compression a bit) Because the way I look at it, for either engine you will need a roughly equivalent cost for: - custom exhaust manifold (maybe a bit more room on the 2JZ) and exhaust, intercooler and intake plumbing - big turbo (I assume you aren't sticking with standard for the 2JZ) - dealing with tuning I guess I am trying to say the 2JZ may not be that much cheaper. (edit - beaten to it by 2 mins but essentially looks like you've had 2 similar answers).
  11. CamB

    My old car!

    I LOL'd when I saw that listing. No stone unturned in talking it up! Pricing and condition suits an enthusiast, so (hopefully) it's pretty safe. I am not criticising the price by the way - would cost a lot of money to find one and bring it up to that condition.
  12. CamB

    85 525e First car

    To stop hogging all the m30 bellhousing 260s in the world! The easiest thing to do is find the right gearbox for the car (if it runs ok). That should also be the cheapest (although may not seem that way with the upfront cost/hassle of buying the right box). But it has the highest probability of going without spending up on lots of random stuff you don't yet know you are missing. Next easiest would be finding the right box and putting your b25 in. This involves more electrics I suppose but the exhaust fits. M30 would be fastest, but if I remember your other thread not the M30 you have. Doesn't that engine have problems? Would need a cert. Anyway - that's my 2c. Get it going, drive it and work out what you want.
  13. CamB

    Another 2er on the Tard

    Mine didn't have a wing mirror on the passenger side. I reckon it looks pretty nice / complete other than the missing chrome trim (belt line, window seal, rain gutter) which is a bit of a downer if the goal is original looking and some of it is hard / impossible to find, but it doesn't look bad without it. As a side note I am still debating on mine whether to have nothing or have the poor man's version, which is stick on chrome profile. Looks good from a distance, which is ok on a race car.... It's good that there are replacement panels for rusty bits, but its still really important to check for further rust as they love to rust... (eg I'd have a careful look at the underside of the leading edge of the bonnet). I can't get my head around prices on them these days as a 2002 needing a cosmetic restoration should be pretty cheap ... and I am not sure $10k+ is cheap. But the value on them has really come up. Wheels are easy enough to change. Sidedrafts and a 292 cam are a good bonus, although I'd put a hose on the valve cover breather, haha.
  14. CamB

    1140whp / 1300nm

    Pretty cool - hadn't seen that yet. He's developed roller rockers for them, and cam profiles to take advantage of it. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/133673-new-cnc-machined-roller-rockerarm-for-m10m30-by-dynotechse/?view=findpost&p=960883 http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/163327-roller-rockers-for-m10/#entry1031813
  15. CamB

    88 e34 535i manual parting

    I wouldn't want me to stand in the way of someone who wants it / needs it / is more proactive than I, etc