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    Possibly diamond racing steelies 15x8, Yellow speed Adjustable suspension (coilovers), manual conversion, bootlip, replace foglights.
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  1. E30nut

    E30 318i M40 Cooling problem... help :(

    AllanW what could be the cause ?? and is it an easy if i replace it ?
  2. Hey guys, ive got a real random issue that came about with my E30 was driving, and smoke started pouring from the windscreen demist vents, which was then followed by a sudden spillage of coolant in my passenger side foot well.... seeing as when i start the car now the temp guage jumps waay high id assume its definitley a cooliong problem.... i need help to get it fixed asap .... help will be appreciated... thanks Jordache D
  3. Im on the hunt for am M40 gearbox crossmember, driveshaft and diff as well if possible. Cheers
  4. E30nut

    Parting FL E30 318i Hamilton

    Keen for the pedal box and the gearbox cross member ?? pm me asap
  5. E30nut

    E30 318i transmit box playing up

    Cheers guys, ill be taking it into auckland automatics for a fluch either tomorrow or monday, and will see how it goes from there, Jon how much for the conversion kit ?? and is it for an M40b18 motor ? and does it come with all the bits n bobs ?
  6. E30nut

    Parting FL E30 318i Hamilton

    how much for the full manual gearbox, slave, pedal box and shifter, clutch etc ?? pls lemme know shipping costs too
  7. E30nut

    E30 318i transmit box playing up

    fluid looks like sh*t..... :/ and ive never touched it or done a transmit flush on it ???
  8. Hey guys, does any one know what it means when ur driving an it feels like ur only getting 1 and 2 gear??? and to get it moving it has to be on 4500RPM or else its got nothing ??..... the reverse wasnt working a couple of weeks... but then it seemed to have sloved its self out. nd now this has started playing up :/....... plz help ????
  9. these still up for grabs ?? if so pm me asap !!
  10. E30nut

    E30 fogs, shocks front, rear springs, mixed cluster

    are the front shocks still available pm me
  11. E30nut

    E30 Parts

    How much for front shocks ??
  12. E30nut

    E30 318i auto, no reverse

    Ive got forward drive, yeah will probs do that. Would anyone have a rough idea of what could have gone wrong ?? and how much would it cost to sort it out ??
  13. E30nut

    E30 318i auto, no reverse

    My e30 isn't getting reverse at all, when I put it in reverse the lights come on but if u give it gas it's as if it's on neutral........help, this is my daily.... Need advice ASAP
  14. E30nut

    e30 parts car/ parts

    Real keen on the bottlecaps, how much would u be looking to get rid of them for ??? Pm me and let me know Cheers
  15. Just noticed a funny rattle just as i put my foot down on the pedal. It goes "clunk" and i have found some funny looking washers in pieces near the base of the pedal, so im guessing thats probs got something to do with it?? Could someone help me in sorting it out ?? might need to replace the lil brown washer ??? or something ??.... its really itrritating Cheers