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  1. Thanks qube. Cheers mate Peter
  2. Hi, I've a E36 328i with the standard bmw business sound system. Has Cassette tape, Radio and factory CD player in the boot. Is it possible to add a bluetooth option so i can cannect my iphone and play music through the cars factory speakers ? Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers Peter
  3. toby7

    GONE: E36 Motorsport Shocks

    All good, Cheers
  4. toby7

    GONE: E36 Motorsport Shocks

    Hi If Kieran doesnt want them can i have them ? My front shocks are in dire need of replacement. no compression or rebound at all. Well certainly feels like it. All good Have a great weekend. Cheers Pete 1996 nz new 328i
  5. toby7

    Cheapest Car Rental in Auckland

    Cheers Thankyou
  6. Hi My Parents are coming over from Australia for a wedding in 3 weeks time and need to hire a car to use between March 22nd and Aprill 10th Any suggestions on best car rental places in Auckland area ? Cheers Peter
  7. Hi, I've got the factory recommended tyre size of 225/50/16 on my E36 328i Looking at the tyre on the 16x7 rim they look to me like they are near the upper limit widthwise. I'm thinking that a 205/55/16 would look & fit better. Have more square shoulders and not bulge out at the side. Also keep original tyre diameter and gearing correct. Possibly be a bit quieter too. What's your thoughts ? Cheers Peter
  8. toby7

    E46 RH Boot Lens pre face lift

    Thanks Glenn. Cheers Peter
  9. Hi, Would anyone have a RH Boot lens for a 2000 E46 330i. Pre face lift model. Thanks. Peter 021 349 519
  10. toby7

    Yokohama C Drives

    I purchased these Yokohama C drive Tyres for my 330i, replacing the Nangkang NS20's. NS20's have a very soft sidewall whilst the C drives have a fairly stiff sidewall. Improvement really noticable. Quiet, plenty of feel and grip in damp conditions. Very happy
  11. toby7

    Yokohama C Drives

    Hi, Anyone tried Yokohama C Drive tyres on their E46 330i or similar vehicle ? Whats your thoughts on these ? Cheers Peter
  12. toby7

    For Sale - 4x E46 330i Wheels & Tyres

    Hi there. Sale of these wheels now on HOLD. Sorry for the inconvenience. E46 330i Schnitzer springs still for sale. Reards Peter 021 349 519
  13. toby7

    For Sale - 4x E46 330i Wheels & Tyres

    Hi, These are aftermarket wheels.