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  1. toby7

    GONE: E36 Motorsport Shocks

    All good, Cheers
  2. toby7

    GONE: E36 Motorsport Shocks

    Hi If Kieran doesnt want them can i have them ? My front shocks are in dire need of replacement. no compression or rebound at all. Well certainly feels like it. All good Have a great weekend. Cheers Pete 1996 nz new 328i
  3. toby7

    Cheapest Car Rental in Auckland

    Cheers Thankyou
  4. Hi My Parents are coming over from Australia for a wedding in 3 weeks time and need to hire a car to use between March 22nd and Aprill 10th Any suggestions on best car rental places in Auckland area ? Cheers Peter
  5. Hi, I've got the factory recommended tyre size of 225/50/16 on my E36 328i Looking at the tyre on the 16x7 rim they look to me like they are near the upper limit widthwise. I'm thinking that a 205/55/16 would look & fit better. Have more square shoulders and not bulge out at the side. Also keep original tyre diameter and gearing correct. Possibly be a bit quieter too. What's your thoughts ? Cheers Peter
  6. toby7

    E46 RH Boot Lens pre face lift

    Thanks Glenn. Cheers Peter
  7. Hi, Would anyone have a RH Boot lens for a 2000 E46 330i. Pre face lift model. Thanks. Peter 021 349 519
  8. toby7

    Yokohama C Drives

    I purchased these Yokohama C drive Tyres for my 330i, replacing the Nangkang NS20's. NS20's have a very soft sidewall whilst the C drives have a fairly stiff sidewall. Improvement really noticable. Quiet, plenty of feel and grip in damp conditions. Very happy
  9. toby7

    Yokohama C Drives

    Hi, Anyone tried Yokohama C Drive tyres on their E46 330i or similar vehicle ? Whats your thoughts on these ? Cheers Peter
  10. toby7

    For Sale - 4x E46 330i Wheels & Tyres

    Hi there. Sale of these wheels now on HOLD. Sorry for the inconvenience. E46 330i Schnitzer springs still for sale. Reards Peter 021 349 519
  11. toby7

    For Sale - 4x E46 330i Wheels & Tyres

    Hi, These are aftermarket wheels.
  12. I've bought some new Wheels and Tyres for my E46 330i and so these 18 " Wheels and Tyres need to be sold. Price is for the 4 Wheels and Tyres Only. Wheels are 18" Rims. Tyres are 225\40\18 Good Rubber on back with plenty of tread. Tyres are Nangkang NS 20 Tyres on front have wear on the edge and so need replacing. Price for Wheels and tyres $550 I also have a set of 4 genuine Schnitzer springs for the E46 so if your interested let me know. Wil get the part numbers and post up. Price for the 4 springs is $200 Regards Peter 021 349 519
  13. toby7

    Buying an E30 without inspection.

    My 1987 e30 Coupe is for sale. Very good condition. Original and drives beautifully. http://www.autotrader.co.nz/used-cars-for-sale/bmw-318i/1104232 regards Peter 021 349 519
  14. toby7

    Want to buy E30

    My nz new 1987 E30 coupe is for sale and in very good condition. Drives beautifully. Heres the link to photos on autotrader http://www.autotrader.co.nz/used-cars-for-sale/bmw-318i/1104232 Regards Peter 021 349 519