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  1. rexila

    parting e34 525i

    Looking to buy a bunch of parts off you if you have them still early next month.
  2. rexila

    E34 Top Hat

    Thanks Ron, the E39 hats are different. If nothing pops up Brent I Will pull it out next weekend and pop round. Cheers
  3. rexila

    E34 Brakes

    Manufactured by Brake Motive in the USA.
  4. rexila

    E34 Brakes

    $400 anyone?
  5. rexila

    E34 Top Hat

    Managed to break one of the bolts on my front left top hat whilst changing my suspension this weekend. Anybody have one lying around? For a 1994 E34 525i
  6. rexila

    1991 525i m50 + audio gear $1500

    Have texted you regarding the springs. If you part out I'll be interested in some interior bits and bobs, radiator shroud and some extras. Let me know! Sam
  7. rexila

    E34 Brakes

  8. rexila

    E34 Brakes

    Yes! Will edit my post. Thanks
  9. rexila

    E34 Brakes

    Hi all Brand new front and rear slotted and drilled E34 525i rotors. Comes with full set of brake pads too. Unused, still in packaging. $500 for the lot. Cheers
  10. Andy - I was hoping a little turning stop extension wouldn't get noticed and therefore no certification required. After having another look under the car a quick option would be wheel spacers. Neal - You may be onto a winner. Ordering some material to make something up. The current wheels are 15 inch style 2s with 205/65 tyres. Offset is ET20. I've got 235/35R19s to go on the front and 245/35R19s on the rear. Offset is ET25. The rolling diameter is very similar, the only difference being width and 5mm of offset. 20mm spacers would be needed to get the inside of the tyre at the same track as standard. I wonder what the minimum inside-of-tyre track width is for the front wheels on an E34? If anyone is interested, these are the front rims: 20150214_154506.jpg 20150214_154930.jpg
  11. Hi All Progress is slow but steady on my M50b25tu E34. So far the manual conversion is done along with the usual other bits and pieces. Currently I'm in the process of fitting some bigger wheels and brakes and then lowering the suspension. The wheels are 19x9.5 at the rear and 19x8.5 at the front. The wheels clear the struts and car body perfectly with mm to spare. The only issue is the inside of the front wheels upon full lock will rub against the cars engine/whatever is in the way. The first thought was to space the offset but this requires certification. Before I have a good look and start to play with it, does anyone have any ideas to fix this? Can I add material to a steering lock stop (if there is one on these cars)? If it is a bolt can I space it to reduce turning? From memory (the trial fitting was a while ago) the steering locks out due to the steering box and arm lengths, which might be a bit of a nightmare. The wheel track is only 10mm further inwards on each side from memory so not much modification is needed. Cheers Sam
  12. rexila

    WTB E34 starter motor

    Thanks Brent. Have been offered one which I accepted before I've seen your reply. If it falls through I'll get it touch.
  13. rexila

    WTB E34 starter motor

    I'm after a starter motor for my e34. Gearbox is from a m20b25 1990 e34 and engine is a m50tub25. Thanks Sam
  14. Thanks guys, I'll keep this is mind. Also now have to be careful of wheel clearance as the new wheels with standard suspension is very very close.
  15. rexila

    WTB e34 525i Manual

    Hey Gareth you still looking for parts? Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk