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  1. chris525i

    E60 front bumper/kit

  2. chris525i

    E60 front bumper/kit

    Haha!! Damage from road kill of both has left the passenger side corner from the fog light surround all the way to mounting screws in pieces across some local roads. Aswell as a split on drivers side that was only worsened trying to get home from work during the floods down here recently. Can get a picturetomorrow....sadly the rain has washed away the blood and fur.
  3. chris525i

    E60 front bumper/kit

    Thanks @Olaf Will look into it
  4. chris525i

    E60 front bumper/kit

    Hey all. Since I bought my E60 there has been a nice bodykit on it, recently however (due to pesky cats and a rogue rabbit) the bodykit is left in pieces, And I'm not a fan of the E60 stock look. Am after a front kit for it, preferably in black, And one that gives a nice angry look. I have no idea where to find a shop or somewhere online that has them so wondering if anyone here knows of such a place or knows of/has one they are wanting to be rid of? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. chris525i

    E60 Check engine light

    Hi everyone. So I changed the spark plugs on my e60 530i over the weekend. The old ones were filthy and I noticed a fair bit of all around the plug for the cylinder closest to the back on the car, which I believe is valve cover gasket?? After 2 days the check engine light has come on, car is not running poorly but am concerned as to what it could be. Does anyone have idea of most likely cause? Also does anyone know a good/cheap place to pick up a code scanner from? Thanks in advance.
  6. chris525i

    New Member

    Hey everyone. Chris here, been a member for quite some time now, however haven't really been active. Have recently purchased a 2005 530i. Interested to find out what can really be done using I drive. And how to get Bluetooth and/or a bigger screen.
  7. Hi everyone. So it may sound a bit stupid, but my front pads are worn on my e46, I found some brand new ones i had lying around from my old E39, and they look damn near identical....was wondering if anyone knew if the e39 front pads would fit the e46?
  8. chris525i

    FOR SALE: E39 Chrome headlights

  9. chris525i

    FOR SALE: E39 Chrome headlights

    Sorry, thought I'd put photo in original post.
  10. chris525i


    Dammit. Wrong picture.
  11. chris525i

    FS: BMW Style 135 ZHP 18" Wheels

    Damn those are nice!
  12. chris525i

    FS: BMW Style 135 ZHP 18" Wheels

    Pic of the 109s and the 135s please?
  13. chris525i


    Selling a pair of NEW fog lights, have never been used as the bumper on my old e39 didn't fit them and now gave an e46. Led strip down the side can be plugged into park lights for a nice daytime running effect (especially of you have angel eyes) paid $300 for them, so asking $200 o.n.o