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  1. Tyre recommendations 19x9 et 20 e91

    Ended up getting re003s in 235/35 and 245/35. pretty stoked with the fitment, the rear rubs with a car load of adults around roundabouts, nothing major though just a slight touch. cheers for the input
  2. WTB: e28 roof rack

    I knew I should’ve bought another e28
  3. 2006 e91 Roof Racks

    Bought a mountain bike Need some racks anyone got some laying around or can point me in the right direction ? Thanksp
  4. About to look into tyres for my style 95s any suggestions, make, model, supplier ?? 225/35-40 245/35-40 cheers
  5. Pldubs E91

    Alright fellas after taking a step back from car ownership to spend time overseas I've returned and bought the one I always wanted ! ( almost ) 2006 325i MSport 85,000ks 2nd owner since import 20,000ks ago was lady driven and garaged in NZ. heres a couple quick snaps of the new swagon, it will probably see more gravel roads than any e91 should but whatever, subarus are crap and audis are well.. audis. found a set of style 95s for a pretty solid price but they need some love. So the next instalment will feature big dog wheels, refurb headlights, black kidneys and maybe some roof racks churr
  6. WTB 18x8/9 style 32s

    Need to get rid of the ugly msports on my flash new broken e91
  7. Quick rant thread.

    Waiting in line for 2 hours at VTNZ
  8. He's probably right about price but e39 possibly the best looking sedan ever ? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  9. WTB Motorsport Touring E91 / E61

    Cheers ! I spent 6 weeks in Europe backpacking around and then moved to Whistler Canada for two winters of incredible snowboarding and parties. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a working holiday experience.
  10. Hey! After a couple years overseas it's time to rejoin the family. Have around 10k to spend. Cheers
  11. Life is choice bro thread.

    Last day of work Last week of driving a BMW for at least 8 months. Last week of me bumping my for sale posts ( Thats your job now Justin ) First week of a new life Churr
  12. PARTING OUT FL 320i Manual

    Probably about 30%
  13. PARTING OUT FL 320i Manual

    320i RADIATOR $50 TAIL LIGHTS $60 KIDNEYS $30 GRILLS $30 CLUSTER $50 m20b20 ECU $15 SEMI SEALED HEADLIGHTS $60 DIZZY + LEADS $30 All need to go
  14. Help me get to Canada

    Bump, Painting is actually pending sale sorry
  15. Help me get to Canada

    Buuumpp leaving in 2 weeks hit me upppp