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  1. WTB 330i rear trailing arms

  2. WTB 330i rear trailing arms

    I'm now running a 330i rear disc setup and would love to be able to use the handbrake for it's intended purpose. Does anyone have a trailing arm set out there? Don't need discs but happy to negotiate if you want to sell all together.
  3. Hub Centric Rings

    Ebay has always come through with the right sizes for me. Not expensive either
  4. The background is very dark now and the topic header is black also. This combination is a pain to clearly see, is there a user side way to change this? thank mr admin
  5. Quick Questions

    @M3AN the poor thing's all bent out of shape now and the balancers not much better either!
  6. Quick Questions

    @M3AN the old one is buggered so it needs replacing
  7. S85 rod bearing replacement

    +1 for Taylor Automotive
  8. Quick Questions

    Through BMW NZ new the 3.0 part is $4k NZD incl, 6 week lead time from Germany. Through other NZ retailers Ex Germany around $2.5k NZD incl. Vac won't answer any emails or offer any information on their product, for a part that's roughly $1700 landed you'd think they'd have a customer rep? ATI won't sell direct, also won't reply to emails about the VAC part, happy to talk about other engine balancers but not the VAC balancer?? Precision has that part listed but after contacting the supplier - Power Bond it's only for the M50+ range / US M3 and the likes. I've gone with Ross. They've replied to my emails and to any queries I had and were by far the cheapest - $1000 landed. Thanks for the links!
  9. Quick Questions

    Does anyone know if there's any difference between 11231404819 & 11231317175 - both vibration dampers for E36 M3. One's S50B32, the othe S50B30. Can't find the B30 damper for sale other than through BMW Germany, but I can source the B32 one from a few places at a muuuch cheaper price.
  10. M20 manual conversion parts

    I've a m44 single mass flywheel and 6 puk clutch, $900 ono. Second hand, ran it on my car before ZF conversion. Was gonna run it again but it's not a M20 clutch and i already have the M20 flywheel.
  11. 635CSI Capitalism ho!

    f**k the haters
  12. S50B32/S62 Injector

    I bought a set of EV6 injectors last year, they were refurbed and pretty cheap off ebay just fyi. I've a full set of unknown condition S50B30 injectors somewhere PM me
  13. WTB M20 Clutch

    I might, who knows?
  14. WTB M20 Clutch

    Have a flywheel, no clutch. My single mass is apparently a m44 not what I thought it was