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  1. price to blast a set of itb from m3?
  3. As title, sump and dual pickup oil pump.
  4. From what I have researched, use the S50 ECU and loom, bypass EWS from the original engine and I'm good to go? If the M3 the engine came from didn't have automatic aircon should I convert to the manual version/ Delete completely? Cheers, Connor
  5. I've a ACS muffler, how much are you wanting to spend?
  6. also interested
  7. i've got a pair of bilstien ones for $100
  8. After a set of Bilstein HD or similar. Condition doesn't matter if Bilstein.
  9. I've a bunch of parts needed for a manual conversion of an E36. Getrag 260 Gearbox Manual pedal box Shifter assembly from E36 325i (getrag 220? possibly ZF, came from a car without a gearbox) Shifter boot flywheel bolts Hard and soft lines Getrag 220 X member and mounts other misc parts (see pics) $600 for the getrag 260, comes with shifter fork and associated shiznit. $200 ONO for various manual conversion bits and bobs.
  10. damn i want that interior, you wouldn't have anything tan the same as this lying around?
  11. I've both if you want to pick them up for a box of beers, 328i fuel pump (no loom) and wheel bolts. I think you've been over before, I'm in West Auckland
  12. Calling dibs on the guibo if it works with the 5sp zf? Also check your PM box sweetm3, I'm also interested in the brake bells.
  13. Hey man are you interested in selling the plastic mouldings off the front bumper? Assuming they're for a euro plate, I could swap you a full set plus cash your way?
  14. Send me a pm, I'm running a gutted e36 328i muffler with 3" input, might be worth thinking about?