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  1. have a set of racing dynamics 17x8.5 et13 same as - Racing Dynamics $700
  2. what ever you do don't get any M3 specific parts through ECS, I ordered most of my S50 things through them afm included and ended up waiting over a year for restocking only for them to send lhd specific pipes. Not only that but their website still showed items "in stock" that very clearly weren't. Same goes for Turner motorsport too since they're all under one umbrella
  3. i've got all that and factory msport non airbag model. BUT it's got less than great paint. It's on facebook - E36 car club.
  4. @modz still looking to sell? Send me a PM
  5. M/S50X motors. I purchased the 420g conversion that popped up on here last month, but not before checking what others had recently sold for. If you can find them in "good" condition apparently the going price is 3k. I would say that V8 versions would be far north of that if imported individually.
  6. Last 420g sold for 3k, just box. Whole rear assembly - 2.5k no worries Headers - 1k Vaders - 1k even if in poor condition Body - 3k just because it's an Evo chassis that I'm assuming isn't bent Engine - 2k Where are these evaluations coming from. 2 grand for a non crashed Evo?? You'd be hard pressed to buy a factory manual 330i with a blown engine for 3k let alone an Evo M3
  7. price for the entire intake side internal parts & solinoids?
  8. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r351216444
  9. I'm needing a few things to finish off my engine: Water pump 11511405720 Knock sensors 12141738667 12141401238 12141401187 Hydraulic belt tensioner 11287838797 and if you've got any other parts that you're looking to get rid of let me know. Always good to have spares.
  10. give me a pm, might have one in the shed i'll check this week
  11. Upgrade to a 3.2 Evo sump / S54 sump and oil pump. Buy these beforehand and get the pump rebuilt. Don't bother with baffles as KwS says, the factory ones are more than enough. Focus on what causes oil nut failure - stretched and worn chain / sprocket. Failure on S50x parts aren't as common as the M50x pumps either. Would also recommend bottom end bearings if you're going to be removing the subframe, and paying someone to install everything/ do the bearings at the same time. Have recently got a quote for a S50B32 bottom end refresh and it's come to $1700 incl GST total, that's parts and labour inclusive.
  12. Toast

    WTB wheels.

    got a set of racing dynamics 17x8.5 ET13.5 same as pic https://photobucket.com/gallery/user/gambel/media/bWVkaWFJZDo3ODI1NTA4NQ==/?ref=
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