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  1. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Oh imagine the Nimby's for that idea. Lake Road says no. On another note the closure of Western Springs has bummed a few Americans out too. Met a bunch of guys from one of the US teams whom have been going for years. I met them at a Tractor Pull in Maryland. Of course.
  2. What are these fault codes?

    Those two lights can mean a number of things. Mostly all related. ABS pump issue Wheel speed sensor issue (most common) Steering Angle sensor issue If you are going to get another cheap scanner I would recommend something like the C110. They are about $50USD on Amazon. If you want help getting one let me know. I have both Torque and a C110 and Torque misses quite a bit. Strangely my codes look much different than yours. I'm not even sure those are real codes.
  3. E30 - Battery / Starting issue

    If you feel like a drive into town a friend of mine would be happy to help. He knows E30's inside out thanks to all the sh*t that went wrong with mine and other bimmersporters. His name is Brendon. Hope Hickman Auto Electrical. Address: 38 Monmouth St, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand Tell him Dan from the USA sent you.
  4. Quick rant thread.

    I've been tainted by overnight, free shipping and cheap well branded parts. I'm dreading coming back to NZ. Though there will be many many parts coming back with me. Many. All of the parts.
  5. First Self Driving Mishap

    Surprisingly most news here thinks its the women's fault. But f**k me the click bait titles for this are terrible. Especially the opinion pieces written by clueless and car less muppets.
  6. How to make an e34 look Bogan.

    Paint your front headlights pitch black. I used to see Holdens like that all the time.
  7. Talk to me about the E65...

    E65 = Ghetto Cruiser. Usually sporting terrible 22+" wheels. Tints so dark you can't see out let alone see in. The only people who buy them in the states are the people who can't afford to run them. They litter Facebook Market place. There is a 02 one on there for $1500 at the moment. Usual stuffed tranny. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/120952045325359 There is even an 08 750il on there for $6000. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/169567530333687
  8. E34 Manual 535i

    I think I looked at buying this car before this guy. Was nice back then. Great cars. Motors are cheap. Check the sync-roes for 3rd gear. Mine are average at high rpm.
  9. Was driving past Daytona when I remembered the 24hr was on. It was actually qualifying. Was great as you could just walk around the entire venue freely. The track is massive though. BMW did have a venue but it was on the other side of the track and I was too tired to walk all the way over there. Had just come off a 4 day floating rock festival on a cruise ship. Spotted the two Kiwi's. Earl and Scott. 66 is not actually Scotts Ford GT. But his was hidden away the entire time. Identical however. The noise at the track was just what I needed though. sh*t there was some amazing exhaust and intake notes.
  10. -28c Doesn't play nice

    Decided to go for a white xmas. Spent some time in Quebec City and then headed down to Pittsburgh, New Hampshire (Not the Pittsburgh you may know). The cold weather has been hammering the NE coast of the US and Canada. Makes for interesting times on the roads. The little E46 with snow tyres has done well getting us to wherever we wanted to go. But this morning she wouldn't start. Sitting in the cold for two nights looks like it might have frozen some moisture in the fuel lines. Too cold to work on her, so off to a garage she has gone to defrost overnight.
  11. -28c Doesn't play nice

    Was just speaking to the Army guys at work and that is what they had to do in Afghanistan. The locals taught them how. Xmas was awesome though. Quebec City is beautiful. Our first white xmas was a success. Makes such a difference when the houses are warm and built well. And the city is designed with bad/cold weather in mind. I wish I had seen this before I washed the car. I used an air dryer (like a leaf blower) and the doors were still stuck shut a little. Would have been in trouble if I had not dried it. But I park in a heated car park at work so the car is happy again. Next trip is to Key West hopefully not as cold.
  12. -28c Doesn't play nice

    Yeah the local mechanic had a ton of diesel trucks he was trying to get going. Diesel had frozen and turned into this thick gel. It looked like cake icing on the fuel filters. He seemed to think it all started when they stopped cutting so much kerosene into diesel due to emissions. They trucks were well winterized but the fuel let them down. Wonder if you can get a fuel tank warmer. Would need to prime all time so the stuff in the lines wouldn't freeze.
  13. -28c Doesn't play nice

    One of my coil packs froze to death. And it seems my alternator now sings songs when cold. All pretty normal up that way apparently. Will give the car a birthday tomorrow. Hopefully the car wash defrosts. It's a solid brick as I left it in the boot.
  14. Who knew? NZ new E36 M3 3.0 sedan?

    Hasn't been on the road for 16 years?
  15. Quick rant thread.

    That's the Saffa term is it not? Traffic Circles Traffic Robots Think I have been hanging around them too much. Round About.
  16. US Runabout 05 E46 325ci

    Drove into the depths of Baltimore this afternoon to have a look at this old girl. (Think of the TV Show 'The Wire'). 2005 325ci. Stock standard. US spec (very strange). Pretty well optioned for a 3 series. And what the yanks would call low mileage. 128K miles. 128k miles is nothing here. I have seen E46's with 450k miles. Though I would not touch a car in NZ with this many km's. These vary in price so wildly in the States. From $1000 to $12000. Then the M3's go from about $8000 to $30000. By the time I get this back to DC and sort tax and registration it will prob owe around $4K. Specs: https://www.etkbmw.com/bmw/EN/vin/decoder/PL07660/EN Sorry about the sh*t pics. But less than 1 min later there was a brutal thunder storm and I had to leg it. Roadtrip time!!
  17. US Runabout 05 E46 325ci

    I was just having a look. I think i am going to have to hunt down a vacuum leak somewhere. Every now and then i get a code for bank 1 running too lean. It is the only code I get though. So I was going to go on an exploration and pull off anything that is attached to the intake. Which seems to be a number of things. Heading to Quebec for Xmas. Never had a white xmas. And to be honest it looks amazing there. Staying inside the old walled city. Winter tyres are compulsory up there.
  18. Quick rant thread.

    Traffic Circles in the US. The drivers have NO idea how to tackle these. Whilst very simple to most, yanks fail to give way to the right direction, cut across all lanes without looking let alone indicating to where the hell they are going. They are truly terrifying. I had to jam on the brakes the other night to avoid a f**king uber driver dropping someone off whilst half way through the damn thing. One of my local ones has a through road and traffic lights on it, pedestrian crossings with no lights at every entrance. It is a total cluster f**k. I have seen so many near misses there. I'm going to wear my horn out I think.
  19. US Runabout 05 E46 325ci

    Winterising the E46 today. Ugly ass wheels with Pirreli Snow tyres I picked up for $200. Nearly new. I won't use them in DC. But need them for Quebec.
  20. Ticket Scalping

    I'm looking forward to Amazon getting into ticketing. Hopefully they put ticketmaster out of business. I would even pay $10 more per ticket as long as ticketmaster was sunk.
  21. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    The E61 is a huge car BTW. When deciding between my old E60 and a similar spec E61 the E60 was an easy pick. What made it seem much bigger was the huge number of blind spots. Especially for my short Mrs.
  22. BMW Airbag Recal

    I keep getting warnings here in the US to go and have my Airbags changed. Must get around to it asap after watching that video. For my 05 E46.
  23. photo sites

    https://imgur.com/ Doesn't even require an account.
  24. Pretty colour and ridiculous price?

    @Gabe79 Yikes as soon as I saw those wheels I thought oh sh*t an upper state car. It's from Ohio. That thing will be so corroded to hell underneath. Did they mention this in the vid? I had to watch it with the volume too low. I mean you still get everything you want though. I would drive that thing. Another issue with many upper state cars is that they only ever get serviced in summer. Yet they still drive the same distances with the fluids subjected to far worse extremes in temp.
  25. Pretty colour and ridiculous price?

    Still see the occasional M5 here for under $10k. But my god would they be time bombs.