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  1. Driftit

    E30 M3

    What is it? 40K overpriced? Guy must be trying to pull a deposit together for a house in Otahuhu.
  2. Driftit

    1979 635CSi racecar project

    Not sure about that price. Not much less than what I paid for my race readyish E34 with the same running gear. Came with much more too. Brakes, wheels, suspension, ecu+ tune, tyres, seat, harness. You know... the expensive stuff.
  3. Driftit

    E30 M3

    If I had that much spare capital I would buy it and send it to the UK sorry Jon. I stopped caring about if a nice Bimmer stays in NZ anymore. Most of these never get driven anywhere fun. I will never own one at that price either. Just a collectors piece now. Race cars however. They all need to stay.
  4. Driftit

    Google Home

    I hope you have done some checking. Or is this another 'some guy I know posted this on facebook so it must be real' video like the one above? Will spend 5 mins checking it later.
  5. Driftit

    335i recalls

    Annoying. Websites here just do it by VIN. Mine had 3 recalls. Both airbags and an ECU update. Worst BMW service I have ever had though. Bunch of arrogant twats. None of which are paid enough to be arrogant.
  6. Even in yellow I wouldn't mind it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-5-Series-BMW-Alpina-V8S-Touring-Limited-Edition-One-off/392121477412?hash=item5b4c42e924:g:T7EAAOSw5PJbF~qk&vxp=mtr
  7. Driftit

    E36 tax starting

    I did wonder how the IS was killed off. In the UK and US it meant your were getting the best of the model. E28 535is, E34 535is, E30 325is are all the best non M cars you could get. Then comes the E36.
  8. Driftit

    E36 tax starting

    Wait is that even an IS? I thought they had all the M gear bar the drivetrain?
  9. Driftit

    Google Home

    I'll be honest. I knew you were going to post that video. This 10 year old "documentary" is a go to by pro coal fools in West Virginia. Professor Carl Wunsch who appeared on the programme has since repudiated the film, and described it "as close to propaganda as anything since World War II" Also the director was part of the Revolutionary Communist Party... Ask Google to search for rationalwiki the great global warming swindle. for those who don't have that option here is the link. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/The_Great_Global_Warming_Swindle
  10. Driftit

    Google Home

    Your about to tell us one of your conspiracy theories you read on an obscure website aren't you? 10 Reasons why Global Warming is FAKE NEWS. You won't believe reason 9.
  11. Driftit

    sweet looking e34 touring

    Got excited. Opened link (which takes like 5 mins, yay government network!!) That color...
  12. Driftit

    Unicorn E46 330d low kms cheap!

    Well if it pops back up and any of you see it please let me know. If successful you can drive it while I'm out of the country haha.
  13. Driftit

    Unicorn E46 330d low kms cheap!

    Looks like it is gone. Did it sell? If relisted can someone post it up. Trademe sucks so bad from the US. Even though it is another poverty pack E46 (other than Msport with wheels) it looks great.
  14. Driftit

    330ci low km?

    The NZ new and low KM's did peak my interest. But then I ran it through the decoder. Other than being an Msport it is virtually a poverty pack. Typical of NZ new cars. Bugger all options.
  15. Driftit

    Google Home

    I was using it last night on my phone. The only purpose I currently have for it. Converting Metric to out of date measurement standards.
  16. Driftit

    Z1 anyone? 😳

    These are not a good looking car in the flesh. And one off or not. Those wheels are terrible and give it a nice 1999 wheel trend look.
  17. Driftit

    Google Home

    It's keep up or get left behind time. And as long as you're careful or aware of what you are giving away for free (or in many cases paying to give away) you will be fine. But to keep up you will need to participate in this practice. What makes me laugh here in the US is the deep state conspiracy theorists whom spout their poorly educated garbage against all this but then willingly own an Android/Apple phone. The very same bunch that get all their "Facts" from f**king Facebook... Once their God Emperor fails I can't wait to have a laugh at how the liberal lies took him away. Catch this and more on Fox News. Whom just quoted that Bush was a radical liberal.... You can't make this sh*t up.. hence this link to Reddits not the onion subreddit.
  18. I have seen E60's here for sale with 300,000+ miles. Petrol though.
  19. Driftit

    5 spd E34 535i auction

    Doesn't look too bad. Hasn't even reached $1000 yet. Manual box is still worth a bit. Might have a large case LSD too. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1755366634.htm
  20. Driftit

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    I thought about getting one here in the US when I first got here. But as you said there are many rough ones that need time and money. The ones I thought were average to good were double the price. The prices are all over the place at the moment. Especially on the East coast. Ended up with a cheap E46 to runabout in.
  21. We should all go in and buy this. Then share it around to try and get her to 1,000,000kms.
  22. Driftit

    Google Home

    Pretty much anything. What annoys me about Google home or Alexa is that it changes all my internet ads to sh*t it has heard me say. Spoke about tungsten rings once. Spammed with ads about it for months. I can't run Brave browser or a proper ad blocker at work. I tried saying BMW, BMW, CARS but it just gave me adverts for the new Merc UTE.
  23. Driftit

    1987 325i Mtech 1

    It's my old car. Sold it a few years back. Owned it for 6 years and Shelly owned it before me for about 7 years. Those are miles. And yup it has done more than that. Clusters fail on these all the time. Wheels are BBS. Motor is original but wasn't the best. It did have some rust that was taken out over the years. But an area of concern was the right hand drive sill at the rear. Diff was rebuilt about a year before I sold it too. It would need some love before I paid $15K. But I have already owned it. I would say with some love it would be a great example.
  24. Driftit

    Google Home

    Was recommended by our GCSB guys not to get any of these devices. Wouldn't say why. I think we know why.
  25. Make sure you get good high quality U joints.