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  1. All of these conditions also apply to petrol and diesel, NZ imports 100% of its fuel, and none of it arrives here without any environmental impact. I use my M5 wagon for everything you mentioned except the dog, I dont have one, and winning a traffic light drag race with a trailer load of builders mix on the back does make me smile.
  2. environmental payback takes time, but for an i/c engine car there is no environmental (or financial) payback, so still worth doing for some people. I still wouldn't have one as my only car, but a Leaf and an M5 seems like a good compromise to me!
  3. http://www.machineryhouse.co.nz/Hydraulic-Presses
  4. I confess its me! Fact is I love my E61 M5, but if i drive it to work every day it costs me $130 / week, if I do the same driving in a Leaf it costs me $7/week, and it means I will appreciate the drives I do use the M5 for so much more!
  5. This is the same money I paid for mine 2 years ago, but this one has the soft close doors. I have to close my doors myself like some kind of peasant!!!
  6. In my experience the genuine (from BMW) ones last much longer befor they start looking rubbish so are the best value anyway, have had knock off ones fade and flake after 3 months.
  7. The F10 has more bearable fuel consumption, but not enough to make up for the depreciation hit you will take buying one now. E60 has had the worst of its.
  8. Ernst at Bavarian motors, or Mal at Bygone autos.
  9. I love my e61 m5, but its not perfect, fuel consumtion is what you expect from a 500hp 2T car, and repair and servicing costs can be eye watering, but in my opinion totally worth it for the open road, no traffic blasts that it was made for! I didn't bother with a PPI or warranty, but mine had 3+ years of service history with Team Macmillan BMW and was a UK private import.
  10. leave the insides un-coated, one flake of paint or powder that chips off will be enough to block an oil gallery and kill the motor. If you are worried about rust get them zinc electroplated, then paint or powdercoat the outsides. If you go with white make sure you use a high gloss white, there are matt / satin whites available that will be impossible to keep clean. The powder is baked at about 200 degrees so no problem with steel / ali / magnesium but make sure there are no plastic / rubber clips etc attached, and the best clean up is sand / bead blasting for good adhesion.
  11. Do you know whats involved in swapping this dash cluster into my UK import LCI e61? Cheers.
  12. It is also a lot easier said than done to remove weight from driveshafts without compromising strength.
  13. Brake fluid service, WOF and wash on the M5 at Continental BMW. Only $216 and I went and had breakfast while it happened.
  14. Open all the compartments in the boot and check for signs of water, well known issue in these! I also went for the V10, it seems to be one of the more reliable engines they fitted to these !
  15. Nice work, but how will you make steam pudding now?