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  1. Bring your welder and hemet over when you pick up your next lot of powdercoating if you want, I can give you some pointers. Dont do the engine mounts yourself, I think you will find the cert stipulates who can weld those.
  2. You shouldnt need to sand between the base coat and clear coat, just allow about 5 minutes to dry between. Are you using 2 pak clear or single pack?
  3. Im around most evenings and weekends, just pm me when the part arrives and we can sort something.
  4. Doesnt worry me, can do either. A bit easier to keep the heat input low with the tig though. When do you need it done?
  5. I can help. What thickness is the ms part?
  6. Fuel Is about 19.2 L/100, oil Is more like 1L every 3000Km.
  7. I would be stoked If my m5 got 17.5 L/100 but It doesnt use anywhere near that much oil.
  8. I have got some from signwriters in the past, and quite often pieces are for sale on trade me, I assume you will be getting fake carbon fibre?
  9. If the temp isnt getting out of the blue zone it will be running a bit rich, also the wagons are heavier and thirstier anyway. I think this is the model that BMW developed the tailgate wiring loom problem for, but its probably been sorted by now.
  10. What is wrong with people, they have an e39 540 and a chrysler prowler and they are selling the BMW!!
  11. Ah, the irony. Coming from CHCH to AKL to look for cars and a nice candidate on trademe is listed as being in AKL but is actually in CHCH!
  12. If youre going to live In It you really want a touring.
  13. Lie the drum down with the tap at the top when not using it, trick for new players- make sure the lid is on properly first!
  14. At this price you can afford to have a spare one!
  15. All of these conditions also apply to petrol and diesel, NZ imports 100% of its fuel, and none of it arrives here without any environmental impact. I use my M5 wagon for everything you mentioned except the dog, I dont have one, and winning a traffic light drag race with a trailer load of builders mix on the back does make me smile.