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  1. Looks like a home made earthing kit, supposed to eliminate any poor earths in the factory wiring, pretty much pointless on an E39 assuming the original wiring is ok. I would be pulling it all out.
  2. Give it a year and your old cars will feel loud, slow, clunky, and annoying and you'll only drive them to get a fix of engine noise!!
  3. It bugs me that it says its 4wd.....
  4. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    Be very careful doing this, I took the M5 to BMW for a replacement screen after being told by my insurer that I could, only to be told after the repair was done that they would only pay the value of an aftermarket screen, leaving me with a $1500 bill. I managed to argue the point and get them to pay it but it was a massive hassle!!
  5. The Tyre warning system uses the abs to detect differences in wheel speeds and compares to steering angle sensor, so a long but gentle corner can set it off, mine has done it a few times. I have just put PS 4ss on the front to go with the rears, can't fault them so far...
  6. It's all relative, it could be something that's cheap, for an M5!
  7. Sounds like the best way to get it looking right....
  8. Wire brush wheel in a drill helps!
  9. I think it is called Accidento in Birkenhead, used to be By Accident ( or the other way round) in Enterprise st, I always use them, never had an issue.
  10. When I had the M5 bumper done I took it off and dropped it in, the guy used their little machine to get the colour from the rear quarter where it met the bumper so they could match it and it came out perfect. It will save them from having to mask the entire car to paint 2 doors!
  11. Fed the M5 a nice shiney new set of injectors, also got a package from Germany full of new sheet metal for the E21!
  12. Is that with or without the M logo puddle lights?? 😉
  13. If you have a SCA club card and you buy something that goes on sale within a certain amount of time they credit you the difference. Can work out well sometimes.
  14. One SRS (airbag) light reset tool and one service indicator reset tool, from when i had my e36, both work, have instructions for the SRS tool, will try and find the ones for the service tool. $20 for both + shipping
  15. aja540i

    Gull 98

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/farming-forestry/trailers-transportation/tankers/auction-2256778923.htm?rsqid=298738098dc64123a43e7d1b6b08fc9a-001 😁
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