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  1. What condition is your battery in?
  2. parked the leaf next to its brother from another mother in Takapuna this afternoon...
  3. Now you can start converting the blue one.....;)
  4. You need to sort out whatever caused the issue to begin with before you rush to repair or replace the loom, no point fixing it all if it's just going to happen again.
  5. Any half decent machine shop should be able to drill the holes out perfectly, you would need to be happy that it won't compromise tbe strength of the wheels doing so.
  6. Be carefull, you will binge watch all of them and then end up hanging out for more.....
  7. Maybe the towbar is for towing the generator you need to go further than 130Km, that makes it a hybrid!
  8. None at all sorry, I think jaycar may also have some 8 ohm stuff, not sure on what sizes they have though.
  9. https://www.trademe.co.nz/music-instruments/pa-pro-audio-dj-equipment/speakers/auction-1520561935.htm?rsqid=896470c2c3404b828b87cb27fc381654
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/music-instruments/pa-pro-audio-dj-equipment/speakers/auction-1521437015.htm?rsqid=e503fd58757e480ab52300b0b71557e9
  11. I will use my low tech battery ev for now, if and when the tech/ infrastructure becomes financially viable I will look at converting it to a fuel cell ev, it could be an interesting project but I'm not holding my breath!!
  12. Removes the electric gubbins and lets you run a standard thermostat, I think there are about 3 different temp thermostats that fit the adaptor.
  13. it's a pointless argument at this stage, you can buy an electric car and use it now, you can't buy a hydrogen car at the moment and use it.
  14. To be fair, BMW started it. My M5 has 20 ///M emblems all fitted by BMW, the logical next step is to just turn the entire car into an ///M badge!