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  1. aja540i

    Shed fit outs

    I could be wrong, I wasn't looking for garages but I didn't see them listed. Anything you build will have to meet the requirements of the building code with regard to site coverage and distance to boundary etc, etc.
  2. aja540i

    Shed fit outs

    No, they haven't. They have announced they WILL be, sometime in August, and no I don't think garages are included , carports are. I have had several phone calls from customers who saw this on the news and jumped to similar conclusions!
  3. aja540i


    PM your address and I will get a shipping price for you.
  4. aja540i


    Got these if you want them, im getting rid of stuff so they'll just cost you the shipping.
  5. aja540i

    Shed fit outs

    I used a Resene 2 pack water based epoxy, mine had grit added to make it non slip, but I think you can get it without that, if you drop something heavy on it it will chip, but after 10 years of almost daily walking on it it hasn't started peeling or worn through yet. As with all coatings preparation is the key, I did mine onto new concrete which makes it a lot easier.
  6. Just dig a hole and bury it! 😉
  7. The one I use is a clear, about 1.5mm thick gel like tape with a red backing, used by signwriters etc, it will pull the paint off your doors if you're not careful! I got mine from Bunnings, we get it at work through Primepac in much larger rolls.
  8. 3M VHB, expensive but effective.
  9. aja540i

    M10 flywheel

    Found it, it's a bit surface rusty but I can give it a bead blast if you are still keen. $75.
  10. aja540i

    Shed fit outs

    Power points, power points, then more power points. Mine is 6 x 7M and I have 20 x 10 amp, 1 x 15A and 1 x 32A power point, it's not enough! I also recommend insulating ( I went with noise insulation bats) and lining, 12mm ply is great, if you want something on the wall, screw it on, job done! I also installed a cabinet with extra noise insulation for my air compressor and ran hard air lines around 3 walls with 3 outlets on each wall. I also went with 3M hip height, and installed a beam across with a girder trolley and chain hoist, the extra height is great for storage as well, but if it's not in the budget, it's not in the budget. I painted my floor with a Resene non slip 2 pack epoxy paint, makes it very easy to clean up spills etc, well worth the money. It goes without saying that good lighting is vital.
  11. aja540i

    M10 flywheel

    Yeah, 320i, I'll try and drag it out and take a photo, came out of a damaged car that I never drove so unknown condition, would probably pay to get it skimmed.
  12. aja540i

    M10 flywheel

    I have a couple from E21s, not sure if they are the same, but M10 1.6 or 2.0.
  13. I had the same thing on my e39 540i, apparently it can be coded out but I sold it before I got a chance to sort it. I originally had a light flywheel but swapped it for a standard DMF and it didn't make any difference.
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