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  1. Try Bavarian motors, on the shore and the owner had / has one of these as a daily. Note, fixing the SLS will be expensive, most people end up swapping it for standard struts and springs.
  2. I've got one if you want me to bring it to the next meet.
  3. Ah, ok. When were your runners and tracks in the window mechanism last lubricated? If the motor draws too much current it triggers the safety function and having dried up scummy old grease in the mechanism can be enough to push it over the edge. Take the door card off and put some new grease in the runners where the window carrier slides, and a little bit on the drive gear, then run it up and down a few times, it should help.
  4. There's not much to go wrong with them apart from rust, check the bottoms of the doors, boot floor, around the tail lights, around the door hinges, sills, floor, inner guards, etc, etc
  5. If it thinks the door is open because of a worn switch it drops the glass down a bit so that when you close the door it lifts the glass again and it seals into the rubber properly. Try it with the door open, then push the door switch in all the way with a screwdriver, if the glass lifts back up your switch needs changing.
  6. Check the door switch, my coupe did this, something to do with it not knowing the door was shut and dropping the glass to clear the door rubber when you shut it. The plastic on the door switch wears where it hits the striker, replacement (good 2nd hand) switch sorted it.
  7. Better the devil you know... unfortunately all of these M5s will need this work done at some stage, I was lucky I got 160k out of mine with no crank damage, but some with half that mileage will be toast.
  8. In German, no subtitles, worth a watch.....
  9. You can possibly do it by untaping the loom and moving the modules to a new location, maybe at the side by the tail lights, then re- taping the loom. If you can do it without having to cut/ join any wires it should be fairly easy, but I suspect they will have a common earth that you may have to move as well. You will probably want to check that your wheel on its side isn't taller than the well before you get too carried away, from memory the plastic beam that supports the boot floor is quite deep so you may have to leave that out.
  10. Eventually? My 07 M5 has them, they cocked it up then un cocked it!
  11. It must be nearly impossible for Turners to hire staff that actually know about cars, you know, because they all work at Repco....🤣🤣🤣
  12. Don't need to watch it, I'm sure it's the one parked in my driveway!! 😉
  13. You own those physical plates, but unless you completed the transfer of entitlement you do not own the rights to the combination of characters, meaning you cannot get the plates re made at any point unless you go through the process above to claim the entitlement. It's not difficult, just more hassle than the normal transfer that is supposed to be done when plates are sold.
  14. Even if the van was exceeding the speed limit you are still not allowed to reverse into it, option 2 seems like a pretty good outcome considering.
  15. Ordered a new alternator regulator and earth cable with IBS to try and sort out the intermittant charging fault in the M5. Hopefully one or the other sorts it out.
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