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  1. They still could have done that without reviving the Alpine name.
  2. I don't get this fascination with reviving dead brand names. I don't have any issue with the likes of MG, Riley, Rover etc, but they failed. Why would a successful brand like BMW want to trade on the name of a failed car company? I can understand why a new Chinese company with no heritage would want to buy a previously respected brand and use it on their vehicles but who is walking around a BMW dealership thinking "if only it had a riley badge on it".
  3. Finally finished fitting all new suspension arms to the front of the M5, took it on the motorway for a test run, had a mild panic attack, went home, tightened the wheel bolts properly, went for another test run, all good!
  4. I got mine from a wrecked sedan at SD European, genuine Westfalia /BMW bar, bolted straight up to the wagon, top tip, try and get one with the key for removable swan neck, mine didn't and it was a bit of a hassle to sort, also get the wiring module, I have the installation instructions from BMW if you need them.
  5. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    have gone for lemforder complete arms this time around as the ball joints were getting a bit worn as well, have been thinking about monoball replacements for next time but im not sure yet.
  6. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    PU has compressed to the point that there is now a gap either side of the steel sleeve, i can move the arms 3-4mm just by pushing / pulling them by hand!
  7. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    Bit pissed off to see that the Powerflex bushes I put in the front control arms of the M5 have shat themselves after about a year and 5000 km, guess I won't be buying any more Powerflex bushes ever again!
  8. It's an X7 with a nicer grille isn't it? 🤣
  9. Can you choose a Jetsons flying car noise? because i would.
  10. I am in 2 minds about this, I love the sound of my V10, but I also love the silence of my EV, I think it stems from the knowledge that noise is wasted energy and I'm not a huge fan of wasting energy (particularly energy I have paid for) in an ideal world it would be optional to have a soundtrack in an EV but I am just as happy with a good stereo and silent drivetrain.
  11. I would expect that most manufacturers will be working on "high performance" EVs now or in the very near future, they just make more sense! We have reached the point of diminishing returns with IC engines and electric powertrains are a much more promising investment. Also, my Leaf is nothing special but i have owned it for 2 years and nearly 20,000 km now and have spent exactly zero dollars on maintenance!! I am sure that BMW will come up with a way of getting money out of EV owners going forward though!!
  12. aja540i

    Quick rant thread.

    Not as bad as the new civic type r though!! I think they covered it in glue and drove it through an aftermarket stick on sh1t factory.
  13. Just take note of the fine print, when the courier realises its bigger or heavier than you paid for they charge the extra to your trade me account.
  14. I've got a spare M10 and 4 speed I could drop straight in that!! 😉
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