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  1. Are you touching the glass of the bulbs when you are putting them in? What type of bulbs are you using?
  2. I'll still have one left!
  3. I have a spare one that needs some love but is still in reasonable condition and well in your price range. Pm me for more info.
  4. Pretty sure I have one, will have a look and get a photo. I have this one, $60 if you want it.
  5. Have you checked the little compartment where the ecu lives? It is accessible from the engine bay and I believe if the drains get blocked the water can track back down the wiring loom into the car.
  6. Is the throttle body and butterfly nice and clean? Might be worth pulling it out and giving it a clean if it hasnt been done for a while.
  7. I might be wrong but my understanding is that the heater solenoids in the e36 cycle open and closed for varying lengths of time depending on the temperature selction ( in the analogue a/c, probably a temp sensor switched thing in automatic versions) which will mean you will have to leave the temp set to max on the original controls to have a constant signal at the old solenoid plug. Would you just be able to run arelays directly from those signal wires to power the heaters and let the original system switch them on /off?
  8. If I was going to spend big money on a straight cut gear set, I would not be putting them in a 323i. Just my 2 cents.
  9. The nut may have come loose on the motor shaft, not sure how to get to it in one of those, but it holds the small arm on that connects to the linkage. If you can see it, turn the wipers on and see if the shaft is turning.
  10. I went for an E61 to replace my e39 touring, heaps of space, beautiful cruising car, mine is 07 Lci and the idrive is showing its age now, cant get up to date nav DVDs etc, engine wise I believe the diesels are probably the most sensible choice in these, which is why I got the M5!
  11. 3335 hp. Nice.
  12. 2014 with 12 bars, should be about 17-18K when it gets here. Should save me at least $80 a week in gas money.
  13. Waiting on a gen 2 leaf, on the slow boat from it's homeland.
  14. Now has its very own trademe listing! https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1429146464.htm
  15. No, you cannot re-use head gaskets, you should be able to just put a new gasket and new bolts in and re-torque everything if the head turns out to be ok, you don't usually need to allow a thicker gasket for skimming the head but whoever checks it for you should be able to give you more info. You weren't tempted to do the other one while you are in there as preventative maintenance?