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  1. aja540i

    E9 3.0 CSI

    saw this at concours, it is better than brand new, almost too good to use!
  2. aja540i

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    someone's parked a toyota in the way!
  3. aja540i

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    A bit of both i think, its harder to maintain a good oil film between the bearing and crank with higher pressure due to smaller surface area, which in turn leads to higher temps and contact between the surfaces. I think over all BMW did a pretty good job with the lubrication system on this motor, but there are always compromises when you are designing an engine to sell to the public. Also this engine was designed using their experience with their F1 V10, and none of them were expected to do 160,000 km !!
  4. aja540i

    set of wheels $800 ?

  5. aja540i

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    From what I understand the main issue is the size of the bearings, they have a very small surface area when compared to bearings from more run of the mill engines, and given that the red line is 8250 rpm they cop a bit of punishment. I have seen pictures of worse bearings from much lower mileage cars, so mine has probably been treated better than some, one careful lady owner, only driven to church on Sunday etc!
  6. aja540i

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    I belive the copper Is the first coating layer on the base metal, then lead, then a teflon type material, so almost through 3 layers In places.
  7. aja540i

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    About 160k.
  8. aja540i

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    the only thing that would make that photo better is if i had taken it, in my garage!
  9. aja540i

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    So, apparently got to this just in time, very light scoring on the crank but not enough to worry about, lower oil pump chain guide broken but still in place, bearings well used...
  10. aja540i

    FS: MANUAL E39 525i M54

    Specific requirements list; 1) Not a Granvia. 2)