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  1. aja540i

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    It's just the crank pulley so everything is slightly under driven, less than 10 %, i can't see it being enough to actually damage anything considering the rev range of the S85 anyway. My main concern would be the water pump being under driven, but it doesn't have a temp gauge so it can't overheat can it!
  2. aja540i

    Two written off i3's up for auction

    It can be recycled but not into new cars, the fibres get shorter every time it is recycled, and the resin is heated up to remove it and doesn't get re-used, not sure what they get used for next but you could make a few of them from an i3!
  3. aja540i

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    I ran it in for about 600 Km, then did an oil and filter change. I haven't noticed any difference in power, but we are talking about the difference between 507 and a few more than 507 so i'm not sure if it would be noticeable, and to be honest when you are using all the powers there are more important things to concentrate on!!
  4. aja540i

    Two written off i3's up for auction

    I wonder what scrap carbon fibre is worth these days?
  5. aja540i

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    I ended up spending about 7 Including a power steering hose that was leaking, Earnst at Bavarian motors did the work.
  6. Continental BMW quoted me about 5k for rod bearing replacement, I doubt you could get it done properly for less than that. I spent about 7k but did other stuff at the same time. Mine had 150km on it and it was bordering on damaging the crank, I certainly wouldnt buy one with that sort of mileage that hadnt had them done.
  7. aja540i

    having a clean out

    A few more bits and pieces... E46 compact left rear window seal $5 brand new old stock. E39 silver trim centre console, missing the latch that holds it open / closed, free to a good home. E36 318is coupe M42 factory air box, even has an old filter in it! free to a good home. E34 headlight, indicator lens damaged, has adjuster motor, free to a good home. Brake cooling duct, i believe for E39, new old stock $5
  8. aja540i

    Buying e90 320i - Anything to look out for?

    "we're going to clear more cookies than a fat kid at a birthday party" Never thought i would get to use a line from Big mouth on a BMW forum, but there you go...
  9. aja540i

    e60 M5

    Yeah, i figured. It was still painful to watch.
  10. aja540i

    e60 M5

    I struggle to believe that he bought that car without investigating the common issues or the costs to repair them beforehand, if its true then it was just stupid. I also can't comprehend why he decided it was a good idea to drive it to the mechanic in the state it was in, a towtruck would have cost less than the tank of gas.
  11. aja540i

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I always use Wurth screenwash additive, but i use raw (untreated) water so its probably some kind of toxic algae bloom!!
  12. aja540i

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Cleaned 11 years worth of scum out of the window washer pump filters in the M5, surprisingly the washers all work again now, also, unrelated, i have a spare new unused washer pump if anyone needs one!
  13. aja540i

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    I think you are forgetting about the Pontiac Aztek, 🤢🤮
  14. aja540i

    E60 M5 review

    I feel a bit sorry for people that bought them at 4-5 years old before all of the issues were well known and were hit with big repair bills in their first year or 2 of ownership. At least now there is no excuse for being ignorant of the issues before you buy one. Mine has needed some fairly significant wads of cash thrown at it, but nothing unexpected, and i still think they are the best 500 HP car you can get for the money!
  15. aja540i

    E60 M5 review

    It was a great car to buy new and sell before the warranty ran out!!