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  1. Cant be more often than the clutch plates In the e60/61 M5!!
  2. So when It rolls over people still know Its a motorsport!
  3. I dont see a problem with any of that.....
  4. The original injection wasnt electronic, it can be an expensive exercise to get it working properly, I think a new fuel distribution unit is probably a similar price to a Link ecu, they probably could have gotten away with using an e30 318i ecu, but still a bit of work. A pair of twin throat webers is another option, but carbs!
  5. what fuel do you use? my m5 does it as well and i suspect ionic current detection module is dying (or dead) but i don't think yours has one? I find mine seems to come and go with gas from different suppliers, but haven't managed to nail down which one (if any) is causing the issue for sure yet.
  6. i have one, just a cheapy from trademe but you are welcome to borrow it.
  7. At least the S engines give you some reward for all your $$.
  8. The motorsport (non m3) swaybar is a bit thicker and fits with the standard shocks, but if you need new shocks as well changing to the m3 setup makes sense. I suspect that new shocks will also make a huge difference given the mileage.
  9. You know its going to need work, save the cost of the inspection and spend it fixing it up. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I have one, do you need the drive housing as well or just distributor?
  11. I might try and avoid having a head on collision in my e36....
  12. I might have a spare, will have a look tomorrow.
  13. Tried to txt, Is that number right?
  14. Fancy!