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  1. One SRS (airbag) light reset tool and one service indicator reset tool, from when i had my e36, both work, have instructions for the SRS tool, will try and find the ones for the service tool. $20 for both + shipping
  2. aja540i

    Gull 98

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/farming-forestry/trailers-transportation/tankers/auction-2256778923.htm?rsqid=298738098dc64123a43e7d1b6b08fc9a-001 😁
  3. I would pay a premium for high flow over high pressure, even the low pressure ones are fine for cars, but the higher the flow the faster you can get stuff done! Just keep in mind the average household tap only supplies about 10l/min so any more than that is probably pointless. Also, as above, a decent length hose is a must otherwise you are carrying the whole waterblaster around as you wash! I have a 6.5 hp Honda powered 13l/min @ 3000 psi, with 20M of hose for big jobs, and a smaller ryobi for washing the car and the big waterblaster! The ryobi foam gun that i got with it is pretty miserable compared to the bigger high flow ones but it does the job.
  4. You don't have to have a spare tyre to get a WOF, but if you have one it has to have legal tread depth and be secured. M5 has a can of goo from the factory and no runflats. I believe there are also requirements for not mixing rft and non rft on the same axle, but not 100% sure.
  5. Sandblasting is the best prep for any new coatings, the other option would be dip stripping, especially if you are going to have a polished or partly polished wheel.
  6. +1 pilot sport 4Ss, have them on the back of the M5, can't fault them.
  7. I have a second hand one in the garage, just to make sure I never need one!
  8. Good thing you drive an M5 so it doesn't happen often......🤣
  9. Unfortunately it is well known that if you don't do preventative maintenance on the S85 it will destroy the rod bearings, waiting until they NEED doing means you are up for a new crank as well!! I did mine at 150k and they were truly on their last legs.but for me it was money well spent for peace of mind and potential resale value if I ever sell it, which I won't, because M5 touring!! 😁
  10. I spent 7k all up including a few extras, BMW quoted me 5k, I doubt you could DIY it for less than 3k by the time you get timing tools etc, and that's if you don't find any surprises in there.
  11. Seems to mee like "no, not in my ownership" is a reasonable answer to those questions. What more do people want?
  12. Also, worst possible air filter placement!
  13. Really says something when a BMW owner unloads a car for having too many issues!
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