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  1. tibbs.james

    Flake M50 conversion

    Bumping mega old post i know Anybody have any leads on what happened to this car, I'm interested to know if it got parted out and such. Worst mistake i ever made to sell this car, still miss it heaps. I notice DNH570 on carjam is lapsed/dead
  2. Hi Guys Some of you may remember me , I was fairly involved with my E30 for about 2 years via Bimmersport, then I sold my car and moved into gear to finish my 300zx Turbo Street/Track day car. So I randomly came back for a visit to establish what happened to my E30 It was Rego DNH570 1990 320i converted to manual . 4 door with leather, Koni's Eibachs and 325 Motorsport sway bars and Ireland Engineering bushings all around, it was a sweet as hell little slow fun car. I sold it to Member "flake" here who converted it to M50 but after that i have not seen or heard of it since. Its been 2 years and I really miss this car I know its dead reg now but if anybody knows of its Whereabouts post it up. If its been wrecked I hope the goodies were kept in the Bimmersport family Regards Jimmy
  3. tibbs.james

    FS: Free/Cash Donations

    haha if Dave bought that gearbox it was one he sold to me like 4 years ago That gearbox actually went ok in my old car, i just put in a better one but yeah it needed a freshen up
  4. tibbs.james

    M325i vs SR20DET.

    Ive had the 300zx out boosting around today , Can't wait to give ya a drag a the track sometime !
  5. tibbs.james

    M325i vs SR20DET.

    Nice Job Henry Are you going to fit a smoother down pipe to that exhaust ? I Cut one of those OEM Nissan ones in half and it was a bit of a pig looking thing on the inside Pretty Much a Right angle bend. Looks like you have plenty of room if you grab a flange and a 3" mandrel U bend. It won't take you long to build something like this $ 50 flange and some Mandel bend's later if you heat wrap it make sure you paint it with ceramic header paint after you wrap it so that the heat wrap wont go all frayed and crappy. If you don't wrap it you might find the floor gets a bit warm on that side > I know the passger's foot in the 300zx gets bloody warm
  6. tibbs.james

    My Basic BBS RS Resto

    Eagerly awaiting Results, I have a set of 16x8 3pc Mesh rims very similar I want to rebuild ! Keep up the good work too.
  7. tibbs.james

    Spacers-whats legal

    I remember reading somewhere that up to like 4 or 5mm slip on spacers are legal if they meet certain criteria ect
  8. tibbs.james

    Some Cool new toys for my 300zx

    Wow Been Busy on the car since the last update. * Exhaust head Wrapped & Re Fitted * Wide band sensor fitted into Exhaust * Power Wires and fuses run through firewall for data logger * DIY wheel alignment done ( close enough to get me to a proper laser alignment place ) * Sanded down some surface rust to and sealed it up with sealer NOT regular old primer * Fittied a Flash new K&N high performance/race oil filter and dropped the running in oil with cam additives for some mineral 15/40 to finish running in before a switch to synthetic Ams Oil Wired up my new Ignitor module, the old one still works fine but i don't want miss fires under boost in 5th gear at high rpm when something could easily be ruined from it. This car has also been fitted with a brand new crank angle sensor and other "prone to failure" on old cars kind of stuff Bled the clutch up & bypassed the stupid clutch damper with a 280zx brake hose, clutch still feels a bit light considering its a heavy duty one. Must investigate this further. Picked up my 3pc rims, i love them they are pretty dam 80's bad ass. Center bore needs to be opened up to fit so here is a pic with them held up to the car instead & other misc pics. tomorrow is day 1 of Road tuning. To anybody thinking tuning an EFI system is going to be cheap or easy "cos its a computer and it can just sort itself out" is way off the mark, it seems you need so much crap to do it. *Laptop *ECU which connects to laptop ( http://www.nistune.com is what I used in my original ECU ) *Data Logging unit *wide band Sensor for Data unit *Display gauge so the driver can see the air fuel mix ( and back the hell of if it lean spikes or something ) and the hardest part of all is somebody who knows what they are doing. I don't but my very experienced engineer/fabricator/expert on many things has tuned a lot of cars and is doing this with me. As you can see here I have added a proper spare tire as the space saver requires pumped up by a tiny air compressor to save on space aka supercar style
  9. tibbs.james

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Rangiora North Canterbury , Red 2 door tech 2 outside subway totally mint car anybody here? 1:35pm today
  10. tibbs.james

    What kind of steering wheel is this?

    I had the same steering wheel in my Jap Import E30
  11. tibbs.james

    Some Cool new toys for my 300zx

    First Update in a long While But i have finally made some progress Engine now running on all 6 cylinders, 440cc GTR injectors fitted. Ordered a 3b1 Techedge Data Logger with 12 aux inputs and assiocated wideband oxygen sensor and display gauge. Found Period Correct Japanese Made Ellipson Mesh 3pc 16x7 front and 16x8 rear rims. Managed to fix a headlight fault, got all my indicators working, and also fabriacted up a new splash guard / under tray thing to replace the one I don't have. Feels like I am getting close to WOF & Road tuning, Even put a new hard drive and fixed the old laptop for this very reason ( worth fixing as it has a serial port and runs windows 7 mint Please excuse the splash guard, its not bolted down or painted yet.
  12. tibbs.james

    project throttle part 2

    Awesome Work keeey, Loving all the work you get up to !, See pic, Anybody else think this looks like a milk bottle
  13. tibbs.james


    As far as I understand, cast alloy need to be perfectly clean to be welded if this is done a compentant welder preferably tig will do a neat job and it will be really strong. if you just give it a wipe and a rattle can degrease and have it mig welded the chances of it re cracking at the weld are a big higher. GL with the sump fix/ welding Let us know how the weld / repair turns out
  14. tibbs.james

    Flake M325i

    Black number plates make me happy !
  15. tibbs.james

    M325i vs SR20DET.

    forgot to add this, http://nistune.com/