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  1. euroitalian

    Oli Shepherd

    Sorry to hear that. My email address changed a couple of years ago, but i had kept the old one active until late last year. Use euroitalian@vodafone.co.nz in future. If this is what you have been using I may have a problem. Let me know.
  2. euroitalian

    Oli Shepherd

    Thanks to everyone who responded. Oli has sorted this today, thanks Oli
  3. euroitalian

    Oli Shepherd

    Anyone know how to contact Oli Shepherd??? Sent him some parts in November last year but he has not paid. Tried to contact him via Bimmersport mail, email and old cell number, has replied once saying he has not received emails. Sent to his "updated" address but no payment. Any help appreciated.
  4. euroitalian

    Fuel pump for an e34 520i 1995 - Walbro gss341 or 342

    If you r car has a metal fuel tank I have a new Pierburg fuel pump in stock. PM me if you want more info
  5. euroitalian

    blower resistor blown again

    Blocked AC filter also causes high current draw and resistor failure....
  6. euroitalian

    M20B20 Stalls, sputters, hard to start.

    Engine management temp sensor can create these symptoms. (Blue 2 pin sensor in t/stat housing) If you check the resistance across the pins it should be approx 2.9Kohm cold, and resistance should fall as temp rises.
  7. euroitalian

    E30 Rear Bumper Filler Strip

    E30 pre facelift filler strip for rear bumper $160 + GST. New genuine part for non motorsport chrome bumper. Way below BMW trade price. Part number 5112 1 888 286.
  8. euroitalian

    Window regulator motor?

    I have a new one in stock Bimmersport price $145 + GST.
  9. euroitalian

    e30 325i Front rotor locator screw

    $3.86 including GST to be exact....
  10. euroitalian

    M3 vs rocks

    I think the hoops might have been catching a bit of air, steering wheel was turned in the right direction...
  11. euroitalian

    E46 both corner lights. Facelift model

    Coupe Compact or Sedan? Amber or Clear Lens? Chassis Number?
  12. euroitalian

    U-turn need to give way to person with give way sign?

    Rode code says "You are normally allowed to make U-turns, as long as the road is clear in both directions and it is safe to do so. Make sure you have enough room to complete the turn and don't create a hazard for oncoming vehicles." I would think in executing your U-turn you create a hazard for car B, so you may not proceed with your U-turn until it is safe to do so. I think if you had a collision you would be regarded to be more than 50% responsible...
  13. euroitalian

    Spear Fisher Gets Dates Mixed Up

    When good fishing trips go bad SprFsrMn.bmp
  14. euroitalian


    Everyone needs more beer, especially this guy!
  15. euroitalian

    e36 blue based window switch

    I have new ones in stock Bimmersport price $28.00 + GST.