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  1. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    Hello again to all following my project. Thought it was about time to update you all on my build since I haven't done it for a while. Everything is going very fast and smoothly now. Since my last update we have removed the ABS module so we can bring it forward to the corner of the car, so when the time comes I can put in custom headers and bigger turbo. Radiator has been mounted (very tidy work on the brackets). Custom front facing plenum and 80mm throttle body are now on which seriously tidies the whole build up I was amazed at the difference both of these items make! I have purchased a oil filter relocation/cooler kit to try solve the room problem i'm having down there but again struck a problem, I get the adapter plate onto the housing BUT not enough room to get the braided hosing on. SO back to square one and trying to figure out what we could do, we are thinking about moving the steering box forward slightly but not too sure at this stage if that can be done (cert wise). The RB wiring loom has just been finished being loomed into the BMW's, has been a mission for my mate Phil but he got there in the end a big hi 5! Now I just need to replace a few broken plugs and sensors we have found which aint a big issue. I have decided to put in a Nissan consult cable so if any future problems do occur we can identify them with ease plus make any ECU changes if need be. The Nissan Consult system is the same as Nissan OBD and was a great diagnostics system standard in 99% of Petrol powered Nissans between 1990-1999. All that is really left to do now is to get a slim 12" cooling fan from A1radiators, intercooler, intercooler piping, ABS module and power steering reservoir mounted, new braided & silicon hosing, and exhaust then will be ready to fire up can't wait!!! I think I have covered everything at this stage and again comments and suggestions are welcomed
  2. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    O yes it will be doing that, not sure if the old open diff will take that much abuse from the power of the 25DET
  3. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    Just adding onto my last info, The engine cross member didn't need to be modified. The sump was close to that of the E34's!
  4. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    Thanks nick! It's giving me goosebumps looking at it lol Yes looking at one atm for $850 but unsure of the ratio ill need at this stage, sow ill have to do some googling. Unsure how long the old open diff will last with the new heart transplant
  5. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    Another update guys on the 25DET project. It's coming along very nicely & went in almost without a hitch. I had suspicions that the steering box will get in the way of the oil filter/cooler & oil sender, I was right. So have to get a 45/90 degree adapter for the oil sender & an adapter plate that will screw onto where the oil filter sits, & will allow me to use a remote mount oil filter kit. Had to take turbo off to get the engine in due to the position of the brake booster BUT may get the turbo back on from going underneath the car so that's a bonus. Gearbox also mounted nicely & new cross member is done. During the process we noticed the centre bearing was completely shot but managed to get a new one for an amazingly cheap $68.60. Driveshaft is still work in progress, got to cut then weld Nissan yoke & then balance. My plans are to use a front facing plenum with a 80mm throttle body, alloy intercooler piping instead of stainless steel (not as bling but saves cracking in the future), intercooler in front of radiator instead of down bottom which will save me having to cut into the bumper (stealthed ). In the future I will look at custom headers and bigger turbo, but if I feel the need to do it now while i'm doing everything else I will. SO thats about it for now, I welcome comments for this stage of the project
  6. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    Here are some latest pics. Vehicle is in the shop right now getting mounts etc made, will have pics of this stage very soon. Again comments appreciated
  7. 535er

    E34 535 Headgasket Wanted!

    Headgasket wanted for the big 6, 3.5 out of the E34 5 series.
  8. 535er

    E34 535i 5 Speed Box

    Hi Guys Still got parts available also 2 manual boxes and an engine still unsold. Cheers
  9. 535er

    Gearbox question?

    Will a 5 speed box from an E34 535 fit a 1986 635csi
  10. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    Thanks Ollie
  11. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    not alot of people do like BMW's lol Any help would be welcomed especially fabrication side of things
  12. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    cheers man . Yeh was reading up on the v12 conversion last night, very impressed by it n hope it goes well for him. Hoping it goes well for me at the same time!
  13. 535er

    E34 535i 5 Speed Box

    Hi guys Trying to get rid of excess stuff and things I no longer need to try & fund my project which some of you have probably seen in the project forum. E34 RB25-DET Project Anyways got the boxes on trademe so take a look, willing to sell both of them for $450 & could make a good one from the 2 of them. Trademe Listing I also have an engine i'm currently trying to get rid of. Trademe Listing Just 1 quick last note I am still parting out 2 E34's so after a part, just ask! Cheers
  14. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    Cheers Ian, it's going to be a fustrating road but will eventually get there
  15. 535er

    E34 RB25-DET Project

    Thanks Andrew, hopefully you will see me driving round in the next few months