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  1. shuey

    The E36 M3 Evo has returned?

    It’s been very quiet. I did 60,000 kms in it over four years, so it hasn’t done much since 2003 ish. Did the Targa Tour in it around 2000 from memory, that was 5000 kms in a week. 240 kmh along the Tauranga waterfront motorway was a real blast.
  2. shuey

    The E36 M3 Evo has returned?

    Owned that car from new. Loved it to bits and probably should have kept it. Good to see prices on the up. Worth every penny and if I had $30K lying around I would probably reach out and do it again. Haven’t really owned anything since with the same Wow factor.
  3. As far as I am aware the cf bits are genuine as purchased from my good friend the late great Jason Richards. They certainly are not decals as I installed them. Why did I sell it? Well back in the day the SMG was known to be a tad fragile. While I had no issues with it I was always conscious that there could one day be an issue. That’s the only reason I sold it, oh and the fact that I happened to be at Pukekohe the very first time the Aussie V8’s were here and I got seriously seduced. I am led to believe that today all of those issues are either gone or easily fixed. This is a great car and if I had a couple of spare $$$ I would seriously consider buying it back.
  4. Well well well. There it is, my baby. I did 60,000 kms in this beauty in its first four years so it’s been pretty quiet since. Exhaust tips - Genuine AC Schnitzer purchased from the late great Jason Richards - sets the car apart from all others. Eyelids - personal preference I guess but looked the business 20 years ago. Carbon decals - ??? Genuine carbon fibre centre console purchased from JR again. Electric rear windows - these are a must as almost impossible unless you are a contortionist midget to open those rear windows. Genuine AC Schnitzer rear window spoiler, also purchased from JR - at least you got that right. This car was/is the sh*t! Loved every minute of the four years I owned it Has been very quiet since then though. 36 minutes Whangarei to Warkworth and 2 hours 29 minutes Whangarei to Tirau back in the day. Superb machine. 10 litres per 100 kms at 160 kmh. Very very tempted. You never know. Shuey.
  5. shuey

    M3 - $1 reserve

    We are looking at two different cars then. Sorry, my mistake. The one I'm looking at is an E90 Sedan.
  6. shuey

    M3 - $1 reserve

    Not sure where you got your VIN number from, this is from Carjam - VIN WBSPM92000E197607 And this info is off the original build sheet - Type Code PM92 E Series E90 (M3) Series 3 Type LIM Steering RL Doors 4 Engine S65 Displacement 4.00 Power 309 Drive HECK Transmission MECH Colour SILVERSTONE II METALLIC (A29) Upholstery LEDER NOVILLO/H1 PALLADIUMSILBER (NCH1) Prod. Date 2008-10-01
  7. shuey

    M3 - $1 reserve

    Original buildsheet states Silverstone.
  8. shuey

    M3 - $1 reserve

    Why would you cover Silverstone with Auckland Black wrap? Unless you're trying to hide something maybe.
  9. shuey

    E90/92 M3

    Cheers Ragtop. Catch up on the weekend.
  10. shuey

    E90/92 M3

    Saw that. $10K over priced. Asked a couple of questions that I didn't get satisfactory answers to. Nice car though.
  11. shuey

    E90/92 M3

    Yup. Some lovely cars there.
  12. shuey

    E90/92 M3

    I've been looking on a UK website and the odd interesting one turns up there.
  13. shuey

    E90/92 M3

    Hey Ragtop. Sick of Boring Black, Wearisome White, Gloomy Grey and Soulless Silver. Still looking, no panic. But there must be something out there. There is a nice 2013 on Trademe at the moment but can't quite get to that level just yet.
  14. shuey

    E90/92 M3

    Are there any E90 / 92 M3's in NZ that aren't Black,White, Silver or Grey?
  15. shuey

    Another one.....? What's the deal haha

    Only admitted he was wrong after me and another gave him some helpful advice on his Trademe listing though. The really sad part about this is sometimes it's a bloody dealer advertising a car as an M3. I have had more than a few emails telling me to mind my own business after pointing out their errors.