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  1. nzodea

    1999 BMW Z M Coupe

    Love the clown shoe.
  2. nzodea

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    agree. great buy for a limited edition car. I hope the person uses it. what did the M2 go for. Which I had followed it now
  3. nzodea

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    anybody follow the auction to see what it went for??
  4. nzodea

    WTB E36 M3 or Msport front bumper

    Sorted thanks to a fellow forum member Gaz in CHCH cheers
  5. nzodea

    Wanted E36 M3 Dakar Yellow

    Yep would be a fun toy but not collector quality. Already have my fun toy in a z4m
  6. nzodea

    oh this is beautiful

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1766899215 I have followed a few 2002 builds overseas. I think these are amazing wee cars.
  7. nzodea

    Wanted E36 M3 Dakar Yellow

    HI I'm after a tidy low mileage genuine E36 M3 in Dakar Yellow. Collectors quality preferred. It will be a treasured car. Preference to a 3.0 as the Yellow changed for the 3.2. There was a nice one that went from CHCH to Auckland Last year (numberplate Quik M3). but not much else seen. (quality wise anyway) This was the car that got me hooked on BMW's.
  8. nzodea

    E36 M3 Race Car

  9. after a front bumper for the M3 race car. Cheers Michael 021 337946
  10. nzodea

    sweet looking e34 touring

    I think these would make a good basis for a ute conversion I know that will be blasphemy to some people
  11. nzodea


    do the kids like launch control at the school gates!!!
  12. nzodea


    Not sure the NZ vs import history is as big a deal as we all make it out to be. You can can get full BMW service history in any car now, likewise any crash history etc. The low KMs is definitely nice and I like the grey, (it would match one of my other BMWs). As for the hard wired radar and CIC ; mods which have no real resale value in my opinion, especially on a collectors car. those who haven't; check out the top gear episode on the M5 Touring. Got to love powerful wagons!
  13. nzodea


    I looked at the black one last year for sale. 105k km sold through dealer for $45 and then privately a year later for less than $40. Amazing car but hard to sell unless someone really wants it. AMG or RS6 wagon if you want a daily driver. M5 V10 if you live near a tunnel! The sound is to die for.
  14. nzodea

    E36 M3 Race Car

    Forgot to mention the car is south island based
  15. nzodea

    E36 M3 Race Car

    https://www.facebook.com/Continental-Rennsport-266352480183422/ Listing this for a cow-cocky friend. Give him a call if you are interested. I have raced against this car. It is fast, it is straight and it's reliable. FOR SALE BMW E36 M3 left hand drive S50B32 making 304 hp at the rear wheels tuned by Kirk McLaren AVR Performance Life Racing ECU and custom wiring by Kirk Drenth 6 speed sequential gearbox DG400 with flat shift lever! Dif 3.8 with cooler set up by Kane Barry Motorsport Brakes Front 6 pot XYZ with floating rotors Rear 4 pot AP with original rotors Blistein Clubsport 2 way adjustable front and rear with camber plates front adjustable rear camber Motec CL3 Dash with data recording Fibre glass doors Perspec side and rear windows 3 set wheels 2 x slick 1 x wet Available also is a second engine ,new built S50B32 to same spec as current motor, Rods, pistons ,cams ,valves ,springs and bearings bottom end. Ruapuna laps consistent 1.33-1.34 best lap 1.32.50 Pukekohe Park best lap 1.13.6 Highlands GT Circuit best lap 1.46.70 Many spares National Class Champion 1hr Enduro 2017 , 2nd 2016 , 3rd 2018 SIERDC Class Champion 1hr Enduro 2016 , Andrew Wright 0274525908 After $40,000 new motor by negotiation