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  1. nzodea

    Z3 Steering Rack

    I'll buy it please. Can you organise having it shipped to Christchurch for me? I'll pay shipping etc obviously
  2. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1298941179 $13,000 for Bimmersport members. This is close as you'll get to a plug and play race engine. BMW S50B32 race engine newly build bmw m3 s50b32 engine been run in on a dyno around 360 - 365 BHP. Has done two race meets and a track dayport and polished head Green uprated injectors to match more air from airbox King race bearings ARP blots on BMW OEM crack type rods std OEM pistons with gorzen rings new S54 oil pump std M3 3.2 evo cams VAC de vanos kit with new timing chain race head gasket Stainless steel exhaust manifold matched to airbox GTR type inlet air box and front scoop OMEX standalone ecu and harness all balanced. Brought off a guy I know in the UK (where I got my race car) who is upgrading to a S65 in his sons E36. It was going in my E36 M3 to replace by S50B30 but I have an option on a trick S54 The ECU is set to go and tuned for the airbox and headers (noting it was tuned with a side exit exhaust) Advertised elsewhere. Am also selling a full S54 engine which was going in an E46 build. Which ever one sells first, the other one is going into my E36 M3 race car over winter.
  3. nzodea

    S54 Race engine

    http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1298930945 UPDATE: SORRY HAD WRONG AIRBOX DOWN - IT IS A KARBONIUS NOT G STEELE $20,000 for bimmersport members. Can do deal with airbox,underdrive pulleys and schrick cams if you want to Engine was build by Chris, one of the VAC Motorsport mechanics for his personal use. We imported it for use in a new E46 race build but have decided to go to an S65 for that race car. Build is as follows 11.5:1 CP Pistons (actual compression is approx. 11.7:1 after head & block machining) Pistons are coated with a tough skirt coating and ceramic dome coating. SP Components forged h-beam rods with ARP bolts ARP head & main studs VAC Motorsports coated rod & main bearings VAC High volume oil pump with upgraded shaft & sprocket -VAC Stage 3 Ported & Polished head ($US 4,000) - all new gaskets and O-rings -Vanos Puck modification. All s54's benefit from it with tighter tolerances - Vanos is rebuilt to its fullest extent with Biesan Vanos seals and anti-rattle kit. -Cam and Vanos bolts upgraded -new breather parts and related hoses/ pipes - all new timing chain ramps - new oil pump chain - new idle pulley Also have available at extra costVAC under drive pulleys and belt (frees up to another 11 HP) Karbonius CSL replica air box. A great HP and sound upgrade. With a set of matched headers this combo was built for a 390BHP beast with a 9,000 RPM redline on standard mapped ecu. Capable of more with aftermarket ECU and cams and followers. (have a set of Schrick available at extra cost)Designed for sprint and endurance events. Ideal E36 conversion engine or targa beast. Advertised elsewhere. Am also selling a full S50B32 engine/headers/airbox/computer/lo­om. Which ever one sells first, the other one is going into my E36 M3 race car
  4. A NZ new E46 M3 SMG- good service history (18k till next service), all recalls up to date. No rust, no smoker Recent starter, alternator and battery. Running Hankook V12 - a bloody great tire for NZ. amazing dry and wet grip and not unbearable loud like michelin pilots. Less than 3k on them These are a great car. I love it. Makes a country drive so much fun. fly into corners, 2 - 3 changes down on the paddle shifters under braking and power out. Find myself driving to the coast for coffee - just because. The sound of the S54 with the windows down though the buller gorge is to die for. I know some of you won't like the SMG but I love it. It's not like a torque converter automatic but it does the job. (the missus drives in auto mode, I drive it with the paddles onlyHave two other M Cars. While this is the most used of them, the f'ed up roads in CHCH just aren't fair on it. So I brought a Prado for commuting. car is in great nick but it's not immaculate. Some stone chips on the nose, a bit of rash on the lower splitter from my driveway and the usual bit of curb rash. Sunroof needs the usual track clip replacement, which I have not got around to. Would consider trades and difference for an 1M, E30 M3, or Z3M Coupe or interesting BMW. After $20K ono give me a call if serious 021 337 946 Michael
  5. Hi is this still available?? Very keen
  6. nzodea

    E36 M3 ABS pump

    HI after an ABS pump for an E36 M3. Not sure if they standard across the E36 range. let me know if you have one lying around Michael
  7. nzodea

    FS : Z3M Coupe

    Agree. have been looking and have the cash to buy one. For an S54 I would talk
  8. Matt black E36 Kidney grills for 1992 - 1996 (pre facelift) never used. I got an extra set that I no longer need. look way better than the chrome ones in my opinion. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=952119359 I got a extra set in. I put racemesh behind mine for extra racing protection. $70 free shipping for forum members
  9. listed them on trademe http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=952114602 set of mirrors for BMW e36 coupe. Not one - TWO with glass These are manual adjustment not electric these are DTM style mirrors. nice looking low profile. Would fit other BMWs with different face plate. Got 2 extra sets which I don't need $80 for the set. Only selling because my roll-cage obstructs the left hand mirror,. So have gone back to standard M3 mirrors
  10. nzodea

    WTB: M3 S50 3.0 bottom end parts or whole engine

    I'm looking for an s54 engine Geoff. PM me if you are selling. have one sorted in the UK, but if there's one here for the right price, I'd be in. If I did, I would be selling my s50b30 race engine "family wagon"
  11. Hi Samo. I do not know for sure sorry. I know you can get different brackets stock for them for different cars. not sure difference between all the e36 versions Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. nzodea

    MSS54 and MSS54HP DME thread

    does anyone in NZ (hellbm/Ray) do a dme swap? i.e send a reflashed one and swap the old one? I think I would love to do that, rather than try it myself. In my race car E36 M3 3.0 I got a race ABS reflash from chip wizards in the UK. simple plug and play that is awesome. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. nzodea

    E36 M3 Targa Car Build

    I imported my race car came in with a T45 cage from custom cages. I needed to get an engineers cert. it was a full wtcc cage. did a hardness test, diameter test and tube thickness. put into the design programme to find out the strength required for differert scenerios. passed with flying colours Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. nzodea

    BMW E36 M3 Shell forsale

    hey there, I assume this has gone. if not let me know. is it Left hand drive? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk