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  1. nzodea

    S50B30 Race Fast Road motor

    it would make it sick for sure.
  2. nzodea

    a 4 door M3 CS for sale now

    What gets me is the race cars have a lot of four doors. So traditional road performance was 2 door , but the E36 STW, and all following WTCC and ETCC beasts. Only with GT3 and Now GT4 have they gone to 2 doors. In my mind the E46 and E36 GTR did it for me in the two doors. "need more flared guards"
  3. nzodea

    S50B30 Race Fast Road motor

    Selling my trusty S50B30 Race/fast road motor. Only selling it to buy Wrighty S50B32. If he sells his this will get as serious rebuild to the 380 HP range This Motor s due for a refresh but is a great motor. Do the bottom end and gaskets and you will have a great reliable donkey, or go the full hog. ARP bolts and studs, Schrick Cams and still running the single vanos S50B32 sump and oil pump. Group N oil restrictor valve Comes with a Chip Wizards BMW ECU mapped for this motor with increased rev range. Wiring harness, full factory S50B32 ITBs and airbox with simota induction cold air intake and super sprint matched headers. All ancillaries except catch tank. Plug and play into an E36 or get new sump for an E30 I have never had it dynoed as it came in the car when I got it, but it ran a second a lap off the worked S50B32’s at Ruapuna. It has done multiple 1:33s at Ruapuna, 1:51 at highlands and a 1:09 at levels. I’ll post some pictures later this week but ask questions via PM, Text or call After $7500 will all the ancillaries ECU etc. Doc 021 337 946
  4. My cow cocky mate sold his E36 M3 and has a new spare engine he was having built for sale S5032 professionally build race motor. Brand new build completed and ready for dyno. You can’t build this for this price. Starting from the bottom and moving up • New Race Bearing and ARP bolts • Molnar Rods with Wossner 12:1 Pistons • All polished, honed and milled, all new hardware, tensioners etc • Cat Cams 285°/279° with all the right followers, shims etc • Stainless and Nitrate valves. Professionally built at an engine builder not in someone’s back shed. Plug it into a ECU and away you go. Was being set up for an endurance racing motor to run approx. 325 – 335 WHP. Depending on your headers, airbox and computer. We were getting a comfortable 298 WHP on softer cams and standard airbox and lower compression. The test of reliability is the previous engine won both north and South Island endurance classes over three years Sold as a long block with no alternator, headers, starter or airbox (the stuff people usually swap off their old engine) Evan at Speed Factor helped with the build and we have all the receipts etc. Ask any of us the questions you need to know. After $16,000. The parts alone cost this not including the block. Building up a Toyota 86, so may consider part swap for genuine Toyota racing parts. If this is too much for you, check out the S50B30 also for sale (my old race motor) – if that sells first I buy this. Give Wrighty a call on 027 452 5908 or email him creekdalefarm@gmail.com or messenger me.
  5. nzodea

    a 4 door M3 CS for sale now

    same here - four door over 2 all the time for me if there is an option. Wagon over four door if there is an option. But none of those 4 door coupe "hatchbacks" sorry. Not my cuppa
  6. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1849177923 so the two door M4 sold for $135K? at auction and was listed for 179K now down to 159K. But of you want four doors, here's the M3 for 199K
  7. here's another porn restomod https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1986-bmw-535i-4/?utm_source=transactionalemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bat_model_notification
  8. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-3-0csi-5/ wow
  9. nzodea


    Agree; it is worth more than a higher km car, nz, UK, SA Singapore or other. However a car with less km. Say 10,000 would be worth more no matter where it's origin. An interesting issue on value is LHD vs RHD. There is a bigger market for LHD but also more cars made. Modify an e30 m3 to RHD and you have an orphan
  10. nzodea


    I'd agree for a normal "general" import from any other country, be it salt, sand, humidity. However for cars that are specialty and low mileage, they are likely Sunday drivers, garaged and/or fine day drivers and those rules don't apply. I think we over value our supposedly NZ new. Our roads are no where near as good as a lot of our import countries (South Africa is probably the RHD exception to us. As such our wear and tear on wheels, suspension and drivetrain is likely to be higher (Living in CHCH, I can attest to that post quake, where we went even worse!). We have all had that experience of a brisk country drive in NZ to hit a pothole and clench just before hand. The other end of spectrum is cars with very low KMS, that can suffer problems from having sat without use, or no journeys to "clean them out". I'm off to Nelson today in the Z4M, so it can get a run. Hopefully not too many potholes and roadworks
  11. nzodea


    same as my prado - 3 door not 5 door, but tell that to insurers and NZTA. Might be rocking horse poo but is it collectible rocking horse poo? The eternal question!!!!
  12. nzodea

    1999 BMW Z M Coupe

    Love the clown shoe.
  13. nzodea

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    agree. great buy for a limited edition car. I hope the person uses it. what did the M2 go for. Which I had followed it now
  14. nzodea

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    anybody follow the auction to see what it went for??