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  1. rogan

    Tell me about Mondeos!

    In that budget range, I'd be looking for something like 1998-2001 Corolla liftback bugeye Like this but find a private seller http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/...n-634866867.htm
  2. rogan

    Car Fails...

    Aaahhhhh. That's the one. I was so busy vomitting in my own mouth I couldn't remember what colour it was. I think it has fluoro mags as well now
  3. rogan

    Car Fails...

    Nothing could fail like the fluoro pink and white 7 series I was unfortunate enough to see at Harvey Normans wairau Rd the other weekend. Would make a Multipla look good.
  4. rogan

    Head Unit Problem

    Looks like the FM step isn't adjustable on yours. Bummer
  5. rogan

    Head Unit Problem

    Find the user manual and check radio settings. Some have a menu system where you can select continent. Sth America or Europe work here IIRC. What Pioneer model?
  6. rogan

    Valuations for insurance

    Happy AMI customer here. Agree you need to watch what the agreed value is, but they tell you that every year and all they've asked for in terms of a valuation was something from a car dealer, not neccessarily some kind of specialist valuer. Benefit about AMI is they are the best firm when it comes to paying out on a claim that might not quite fit within the policy wording. Had a claims on house & contents recently (ie 2.5yr old smashed the 46" tv); they've been excellent. Only issue we ever had was when our first peoplemover got written off. We wanted 3 x new baby seats at $500ea. Claims clerk tried to tell us that figure was included in the agreed value when policy stated it was on top. I set the wife on them and they soon accepted they were wrong and paid it over the top.
  7. rogan

    Alfa 156

    The cam belt and variator are the big ticket items. If mine had been manual I would have loved it; selespeed is a money pit with no upside Having pulled most of the interior apart in mine, I can say the inside is a hell of alot better put together than the e46 and older 3 series models. Apart from selespeed, cambelt and variator they're great. Italian something in Otahuhu Auckland is who I used for servicing. They had lots of parts availability too being Alfa wreckers.
  8. Trying to get hold of the site admin to fix it, but don't put your life on hold waiting. NZicemag used to be really active. Pretty much dead now but bargains do come up cos the market for 2nd hand in NZ is terrible
  9. FYI, he's on east Coast Rd, just south of Greville
  10. FYI just waiting for Hennie to get back to me. My bad, I forgot to PM him earlier
  11. He done a heap of VWs so he's familiar with euros. Don't know of he's done any e39s. He knows his stuff, does a good job and he does it as a side hobby so guessing his rates are less than a shop. I'd get work done by him and I'm fussy. Best to jump onto nzicemag forum and PM him. Goes by the forum name GLIDN. Tell him I sent you
  12. If you're handy to the Upper Harbour Brideg I'd recommend a guy called Hennie who lives on east Coast Rd Browns Bay. Otherwise don't know anyone out west.
  13. Remove the arm rest from the back seat and replace it with a sub and enclosure. An 8 might fit in a small sealed enclosure. Without the ski pass, a sub in the boot is very muffled. HK needs an aux input into the headunit. No idea if you have one or not or can add one. For install, what part of Ak are you in?