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  1. OP6

    E30 M3 valve shims wanted

    Tried CHC BMW, they can order them in but not avail ex Germany till the New Year. Have some ordered with Pelican Parts at USD13+ each and they suggest they will be shipping at the end of the month, once the stock has arrived into their store, however I suspect (and hopefully I am wrong) they are expecting to be able to source from BMW Germany. Pelican Parts also have 4.05mm shims in stock from Volvo which I suspect are the same as the BMW ones, so have ordered some of those too. One way or another I will find some.
  2. OP6

    E30 M3 valve shims wanted

    Hey Jon, many thanks for having a look, greatly appreciated.
  3. OP6

    E30 M3 valve shims wanted

    The dealership wanted me to buy the whole kit at a price that was eye watering! and on back order. I have found a mob in the USA that may have what I am after,( www.ipdusa.com/products/11641/100161-valve-shim-4-05mm), but their communication is woeful. I could try swapping some with the dealership, I had not thought of that. Happy to pay for immediate availability though. Cheers
  4. I need 3, 4.05mm E30 M3 valve shims to complete the valve adjustment after getting the cams reground by Kelford Kams. I would also be interested in certain other sizes too, to replace what I have used.
  5. Plate is off a white Mitzi Pajero?
  6. OP6

    The new BMW 3 Series Sedan.

    It actually looks pretty good from every angle even if somewhat ho hum, least it doesn't have the crumpled paper look of so many Japanese cars.
  7. OP6

    650i Roadtrip

    Certainly looks like a very nice calm day!. Thankyou for sharing some of your road trip photos. You went down the West Coast, through the Haast? How about some comments on the roads, the traffic, the way your car handled such a trip etc. Cheers
  8. OP6

    Notchy Getrag 220 manual transmission

    Murray, check that the slave cylinder is doing it's job properly.
  9. OP6

    Intro - new Z4 owner

    Welcome to the forum, good to see another Z4 (especially the Si version) in Christchurch.
  10. OP6

    Removing adhesive from paintwork?

    Used to use fingernails, turps,petrol etc. Polish afterwards.
  11. OP6


    Used to be 3 times a week - Thai and Indian curries and a Mexican night. Now my wife is too ill to cook it is approx 3 lunches and 7 dinners per week
  12. OP6

    Tyre & rim swap z3 to z4

    It will work but I am not sure on those rear 245"s, there is a lot of room in there on the Z4, assuming it hasn't been dramatically lowered. We have 215's all round on 17's. You can but try.
  13. OP6

    BMW 323i E21 1980

    I think this has been repowered with an M20B25 already and being an E21, probably 150kgs lighter than a 6cylinder E30, so power to weight ratio would similar to an E30 with an M52B28 if not a bit better. These cars rust, you can fix them and then they will rust again. I pretty sure I have seen this car in Christchurch and it wasn't pretty. This is a car that needs to be viewed and driven before bidding, unless you can get it for about 3k. My guess is it will sell for 6K
  14. OP6

    M20 B25 value

    Ok, I will start the ball rolling and suggest that on average an M20B25 with about 200,000kms, and all ancillaries on it, is worth $1000. Add to that the cost of an E30 sump, at about $150 then total would be $1150.00
  15. OP6

    Quick Questions

    Before you get too deep, try rotating the headlight switch.