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  1. Funny my last engine when it was hot the oil pressure would be around 4psi this one is at 25psi
  2. Yeah will make a nice duel plenum one day when I have more time 😃 Didnt end up putting pipe inside
  3. It's all mostly together now, massive thanks to the guys at RML engineering and wakfield alloy for ya off cuts and making me awesome engine parts at short notice 👍
  4. Sorta like this..
  5. I was thinking about doing that, but ended up going here as I had space to fill, where it enters there is going to be a smaller 70deg tube bend to direct half the air flow to the front of the intake. Hopefully that will make it a bit more even across the cylinders
  6. So today been getting a grind on and tuning my welding skills.. it aint pretty but will do the job
  7. looks like the same bottle in the audi R8, I reckon I must just have a dodgy cap or the incorrect one as I got it off a golf. There are black coloured caps as well maybe it's one of those..
  8. Thats a very good question.... just checked and my hoses are a little bit sucked in.... hmm what can be done?
  9. Yeah don't think you can use them on the track either, so that may be another job for when I run out of things to do. I struggled with putting the ECU in the hole due to the coolant resivor being in the way and found that with the intake on I'd have no room for charge pipe to enter the manifold, so I found one on an Audi A5 that was perfect to my needs tall and skinny and gave me the extra space to put ECU in with ease and space for pipe. Mounted the bumper and lowered the car on the ground, removed the tinted windows seen as I had done a lot of detail on the inside and hiding it with tints makes it look like every other e36 from the outside.
  10. Spent a couple of hours today installing the intercooler and pipe work, picked up some spray nozzles from Bunnings for the Ic sprayer, not sure if I'm going to run one yet though. also booked some time off next week so should be some more updates as I get it ready to dyno
  11. Ah might work with the 355mm disc
  12. So done a bit of digging around work today an found some stoptech 4pot fronts with 355x32 discs and adapters for E70 x5, only issue is I can't have disc bigger than 328mm because of running 17"wheels. Adapters for them is the easy part
  13. Little update, used my new rivnut gun at 100psi pulled the trigger and pow... tore the thread right out of it lol, so turns out a m6 threaded alloy rivnut takes 30psi to not pull a thread and to crush just right.. Had the hose guy come and make me a sweet hose for the accusump, just got a wire in to the ign and toggle switch. I can't wait till everything is done so I can clean the sh*t out of it and bring it back to the look I started with.
  14. this kit? Do they do them for e36 m3?
  15. Hey if anyone has some big brake upgrade kit that would fit my car I'd be interested, just send me a message.