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  1. Little update, Super stoked we just had a baby boy (Keaton) so been spending most of my time with him, puts everything into prospective... So ive ordered a brand new s50b32 control housing (11121403686) from BMW to get things done will update when it arrives
  2. A little update, still on the hunt for a carrier..... In the meantime received the remainder of my throttle body adapters thanks to Jethro @ RML engineering.. Got some stainless rivnuts to secure things around my car instead of the alloy ones which tend to not work to well, and its a nice weekend by the looks of things so might get some more things done!
  3. Ok so found out no one has a line bore machine... Anyone know of someone to talk to??
  4. Yeah they are numbered, all lifters are bagged and tagged also The head is at the engine re conditioners now hope to have an answer soon on repair
  5. So you reckon we can rebuild it?!
  6. Ok so I frickin should have seen this coming... upon further inspection I found the insert side for the restrictor on the intake side of the b30 carrier... now the b32 carrier has it on the exhaust side. This means on the b32 the oil galleries won't line up unless you put it in backwards and you can't do that because of the way the piece is made with the thread on one side only, which leads me to believe the b32 never had an issue with flooding the head of oil. They must had revised the head design, and looking at the two trays side by side you can clearly see there is a lot more drain holes and in turn does not need this restrictor. FML So learn from my mistake I feel like an ass, don't believe everything you read online and definitely do not put a restrictor in a s50b32 So next question is who has a good b32 cam carrier they can sell me??? 😁
  7. Good news is i have the S50b30 cam carriers still, so im thinking its going to be another long night!! Bad news is i grew fond of the B32 rocker cover as the B30 one just doesnt quite have the same look about it.
  8. There's been a bigger delay....... I fitted oil restrictor while there and on the way to dyno it developed a big tick, found A1 and A2 cam caps have melted FML!!! due to no oil to them, I suspect that when the restrictor went in it created a burr that blocked the gallery to them 2.
  9. Live Update!
  10. There was a delay, i rechecked my shims and found a few out of spec... so trying to sort them today... Fingers crossed all go for tomorrow!!
  11. Wednesday this week... 😬
  12. Your ride looks very nice btw! Looks like you done a real good job of it...
  13. Your right at the end of the day the motor will decide.. I'm feeling optimistic 😆 Might have to start looking at track day events coming up... when does night wars kick off??
  14. Cool, I'm guessing 400kw on 98 and 600kw on ethanol... and 25psi boost Any other ideas on what it will make??
  15. You can't do much without a dyno