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  1. _BRS_

    GDM - E36 Drift/Race Project

    I got mine through these guys, http://www.fortyone.co.nz/parts/show/2936/Mishimoto/Performance Radiator.html#
  2. _BRS_

    Newbie from Taranaki

    Welcome! I'm another local, hopefully over summer there will be a bit of a catchup and cruise somewhere, usually with the likes of the guys from iDrive!
  3. _BRS_

    F1 powered M3 at Goodwood

    So good! RIP Georg Plasa
  4. _BRS_

    M50 Turbo

    Some light reading for you from Lukes project 10 years ago now. http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/15684-boost-junky-2nd-saga-m50-t-project/
  5. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Don't have a photo of it sorry, but far enough away to still run the heater hoses and access them easily and also didn't want to bash up the tunnel for the gearbox. Cheers Andy, slowly getting there, Good to know about the bolts and washers also.
  6. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Oh yeah, it runs! Thanks to Will for his time and knowledge at the start and also massive thanks to Troy for finishing off the rest of the wiring recently. Turn your volume up or use headphones for the full effect! IMG_2648.MP4 IMG_3035.MOV Current State: Home time! And time for me to get stuck into a list of small things to be complete before certification and hopefully a full panel and paint this year too. Lastly a huge thanks to Kerry and his team at Mosen Euro Parts in Hamilton, can't thank that man enough for his countless hours and knowledge to help me get to where the car is today.
  7. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    With the previous headers from Ergen Motorsport in the UK not fitting as planned after we changed the mounting configuration, they were onsold and a full set of custom stainless headers and exhaust was completed by Gaz from LDS Fabrication, i went with a 2.5" system with 2 Borla buffers which have the crossovers inside of them, it is a little loud so will see if i have to quieten it down for cert closer to the time. To keep things cool I'm running the Mishimoto e36 Aluminium radiator, cheers to Neil from 41 Automotive for sourcing this for me. I just couldnt resist a quick bolt up to see what the finished product will look like! The small details, like notching the strut tower support for the stainless line from the coolant expansion tank adds to the overall tidiness of the install and Kerrys attention to detail.
  8. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Time to throw some colour at the bay! Scott from Scooters Customs in Hamilton did an amazing job, the photos speak for themselves!
  9. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    After discovering a set of wheels in 2011 on R3V Limited that i absolutely loved, i knew these had to be added to the Touring, not everyones taste, but i think they will look great on the finished product. 16x8.25 et0 wrapped in Kumho KU31 that i had on my old car and liked the performance of. Test fit
  10. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    In between stages theres always other small things that cannot be overlooked if i want to achieve the vision i have in mind so these jobs weren't missed. Genuine iS front lip and Splitter Blue Cloth Recaro sport seats that i picked up locally for a good deal that will eventually be recovered Rocker covers removed, blasted and powder coated black for that clean and tidy engine bay look Got around to fixing up my headlights, as my car only had one smiley light when purchased.
  11. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    To finish off the running gear i stuck with a standard flywheel with the ring gear pressed on and a standard clutch and pressure plate setup, just to keep it easy and cost effective to replace if needed. I decided to revisit my original brake step plan and came across MRP's kit advertised on trademe so did some emailing and finalised a full kit consisting of: 280mm slotted Zinoelli Rotors front and rear with Dynapro 6piston callipers on the front and 4 piston callipers on the rear with the necessary adaptor plates along with braided likes all round. Custom lines were made to plumb in the brake booster and reservoir now located in the existing glove box location using Ergen Motorsports kit from the UK, which also had to be weld crack tested before fitted.
  12. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    With the engine mounted it was time to focus on the engine bay and the location of the remote oil filter, power steering reservoir and coolant expansion tank, keeping in mind i wanted an uncluttered, smooth and clean bay. Cheers to Kerry for his time, efforts and communication at this point, where he nailed exactly what i had a vision for in this stage. Im running a Mishimoto e36 aluminium radiator, so this was mocked up to check clearances With everything starting to come together, the vision was becoming a reality so it was time for me to prep the bay to keep things moving forward. The messy job of removing all the ugly factory seam sealer for that smooth and shaved bay, filling in holes and getting some flat plate installed was a must for my vision. Jonseys Garage carried out the fabrication of the flat plates and getting the bay sprayed in primer, how good did that white look! Bringing back memories! while the engine was out i couldn't resist getting stuck into cleaning the block up, so with a tooth brush and 3-4 hours later, this was the result
  13. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Next came time to test fit the engine with the Garagistic engine mounts and subframe spacers i had purchased for the ease of a bolt in application. I got fellow member will to help out with this side of things. This discovered the kit design to have a few flaws, mainly the angle of the mount to the subframe, the fact that the steering geometry gets messed up by spacing the subframe down 20mm and there is no provision for the oil lines that run through the factory mounting arms and into the block. The decision was made to move on from the kit and custom fabricate some engine mounts and mount them off the chassis rails as will has done in the past, and also allowing the entire front subframe, steering rack and suspension to be removed while the engine can remain in the car. Finished mounts installed, with crush tubes located within the middle of the chassis and gussets to prevent the engine moving forward in a frontal impact, as requested by the certifier upon inspection. This allowed us to locate the engine where we thought was best to give us enough room behind and infront, and as low as possible, and also allowed us to run the factory m62 engine arms with the oil lines running through them and into the block. With the engine sitting so low, we had to notch the sump for clearance of the Z3 steering rack, work was carried out by Aero Machinists & Engineers in Hamilton With that done it was time to move on to mounting the driveline and 6 speed Getrag 420G gearbox and getting the alignment sorted with the driveshaft, an issue that many people run into, this was sorted when the engine mounting position was decided on without having to run and rear diff risers/ spacers in the rear. Im running Revshift 95A hard, street/track mounts throughout sourced from Mike at Euroturbo along with his driveshaft hoops that meet all certification specifications and are designed and made by his business here in NZ.
  14. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    About time i updated this! The project is still alive and going well. With some extra help and knowledge needed i decided to send the car up to Kerry at Mosen Euro Parts in Hamilton. First off we wanted to make a clean and tidy removable front rad support to make the engine install and removal as easy as possible, so Jonseys Garage undertook the fabrication work.
  15. _BRS_

    Overseas parts order

    Is anyone ordering from the likes on Turner Motorsport, ECS tuning, UUC or Pelican Parts in the next week or so? Just after a single $25 clutch line, and shipping is $50+. Not too keen to get ripped off. Cheers