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  1. Hey guys does anyone have a tool like this or similar? Looking to borrow for one windscreen install rather than buy. Cheers
  2. Been following on Instagram. Love Claudia! Keen to see more progress.
  3. Direct bolt on 260mm fronts and 258mm rears D1 Racing and Roadhouse branded Fronts have been bolted to car without calipers and never driven on, Rears are brand new still in plastic and box. $425 Shipping to be negotiated, online quote came back at approx $60 from New Plymouth to Auckland
  4. Nice car, but maybe i expected more. Its a bit rough these days, all that work and they can't even paint the inside of the fuel flap!
  5. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Cheers Jon! The Zinnoberrot shell was a good base for the final Calypsorot vision, and a thought that did go through my head when purchasing the car.
  6. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Definitely! That is the plan/ goal, as i can't miss it in my own back yard!
  7. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Cheers. slowly coming back to life. Its a full custom stainless system, i went with 2.5" piping and 2 Borla mufflers which have the crossovers inside of them, pics are on the previous page.
  8. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Well 2019 is looking promising so far! Late 2018 I dropped the car off to Steven Sole Customs here in New Plymouth for a full panel and paint. IMG_5774.MOV With the car back home now I'm still slowly piecing it all back together. joined_video_ce80f80f32c2432181c062f99dc66cbf.mp4 Next on the list is the interior, Stay Tuned.
  9. Although we never crossed paths in person Attas contributions to the forum and my previous car was always very positive and humbling. RIP Atta [ CRZARB ]
  10. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Haha i know eh, will aim for that, again. You won't be disappointed!
  11. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Like wise! This year!
  12. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    I guess it is just a junk yard motor, out of an automatic e39 with 160km on it, was driven into the yard from Tauranga to Hamilton by Kerry at Mosen Euro Parts. Its all stock, only maintenance was a couple of gaskets, O rings and the water pump.
  13. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Cheers Jon, always looking for something new and different, the exploded view was shot using a drone.
  14. _BRS_

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    New Year. New Update! After getting the car back home it was time to start fresh and sort out what needed to be done. First off i knew that the sump had a pinhole leak in it that needed to be sorted so the front end, suspension, subframe and cooling system was stripped back again to remove that to be re-welded, while i was at it i replaced the waterpump that was also leaking. A new clutch line was also routed up and over the gearbox, to keep it away from the headers, and the accelerator cable shortened and finished up with all the correct clips and grommets. After a couple of months everything was bolted back up and the car was taken to Sam Smith, of Smith Industries, to get a couple things tided up and fabricated, this included a slight change to the rear exhaust tips, a cold air box, a sump bash plate, heat shielding around the headers and a battery hold down in the boot. His work is amazing and id definitely recommend anyone who needs some fabrication done of any kind, for a good deal, to contact him. Once the car was back home it was time to tidy up the wiring side of things, as this had been worked on by a couple of others over the last few years. Local guru Nigel from Ignition Autosport was enlisted to undertake this job. While this was being done, the cooling system and necessary sensors were also completed and fluids checked before it was fired back up and ready for its first drive under its own power! A crack in the power steering reservoir was discovered, so a new one was ordered before this could happen. Coolant return hose and washer fluid hose from the rear bottle are neatly hidden away inside the front guard. A few parts were starting to accumulate over time, like the fresh bumper trims, thanks to fellow touring owner Dylan HJ, some small goodies from overseas and another set of perfect smileys from a local guy who didn't know the value of them, also thanks to Andy, Lucan, Richard (e46v12), Mike from EuroTurbo for the help over the last 9 Months sourcing small things. With things not going smoothly at times, photos like this just remind me how far things have come, and how it will all be worth it! First drive under its own power! IMG_4022.mp4 IMG_4198.mp4 IMG_4201.mp4 With the car running and no issues so far, panel and paint was on the list to get ticked off. So a few long weekends were spent striping it all and documenting, labelling etc so i knew how to put it all back together! DJI_0007.mov Watch this Space....
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