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  1. Overseas parts order

    Is anyone ordering from the likes on Turner Motorsport, ECS tuning, UUC or Pelican Parts in the next week or so? Just after a single $25 clutch line, and shipping is $50+. Not too keen to get ripped off. Cheers
  2. SPOTTED! The official thread

    Spotted ANTZV8 in the McDonalds carpark in New Plymouth yesterday morning 31/12/17. Always good seeing other E30s locally, not many around here.
  3. New member New Plymouth

    Finally saw the light after all those years eh Phillip! Will be nice for a few summer cruises, see you around once my cars back on the road!
  4. New Member

    Not ideal that car had been through a few owners. They are still in storage but will get them done at some point
  5. New Member

    Welcome! Nice e34, white always looks good! I bought some e30 seats off you a while back.
  6. new member

  7. New member with my turbo E30

    Hey Josh good to see it still going well for you.
  8. Not another M20 build

    Nice Build! Look forward to seeing its progress
  9. SUXG4S - E46 M3

    facebook link
  10. SUXG4S - E46 M3

    Looking good! Are you going to the Show and Shine at the Valley this Saturday evening as part of the Taranaki Car Clubs Night street sprint?
  11. S62 Ergen Motorsport Headers

    Looking good team! Glad I could help out.
  12. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Awesome i have been recommended them by someone else too. Will get my Recaros done as well! Thanks
  13. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Who did the upholstery work? Keen to get mine done
  14. SUXG4S - E46 M3

    Spotted this at the Valley in the weekend! Looks good and definitely a head turner! Hopefully in the future when we have more meets we will catch up.
  15. F/L E30 318i coupe

    Hell yeah! What an amazing achievement! One more small hurdle to go then its all on!