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  1. In excellent condition please. PM me Auckland area Nathan
  2. nath

    E28 1987 M535i e28 on behalf

    Which one Brent, the 5 or the 7?
  3. nath

    '92 E32 740il

    Nice car. Is this the one that used to belong to JCBMW service manager, had AC wheels and was sold new to the Simunovichs? Used to be absolutely mint
  4. nath

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Spotted my Henna E30 at Milford beach this evening. Sounds like sh*t, but looking good
  5. nath

    1984 320i coupe manual SOLD

    Not just yet, I'll see if I can get some taken and sent to me tomorrow. Beige cloth and beige carpets, manual windows and no radio. One small dash crack in usual corner. Currently has big sheepskin seat covers on.
  6. nath

    1984 320i coupe manual SOLD

    1984 320i coupe (1983 build) Manual Henna red Power steering new tyres new cambelt and water pump Seats almost unblemished, very slight wear on drivers seat but have had covers throughout previous and current ownership new shock absorbers No rust in sunroof 163,000km (odo/tacho stopped there when I got her about 3 years ago, so add around 2000km to that which includes a couple of Kerikeri to Auckland trips, and the odd Sunday drive up north. Owned by a friend since the mid 1980's then sold to me. Drives like a dream, but let down by her paint which shows a history of bad resprays of odd panels. Will want a full paint job. No major rust, completely absent in rear boot corner-wells and other usual places, but there is the odd dot from stone chips and also surface rust inside the bonnet(treated) which has also just been backed into and given a small dent by perhaps a ute. This cracked the paint as well. Typewritten and signed letter from Colin Giltrap in the original owners manual/ service history stating that it is a demonstrator car not a rental as registered, which is a nice bit of history. $4200 Car is located Kerikeri in my mother's garage, I am in Auckland.
  7. nath

    Henna Red E30

    This car will be FOR SALE soon when she gets her next warrant. Car is in Kerikeri with mum who finds that her other cars aren't getting enough use as she uses the BMW to drive to town in. A broken straight spring in drivers seat can be fixed with a talurit splice crimp or steel sleeve, all seats are hole-free IIRC To be mint, whole car will need a repaint. Parked in a carport most of life, some faded areas and some repaints over the years. Only speedo working, odo and tacho stopped just after I got her at 163oookm. has about 2,000km more on her now. no rust, except surface under bonnet which has been 'treated'. good: tyres are all almost 100% manual gearbox shifts smooth and tight new front shocks, rears as new timing done starts perfectly every time runs very smoothly power steering manual sunroof various replacement parts purchased when I got her (she hadn't been used much at all for a long time except to drive to the marina on weekends) including full exhaust and various trim parts new cambelt water pump etc within last 2,000km This car belonged to old friends of ours who had owned it since almost new (was purchased by a man for his wife who decided she did not like it and sold it on quickly). Original typewritten letter from Colin Giltrap stating that rego says 'rental car' but was in fact a demonstrator. I imagine this would have been one of the first in NZ. Original books and some receipts. What is she worth to you?
  8. nath

    BMW 850 CSI manual (Japanese Auction)

    Completely hideous interior
  9. nath

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Yacht racing and old boats
  10. nath

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Nope Emmas was NI and then 3 letters, definitely wasn't my initials
  11. nath

    Bayswater Auto Show

    Are any of these 8s the ones that Ian and Jimmy Ross bought back from holiday in Europe in the old days? They own my workplace and I was being told how one got damaged not long into the Euro trip so instead of getting it fixed he bought another one and kept going
  12. nath

    yee olde coupe , E24 635csi content

    Cool project, have always loved the 6. Modern wheels looks gross, period weaves etc look best or at a push throwing stars on a non- metallic colour coded car. Converting the interior to black? Should look neat if no spraying involved
  13. nath

    Jooles' E31 project log

    Removed towbar bolts?
  14. nath

    e36 M3ish..

    It is an M3, an M3 with a 325i engine which is easily discovered and would presumably be described at first chance. There would be no 'reasonable' situation where a sale agreement was made imagining it still as a more valuable 3L car.