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  1. Interested in arm-rest setup
  2. after a turbo manifold to suit m52b28 e36 to retain power steering & ac price neg
  3. Sorted can close this
  4. WTB: e36 front shocks Prefer new Akl
  5. Does the manual conversion suit e36 coupe?
  6. Aftermarket adjustable
  7. Also interested to know re stock m5b28
  8. Wtb: e36 328i vert strut brace neg on price no gear thats made in china
  9. Replacement cam sensor was dud, using genuine supplied by bmw seems to have fixed
  10. Can anyone confirm how many knock sensors does the m52b28 have is it 2 or 3 as it said knock sensor 3 on the second scan and I assume that is the knock sensor for 5-6 at the back of the motor?
  11. No printout from the second scan however it didnt show the cam sensor on it. The company assured me that it was an oem part they buy from the oem manufacturer and repackage
  12. Gave the maf a blast with some crc maf cleaner and it ran fine for 5km or so then gearbox light
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