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  1. SOLD got a beaut nz new 318is e36 for sale $7200 open to offers Viewing in royal oak, Auckland https://www.trademe.co.nz/1612805837
  2. SOLD Selling my bmw 633csi 1980 $8500 or near offer. Viewing in royal oak Auckland https://www.trademe.co.nz/1617105211
  3. Hi sent you a PM, could be interested. Cheers
  4. Hi did you sell your 328? If not please txt me 02102924907. Cheers
  5. I've got a set of e36 m3 evo 17" alloys, was thinking of putting them on an e92 wagon. Wagon currently has 16" stock alloys. Looks wise do you think it would be a Backwards step, something different, or awesome?
  6. hah your story made me laugh! I think ive got an addition too. 1 x BMW 633cis, 1 x BMW 328e36 tourer and 1 x VW golf GTI. The comment about the wife not being impressed put a smile on face! Although luckily for me the wife doesn't mind!
  7. depends how old a car you're looking for. But I spotted a 2004 1 owner Honda accord euro 40000km, nz new. $9900. Theyre an excellent car
  8. Hi , my first post and question. My e24 rough idles after its warmed up and been driven. eg at traffic lights the car almost stalls. The idle ramps up and down, and then stalls eventually. There is also a mechanical whirring noise from the engine which occurs at the same time. I think ive narrowed it down, my take is the bearing in the alternator is slowly seizing up, and putting load on the engine? i tested it by taking of the alternator / water pump belt and the whirring stopped, and the idle was fine again. So would a problem with the alternator (most likely not water pump?) cause this rough idle and stalling?
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