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  1. Thanks q, yeah, going well,.
  2. Hi guys, been a while, back in the mix with fresh import 335i LCI.
  3. Give me a call Kurt, I produce a natural plant based deodoriser/ cleaner for industry. Eats the tough odours like fish, milk, vomit etc, also removes stains. Will give you a bottle. Wayne, 021936474
  4. Brasso is good on light scratches.
  5. Thats a massive torque/HP hole at 3500rpm. A street auto with std diff would be hard work around town. I mean 95% of driving would be there!
  6. One would think M54 manifold would be the go with throttle body adapter plate. Turners sell them and some US forums have cad drawings to download. Good luck.
  7. Hi guys, Just purchased 2004 325 touring. Private purchase with a few minor noises, rattles etc. Small weep/dripping onto manifold rocker cover oil leak. Had the car a week and also owning E46 328 with vanos seals replaced the differance to drive these two cars is amazing! Its one of those issues that are just there. Low torque, fuel burn, bogging etc. Called Ray at HellBM. Booked in for next day with a small list of checks and vanos seals. Ready that day and a different drive now!! Thanks Ray for great job and report. To the many twin vanos owners out there, this is a must and Ray has Besian seals in stock at a very fair price.
  8. You talking rubber floor mats?
  9. Dan, you need 2.8 twin exhaust. Not sure on rear set up Brent or Ray would know. And maybe these.....
  10. Just love your skiteing style Crunchy! Subtle but brutal. Great work!
  11. Pop onto performance Warrior. There is a sticky on the subject.
  12. Turner motorsport sell one. Google it. Some guys have had them made and drawings are posted somewhere. Replace oil seperator and hoses at same time.
  13. smiddy

    decatting the M5

    Post cat sensors record temperture differance between manifold sensor. To remove cats may cause mixture to run lean. There may be cat delete options available in tuning software out there. High flow cats may be better option.
  14. Good power really for these Kms. Vanos will not be operating properly. Are you still on original cats? If so they will be shot!
  15. Missing something alright. 171 is engine power not rear wheel power.
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