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  1. smiddy

    XHP V3

    I'm similar to John in mods, have MHD 1+ tune, started at 8.0, now at 9.1 also running XHP stg 2 V3. More than happy for a daily, have stage one turbo upgrades ready to go, ( similar in spec to RB One's), as my OEMs are whineing. Will look at a custom map to assist with increased air/fuel flows etc.
  2. If you are in Henderson or close, M Tec autos are a Euro specialist, I have most of my work done there, Adam is guy to see. 6 view Rd, Henderson.
  3. What is also very noticable on stripping stock turbos, is the weight of stock cast compressor wheel, my scales not to accurate, but 25g.
  4. I have purchased another set of worn out turbos off same year car to rebuild with new cores added, rattle fix etc, so can swap turbos out basically.
  5. Hi, yes had balance sheet for both units. Just today mounted comp housings to cartridges. Have not done much because of lockdown. Still waiting for inlets,(two months). Should have it sorted in month or so.
  6. That's a really nice addition to the front. Well done.
  7. smiddy

    M20 Headers

    Forgot how gorgeous they were!
  8. smiddy

    XHP V3

    Bet that was a relief! Nothing worse than being stranded in a cyber void. Glad you sorted, be sure to do at least 50kms before fanging so trans can learn.
  9. smiddy

    M20 Headers

    Yep, that"s them.
  10. smiddy

    M20 Headers

    $250 Jared, with gaskets.
  11. smiddy

    M20 Headers

    Hi Jared, the top long units are to fit RHD E39 and may also fit E46 52/54 engines. The short units are rear banks only for E39 M52 and E46 M52/54
  12. smiddy

    M20 Headers

    Try contacting Raceland Gus, they may still have something lyng around. If not, you can have X pipe, just pay for shipping. Wayne.
  13. smiddy

    M20 Headers

    Gus, got my M20 headers from Raceland, Belgium. Olaf, the bottom unit in pic, is a sample, M42 LHD I think, not sure what is required to make it work RHD, but normally steering shaft and rack are in the way, not sure in an E30 body tho.
  14. smiddy

    M20 Headers

    Hi Gus, yeah was me, long time ago now. Have a few odd bits under house, only thing left for M20 is the centre section X pipe. About 15 whp gain on dyno. Rest of stuff is M 50, 52, 54 and 318. Some gaskets, 304 stainless, some good bends and head mount plates for project cars.
  15. smiddy

    XHP V3

    Yes Jon, when you connect to vehicle, your car information and product you have license for will display. Navigate to map flash page XHP stg 3 v 3 should be there for flashing, if not you should be able to download at this stage. I downloaded after connecting to car. Be sure to follow instructions and be in flight mode, only takes about 3 min.
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