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  1. <3 yep thats the dream spotted that on Trademe chur with $35 shipping to Pamly yard on my watchlist!
  2. anything considered for the right price & yep see the few that are on the Tard Obv ideal would like a 540i one Near Dannevirke or Palmerston North but not too fussy at this stag
  3. Not sure if I've done this, here my 1st one when I was 17 (RIP) Red / Orange 1976 GLS is my Daily Driver (shares with the 540i) White one is the Fun car 90bHP at the wheels with Twin Dellorto's & cam, cage and stuff, visits Racetracks too Barely classes as Euro but I'm clinging to it & the worlds most Badge engineered car Joker
  4. ahh NUTS Should it Be a link to this thread : or with PB wrecking the internet an update may be required / looks like the forum now allows direct upload maybe?
  5. took it for a couple of appraisals for trade in : might get 3k off asking lot price at one place on an "Old man Outback" that's already 2 k over priced
  6. Bump time to move the old Girl on 290,000 on the clock currently my Daily driver looking for a Ute or a Wagon Test drove a Legacy 3.0r today etc Image taken today opposite Palmfields Autos in Palmy
  7. Hi cheers & yeah turned out to be the relay thanks for the response & all sorted now
  8. Google has led me to this thread which also leads to the Relay (7pin)
  9. so got around to a WOF check & still no joy, fuse in all lights work on Hazards & Mechanic recommends taking to a Stealership or possible stalk malfunction help?
  10. have narrowed it down to the relay closest to the word "check" on the module 2nd from bottom LOL Sig removed VV bit ott innit?
  11. image that is of no help at all I took just now "left" is still stuck on :/ thats why i have the blue / 15 A fuse out recently replaced the Low beam bulb on the same side too with the same hella bulb : potential cause? may remove it & try was like $10 bulb
  12. Started off last night with no Left indicator : weird Pull fuses 3 & 6, seem ok switch them around & now the lefts are stuck on, righ is normal & hazards make the headlights flash once then nothign with the LEfts still stuck on Have had a dicky battery for the last month & jump started it once or twice, so fearing the worst where should I start looking next?
  13. now see ithought it was sports? in my E34, tho tha is a LHD car could be different? only has A [top] or S [bottom] no E differnt?
  14. I treated mine like "petty theft" cops didnt think so, burglary is burglary yea report it other wise will lead to bigger things