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  1. francoisv

    E39 Ute Reboot

    So after shopping and looking for a set of rear coil overs that would fit, I was about to pull the trigger on getting the lads at PitStop Penrose to get a custom set made up. The cost would have been an additional $750, however, as luck would have it, my brother purchases a new set of BC coilovers last year, off Facebook, believing it was for a Honda Accord, but were for something else and did not fit. I decided to have a look at the rears of his set and BOOM, they were a perfect fit for the ute. Almost like they were made for the E39 Touring. So we mounted his shock to my housings and it fits like glove. Our own DIY Custom Standard VS 'Custom'
  2. francoisv

    E39 rear adjustables - New

    Sold pending payment
  3. francoisv

    2003 E39 525i Touring $1,800 Firm

    Someone should buy this and chuck in a S54 manual set up - that would be cool - If i had the space and not so many projects i would be all over this. GLWS
  4. francoisv

    WTB E39 M5 Interior Bits

    Anyone have E39 M5 front door cards, centre console and dash for sale?
  5. francoisv

    E39 rear adjustables - New

    Do you have a pic and dimensions? I can compare to there for you
  6. francoisv

    E39 rear adjustables - New

    Haha they are for the ute. Apparently getting a kit for an E39 Touring is near impossible. Sedan rears are approx 40 to 60mm longer. And no one would slel me just the fronts, so had to buy a whole set
  7. francoisv

    E39 rear adjustables - New

    E39 BC Gold Adjustable REARS ONLY. Brand new unused with 12 months warranty from Redline performance, proof of purchase and copy of receipt provided. $450 ono
  8. francoisv

    WTB: F10 5 Series genuine wheels

    I've been looking myself. Hard to come by
  9. francoisv

    E39 roof racks

    Fits both sedand and touring $100 ono
  10. francoisv

    E39 Ute Reboot

    And in other news, finally got around to purchasing the suspension
  11. francoisv

    E39 Ute Reboot

    Edging slowly towards the finish line. Been busy repairing the rear jack points (using parts from the donor car) - bloody rust not so good. Should have both sides completed within the week, and then it's time to start preparing for the engine swap from the 540 donor
  12. francoisv

    E39 Manual Conversion

    It will possibly be for the M62, but i have access to the M52 to M62 adapter. Do you have the pedal box with bits too?
  13. francoisv

    E39 Manual Conversion

    Any around that don't cost and arm, leg and kids future?
  14. francoisv

    E39 Ute Reboot

    Original Cert fella was Lance Welsh, then yea, Clint came and had a look and dismisses pretty much everything Lance had done...
  15. francoisv

    E39 Ute Reboot

    So over the last month or two, i have been going over the car and "fixing" the small detail stuff that needs doing. Things like some minor dings in the body work, re doing some welds, and started the repair work on the jack points that were quite damaged by rust as well as having the donor engine looked over and all looks good for engine transplant over Christmas. Not many photos yet, as its not very interesting. Getting the car ready for the engine swap will be a good mile stone and then look at paint early next year, but will hold off on spaying the deck tray until the below has been addressed. A certifier has been out and was pretty hard case. He refused to acknowledge anything the previous certifier had inspected and requested i open the tray panels up for investigation. I have been in touch with the LVVTA and another certifier to work around this, so will see how that goes. Understandably he is putting his name on the build as a sign off, but its a good case of how different every inspector is. LVVTA suggested i engage another certifier as the regulations are around safety ad impact to the driver / passenger cabin and since i have not made any adjustments or modifications to the front cabin, that should be taken into consideration etc etc - Not really sure how that all pans out In other news, I have just purchased the below - yes, its the same plate as the one in Aussie, but i dont care and it suits the car quite well. I did put a space between the M and the U 🙂