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  1. $450 ono. 3 Tyres are still in good condition, 1 may need to be replaced. 5x120 Et20
  2. $300 ono. Tyres are still in good condition.
  3. Bought this a few months back from here but my E36 project street track hack will be up for sale soon, so this won't be needed. $600 ono
  4. Picked up the donor car today from Brent..... 740iL in for the win Will be swapping some interior bits and possibly flick the whole car on again
  5. That steering wheel tho. It must be mine
  6. Thanks for all the offers and help. I've sorted this now and have some wheels
  7. Thanks for the offer, but it's a little more than id like to spend on that kind of style and size only to be used once. I'll keep it in mind tho 😊
  8. Thanks 😊
  9. I have hub rings for the 74 to 72 spacing but I just need some wheels to get the car home
  10. Cool, I only need them to get my car home. How much do you want for them?
  11. Actually, any style of wheel from E39 or E60 will do. Car doesn't have any wheels at the moment an dis sitting with the repairer ready to be picked up, so any help will be appreciated until I can buy new wheels
  12. Now this is cool, Richard
  13. I did the same thing. Haven't missed the E39 over the E60 but the E39 did have a different character as such but the E60 is lovely
  14. Took a drive to Wanganui on the weekend to pick up some interior bits from @kulgan and hopefully soon I'll have the rest of the interior from a certain parts man here 😊 Will start getting the door cards and dark components installed this weekend
  15. And preferably in Black or Gun metal grey, but other colours can be painted too