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  1. As per title, after some E30 exterior door stop thingies. preferably in black rubber and cheap Hoping to fir these to my E28
  2. Hey Ben, Um yes and No, Engine conversion has been done, but im waiting for all the mounts and bushes to arrive. Some have been on back order, and unfortunately i cannot progress until they arrive. And still looking for a painter haha
  3. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, will grab some decent pics soon and post em Oh yes, havent driven a G30 yet, but the F10 is amazing. Did the Waihuku back roads last week with the wife and it did not disappoint. The 550i is scary as hell tho haha
  4. SOLD E46 M3 rep bumper - brand new ready for primer and paint. Have briefly test fitted to both coupe and sedan, seems to be okay on both but with some slight adjusting on the mounts. $450 ono Pick up St Johns Does not come with spotlights sorry.
  5. Do you have a few guided steps?
  6. In the process, there are a few guidelines available on The Google, however, i need to figure out which one is correct. I also need to download the NZ Maps files. Will update this thread once ive figured it out ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Ah man, thats such a beaut. I wonder if the engine and running gear are all okay.
  8. So I've recently acquired an F10 550i ex Jap with CIC. Now as most of us know, them dealers don't like selling these with NZ Radio converted, its an extra option you need to pay for. So after a week of listening to 88.6 Mai FM, i had about enough and decided to contact 2 or 3 places to help with the some issues I had, Radio and Bluetooth. While making contact, i gave up my rego so they could grab the VIN and provide me with a quote. Quotes came in between $900 and $1200. Feeling the pressure of having to listen to Mai FM for any longer, i decided to pull the trigger and contact one of the places to book the car in, but before doing that, i decided to see how involved it was to re-code the car to fix the Radio and Bluetooth myself. Google helped along with YouTube and i set out to DIY-it. I pulled out my old laptop, install some software and built my own comms cable. The only thing i paid for was the resistor i needed for the OBD-II connector, it was 70cents. After everything was installed and built, i plugged the make-shift setup into the car and tested. Everything worked like a charm. I was able to read all the available modules and also code. Changing the radio to NZ and activating the Bluetooth for audio streaming, along with allowing multiple devices so the wife's phone could also connect, took about 60 to 90 minutes (most of which was spent reading the instructions from The Google and getting familiar with the structure of the software) I now have all available NZ frequencies and full Bluetooth streaming. I've also enabled the Bluetooth streaming on my mates F11, who was also quoted $800 to have this done. Im not sure how the heavy prices are calculated, but if anyone needs the above done on their F-series that cant quite afford the $1k mark, feel free to drop me a PM and ill see if i can help ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Yep haha F10 ๐Ÿ™‚ cant stay away from the 5ers
  10. Hey mate, If its CIC, I may be bale to help with the conversion. I've just done my F10. If it's CCC then as above, Euro Surgeon is you better option.
  11. $1 reserve auction on trade me https://www.trademe.co.nz/2155888798
  12. Sold pending payment
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