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  1. $1 reserve auction on trade me https://www.trademe.co.nz/2155888798
  2. Sold pending payment
  3. As per the title - $1000 ono incls - g220 gearbox and mount - coupling - shifter - gear stick and knob - pedal box - drive shaft - starter motor - end links for clutch line, but no actual line - master and slave - brake switch Excl - clutch kit May be used for other models of E46 but with some additional parts needed such as drive shaft starter etc Pick up St Johns.
  4. francoisv

    E46 330ci

    As per the title, selling my briefly owned 330ci 2001 - $5000 ono but open to reasonable offers https://www.trademe.co.nz/2061392457
  5. francoisv

    Style 5 16"

    Came off the E39 so 74mm.
  6. francoisv

    Style 5 16"

    Anyone keen on Style 5? - $400 ono? Not sure what they're wortg A set of 5. Wheels are in great condition, almost zero curbage. 16x7 et20 Tyres are wofable but not major brands apart from the one Goodyear. 4 wheels have centre caps, spare does not. Pick up St Johns Auckland
  7. Today's progress was slow, due to that damn water pump. What a pita of a thing to remove and in the process, I broke the pully - sigh. However it was not a complete loss, managed to finish the rocker covers (one of my favourite colours), replaced the Sump gasket, oil pump O-rings and started cleaning the subframe and thermosta
  8. Started stripping down the M62 and replacing a few bits and bobs like sensors etc. Have also decided on Galaxy Purple for the rocker covers and a few other pieces too. Should match up with the flat Audi / Lambo Grey quite well. Should have the motor and subframe back in within the next week days, hopefully before I head to Bali
  9. Thanks mate, but I don't think the E46 will fit due to the centre bore size, plus they will be kept on the car when it goes to the srappies or new owner
  10. Still in need of 2 cheap or free E39 wheels with crappy tyres. Just to get the donor car rolling. Auckland - thanks
  11. How much for the pedal box and shifter cover / panels?
  12. Yea the Driveshaft Center Support Bearing.
  13. As titled, before i order online, does anyone have one?
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