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  1. Haha next up is the interior make over
  2. It's black 😊
  3. Got the Style 95s fitted today, already changes the look
  4. Things I'll be doing - Complete black leather interior make over - style 95 wheels and tyres - massive sound and video system - redo the tints - lowers, either on bags or lowered springs - replace the roof with a perspex UV roof
  5. Picked up this ol girl a couple of weeks ago, 1996 750iL. Body is fairly straight and engine seems to be in good nick, however the interior and stereo are in need of a beef up.
  6. Not sure what they're worth. Id be happy with $200 or so
  7. What are they worth? $200, $300, $400? Or just a box of beers? Tyres may need so replacing but 235 60 16
  8. Found some. Thanks
  9. Anyone have a set in 19" or 20" with 9.0 - 10.0 wheel width For an E38
  10. Yes please. Will need it for the ute
  11. If be keen on the clock spring when it's available
  12. Anyone wrecking an E60 M5 with paddle shift steering wheel?
  13. I Just want the parts. Not planning a restore or anything. My 38a has a horrible interior complex haha
  14. Haha I've literally just been speaking to another forum member about doing some shares in that turners one. It's a nicer interior too
  15. Nah it's been offered to me for $950 so debating it with the wife....