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  1. Diff is a 3:19 medium case. 1 210 411 C
  2. New photos of motor and box, manual conversion will come with FREE M20b20 motor
  3. Sorry, i cant see the ratio so not entirely sure. Pick up is in St Johns, will be removing diff this week
  4. I cant seem to upload any pics lately, tried from 3 platforms and different pics.
  5. I had the same issue on my E46, but i landed up sound deadening the boot, was cheaper and worked great. Also, try get some deadening above the muffler, between the heat shield and chassis. Another option would be to remove the new muffler and fill it with that metal sponge stuff you use to clean pots and pans 🙂
  6. No sorry, these have been sold. Ill update the post now
  7. Cool, I'll be keen on the rotors and bushes.
  8. One at Pick n Part in Manurewa, decent enough condition
  9. E28 Manual Parts car.1985 520 I believeBoot spoiler - $100Bootlid SoldRear doors SoldBlue Interior SoldBoot Interior SoldWiper Spayers SoldExterior Door Trim SoldWindows AvailableManual conversion - $1400 for Bimmer Sport Members Medium Case Diff - $200Manual Window Motors - $60 eachManual Sunroof - $150Windscreen - $200Windows - $80 each Headlights - $50 each All other mechanical parts available.Tail lights damagedBumpers damaged but I may have others in semi good condition
  10. Will the rear rotors fit 528/530?
  11. Lance from Pit Stop Greenlane does great work, and knows his stuff.
  12. hi, 

     I dont have a car, but  I got some bits,,  glass, wing mirrors,,switches , ,etc, 

     name the parts u want ,, & il check around the  the old bmw garage,


    1. francoisv



      thanks, im after all the exterior door trim bump stops and being quoted $220 to $300 a set.

      021 302 485

    2. brutus



       yes , 

       I have a good set  of 4  of e28 door moulding   trims


      and post recorded ,,,,-  I can find out if interested, 

       please email me at  carlsos@hotmail.co.uk & I can reply with pics, thanks, 

  13. Anyone having a cheap, free, cheap or free E28 parts car they want to get rid of? Im in need of a few things
  14. thanks lads, at this stage we are expecting to move in April next year, so getting it certed before then, will be tricky. I am, however, going to try my best to get it done before then. Basically i need $5,000 and two solid weeks haha When im finished with the Low Rider 28er, im going to concentrate all efforts on the ute over the next 6 months
  15. I'm not sure where else to post this, but.. My wife has been offered a really good position at the Melbourne Hospital in Australia. So I am going to have to part with all my toys at some stage over the next 12 months, so my difficult question is, What sort of price range would you, bimmersport members, put on my Ute Project? The rest of the fleet will be sold in line with there market value
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