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  1. francoisv

    Bmw 633csi e24 1980

    My wife and I were just looking at this on trade me and figured I'd check to see if its listed here. Will be in touch soon for a viewing 😊
  2. francoisv

    e39 Angel Eye type Hella Headlamps pair $180 ono

    Could be keen. Will drop you a message soon
  3. francoisv

    WTB E38 Differential

  4. francoisv

    E28 Low Rider

    After 7 months in isolation, I decided to get the old girl out and stretch her legs. Did a round trip from Auckland to Thames and back, over nighting at Orere Thanks to @M M for helping to get her road worthy again
  5. francoisv

    WTB: e28 roof rack

    This is cool. I have a spare set of roof racks off your interested. $170 without the cups that you won't need because of the basket
  6. francoisv

    E28 535E M30B35 Swap

    I have a couple if you need one
  7. francoisv

    WTB: e28 roof rack

    Any pics of the basket? I bought a set of proof racks for my pajero, also running rails, from Pepsi Auto. They seem to be pretty good so far and fairly cheap
  8. francoisv

    e46 v8 wagon

    No worries mate. I have another extractor if you need it. Not sure if I have you one. I also have that rebuild kit should you need it
  9. francoisv

    e46 v8 wagon

    Engine is unrecognizable 😊 looking forward to seeing how this build turns out 😊
  10. francoisv

    WTB E36 Coupe Suspension

    The cheaper the better :-)
  11. francoisv

    For Sale posts being deleted.

    Thanks. Ive replied. I don't know what the deal is tho. Ill just have to keep using facebook to see if people want some E38 parts
  12. francoisv

    For Sale posts being deleted.

    thanks Glenn. If there is something I can do, let me know :-) PS, I need to get my E60 back to your shop, ive recently replaced the battery and its spitting a few errors now.
  13. francoisv

    For Sale posts being deleted.

    Thanks for that. It's not for a business, it's just a spare car I have for parts and some other parts. I have asked how I can go about sponsoring the forum but I haven't heard back from anyone
  14. Am I doing something wrong with my for sale posts? I have pictures, description and pricing and they keep getting removed?