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  1. E36 Koni Adjustables & Eibach Sportline Springs - Sold

    Might be interested in the shocks if you sell the springs to Batman's pecker
  2. E36 washer pump

    Thanks lads. Might get it off ebay didn't realise it was so ludicrously cheap and since you're not in Auckland.
  3. E36 washer pump

    Pick-a-parts are pretty far from me and there's no way to test if something works, so if anyone's wrecking an E36 or something I could take that off your hands.
  4. AC Schnitzer racing type 2 ronal wheels

    Why 265 rears? Is it purely for appearance or do you actually spin the wheels in 535i?
  5. Quick rant thread.

    If only there was a way to make the car float. Or big enough Gladwrap.
  6. Straight cut gears for E36

    Interesting. I'm all the way up in Auckland, but thanks for the offer. Now the question is, and putting aside the straight cut gears completely, given that the car was advertised as having a recently reconditioned gearbox but turned out to be not (oil was black and low) and has some sort of bearing problem, what is a fair compensation I should ask from the seller? I will go down a few notches from there since I want to believe him that he was unaware of his friend's bamboozling.
  7. Quick rant thread.

    ooh deleted sorry. Just didn't realise how old that post was.
  8. Straight cut gears for E36

    It's definitely from the gearbox, it also stops with the clutch pedal in. Mechanic who says he's seen this lots have said it's the input shaft bearing.
  9. Straight cut gears for E36

    Yeah we've put a camera up there and we see some helical gears There's one straight one which is probably reverse. Fluid was also low and dark. Another unusual thing the seller said was that 1, 2, 3, and 4 were straight cut while 5th was helical. Finally, a straight cut wouldn't whine while idling in neutral even with the clutch out, would it? Seller has said he will try and contact the friend who supplied it to him. Anyway case closed, thanks for chiming everybody. Do you know of the car somehow?
  10. Straight cut gears for E36

    Well I'm confused. It mostly isn't bullshit. The lsd, m3 brakes, headers, lightened flywheel, are all there. I can't confirm that the engine is a B30 hybrid with forged pistons, but it's a lot faster than a B25. Straight cut gears just seems like such a ridiculous thing to lie about. Then again, shame on me for missing something so obvious. Hope I don't have to go through the disputes tribunal, but the seller isn't dodging me or anything.
  11. Straight cut gears for E36

    Well that makes it impossible then. Since it's not a dog leg. Yup that's the one. Was there a post here about it? Not that it makes a lot more sense, but it does have a stroked M52B28.
  12. Straight cut gears for E36

    I've bought 1996 323i with a gearbox whine that the owner claims is due to having straight cut gears installed. He seems like a very genuine person and I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, but is this even remotely possible? While googling will bring up the famous video of that racing e36 with the sequential box, nothing seems to suggest there are any such kits to put straight cuts into the regular e36 box.
  13. e36 17 wheels. Style 22

    Still for sale?
  14. 16" Basketweaves

    I'm looking for some Basketweaves for my E36 and I'm told the Style 5s from the 7 series will work with 205 tyres and ET23.
  15. e36 17 wheels. Style 22

    Could be interested if you can do $400.