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  1. qazwsx

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Never seen flares like that before. Will be beastly for sure with wide wheels
  2. qazwsx

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    It's not attached at the front and just resting on the bumper lip. Let's see if it holds on the motorway 😶
  3. qazwsx

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Indulging in my ocd by making custom pork chops and wheel spoilers for the ACS bumper.
  4. qazwsx

    16" BBS basketweaves

  5. qazwsx

    16" BBS basketweaves

    My bad, profile updated! In Auckers.
  6. qazwsx

    16" BBS basketweaves

    Also, newish e36 rear brake pads for $20.
  7. qazwsx

    16" BBS basketweaves

    Or "style 5". These are is/et 20 and 16x7j and look very good on just about anything. Fantastic condition as you can see. Only 1 has ever so slight kerbing. 2 wofable tyres and only 2 wheel centres unfortunately. $300 for you guys for all 4 wheels +1 8j spare (the f**ked up one).
  8. qazwsx

    E36 328 vs Hyundai i30N

    Speed means nothing if it's not fun
  9. qazwsx

    E38 16" basketweaves

    Cheers lads those look good, I think I found a parts car with them though, I'll try for local first as I'm in Auckland. I'm extremely curious why you've got new tyres, stickers and all, on them though Squintles.
  10. qazwsx

    E38 16" basketweaves

    Yup. There's another e39 16x7 that's not on the list either.
  11. qazwsx

    E38 16" basketweaves

    Looking for these stock wheels. Or "style 5". No need tyres. Thanks.
  12. qazwsx

    E36 front bumper

    Rear bumper sold
  13. qazwsx

    E36 front bumper

    Standard front and rear bumper. Hellrot red and in excellent condition. For the sleeper look ? \_(ツ)_/¯ $30. Only centre trim included.
  14. qazwsx

    e36 motorsport bumpers

    Huh sorry, I should really have that in my profile or the post. Auckland mate.
  15. qazwsx

    E36 M3 diffuser...

    Anyone think it helps anything? Seems far from BMW to do things just for show on an M3, especially this far back, but I just can't see how the "fences" do anything when air can't flow through it. If anything the diffuser seems to trap air since it's open from the front.