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  1. Have used this can recommend it , works well
  2. Hi guys and girls , as per title. Its for an E46ti 2002 Auto, Air conditioning [VIN KN41882]. Not looking for a new one , just a good 2nd hand one. .thanks in advance
  3. Hello guys and girls, Might be a long shot but after A,B and C pillars .For a E38 [swb] , Can be any colour as they are been reupholstered.Just need all or most of the clips to be intact. Most of them i have come across seem to void of any clips due to age , brittleness etc. Cheers
  4. Cool E34 Touring M car .
  5. I have a 96 323i Coupe [Jap import] with folding rear seats[factory]
  6. Pity its in the South Island
  7. They make awesome hose reels
  8. Bloody AWESOME , :bowdown:
  9. Mates use to do this a lot in the 70s and 80s, on old Holdens and Fords. lol
  10. NZAD [on trademe]
  11. Nice laid out website, easy to navigate [wish a lot more websites were like that], Thumbs up Glen
  12. Sorry guys and girls , son has decided to buy Rays E46 [bloody nice little gem it is]. Even a bit jealous of it myself. A big thanks to HELLBM
  13. Damn those S62 powered E38s are just so awesome,If only i won lotto . Would have one in a flash