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  1. +1 ☝️, friends use it in Canada on there trucks/4x4 etc
  2. +1 for schmiedmann ☝️
  3. East Cape coastal road can very rough sometimes and not kind on your rims , and you are in a very remote area. But the vista is worth it. If you like fishing you are in prime kingfish area
  4. Have a set of style 91 for sale [with warrantable tyres] 😀
  5. Me like, could have a bit of potential there
  6. 93% , the newer one got me a bit stumped
  7. KillerX

    E34 Compact

    In a demented way , i like this 👍
  8. The E38 SPORT models i drove overseas didn,t mind a bit of the twisty stuff now and then. You had to be really silly to get them all out of shape
  9. yep Demontweaks is worth having a look at. Got a fantastic deal on a complete Bilstein set for E46 [nobody was cheaper even with shipping and taxes] And arrived in 5 days at my door .
  10. I used these in my E38 rear deck , Dayton Audio ND140-8 5-1/4" Aluminum Cone Midbass Driver 8 Ohm . work very well.
  11. Hi guys and girls , as per title. Its for an E46ti 2002 Auto, Air conditioning [VIN KN41882]. Not looking for a new one , just a good 2nd hand one. .thanks in advance
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