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  1. How much are you after for just the pump? Cheers
  2. To be honest, I am not sure whether I need just pump or whole cradle. Does the pump include the wiring, or is that just from cradle? Sorry for the noob question!
  3. Thanks Jon, that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Yes - I believe this is pre-facelift. I bought an E30 fuel pump off trademe, however, when it was delivered, it turned out to be slightly different (I am guessing this is the difference between facelift and pre-facelift). See pump in top of photo which is the pump I bought off trademe, and the pump in bottom of photo is pump out of my car. Any ideas where I can locate a fuel pump like the one in bottom?
  5. After an E30 fuel pump similar to that pictured. Cheers, Nick
  6. Wouldn't happen to have an E30 fuel pump? Cheers
  7. If anyone has any updates on their experiences with E92 M3's, would love to know, particularly any that have done relatively high km's (100k plus). Do these cars become a maintenance nightmare once they tick over 100,000km's?
  8. HB dude
  9. 325i, VDO, Facelift Cheers
  10. Yeh I saw it there on Saturday with a for sale sign in the window
  11. Is that the one from Te Awanga?
  12. Speedo Gauge?
  13. I got Hawk HPS brake pads from Turner Motorsport in the states. Would reccomend
  14. Happy Birthday
  15. Ya kidding me, I never thought I'd see the day Keen for swaps with an 88 325 and cash my way ?