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  1. Thanks everyone - looks .like it will be Bridgestones. Them Contis seem exe!! Will test the Bridgestones on them Para Paras. When I told my Dad I do Wanga Vegas to Taumarunui in two hours, he wasn't very happy.Thought I was thrashing it!! He was used to the trip in a Morry 8 in the '50's when it took at least four hours!! Regards Ray
  2. Thanks, Glenn - right on the money mate. BMW dealer confrims that it is the heater fan resistor block. I appreciate your advice. Regards Ray
  3. Hi help!! can anyone advise what might be the problem - my heater fan has ceased to function. Was going and now, does not. Any advice? Any tricks? Thanks heaps Regards
  4. hey, thanks for that - just don't want to bugger it up I appreciate your advice. Regards
  5. Hi everyone I have a problem - the rubber tubing to the window washer nozzels have come off one side. I need to take the under bonnet sound deadening off. There are what seems plastic screws into plastic inserts that hold the deadening in place. My problem is that all but two, seemed to unscrew BUT the last two have stripped the heads! Bugger. So, do I need to drill these out now? And are there replacements available?? Any other suggestions?? Regards Ray
  6. ... during the week, in my works car - 2009 Hyundai Accent!! (diesel that is)
  7. Hi, Everyone I have a couple of issues I am seeking advice about please. The first is -my car is ex Singapore, and I think I have read somewhere that the heater itself is disconnected on cars in Singapore. This would be consistent with only getting warm air out of the central face level vents. Can anyone advise if this could be the case - that the heater is disconnected - and if so, what is the story an\bout reversing the situation?? The second is that the car has had the rear door cards off a few times - by the BMW dealer - whilst that (finally) got their act together and stopped the water larking into the rear floor wells. Anyway, the rear clip of the wood fillet is not holding the wood fillets in. Not too sure what this suggests, but, I am seeking the wisdom of the reader here please. Thanks all Regards Ray
  8. Thanks Westy and Forrest - you know the road?? I do it about once a week at least on average Ray
  9. Thanks, Guys - I guess I want it all!! Seems the Bridgestone RE001 Adrenalin. And not that I want to just spend $$$, but interested no one suggested Michies, Pirellis or Continentals - would there be any significant benefits on NZ roads with any of these?? Regards Ray
  10. Hi My WOF failed cos the headlight lights settings are seized! Comment has included that they have to pull the light covers off but IF they bugger that up, I will be up for total replacement lights??? Can anyone tell me more about this issue?? Regards Ray
  11. Hi all Hey, I am due for new tyres all round before next WOF. Car has Michie Pilots on at moment. I'd value advice about what options I should consider. Whilst we don't race then car, we enjoy punting it along - and do a lot of travel over the Para Paras (Wanganui - Taumarunui) 16 inch - 225/55 is the size Thanks all Regards Ray
  12. Hi, On my car the map pocket on the back of the passenger seat, has lost it's 'spring' to close fully. Is there a trick to getting this repaired?? Thanks Regards Ray
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments - car wouldn't restart - so onto State Roadside Assist who started the car for me. Off to the local auto electrician - and a new regulator in the alternator and a new battery (battery was the original from 2002) - the car is going better than ever. The wallet is lightened by the experience though!! Regards Ray
  14. Hi, I have just arrived home (from a very nice meal too I might add!!), but the car is now showing the warning "Trans Failsafe Program", the ABS light is on and the battery red light is on. The car seems to travel ok but still in one/lower gear. Feels like a slipping clutch on a manual. Can anyone advise what the problem might be please. And can I drive the car 70ks to my BMW dealer??? Thanks heaps Regards Ray
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