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  1. I'm more than 2 years late, should check in there more often. Is the E46 6.5" Speaker Brackets still available? I had no idea these products exist.
  2. Actually a friend pointed out the answer, here's a pic F82 M4 GTS has 19"front & 20"rear
  3. I have new 225 Michelin Pilot 4 (not S) on front and half worn 245 GY Eagle D5 on rear. In dry I can accelerate around roundabout and car with rotate, front grip is amazing. I'm sure it will oversteer if I step on it but I haven't tried. In wet, I can't accelerate too much around corners, get decent speed, front will not lose grip, I have spun when I was testing how much traction I have in wet with no car nor pedestrian in sight in large open space
  4. Would still be interesting to see it on a bmw e36, e39, e46 as the rear has visibly more "body" above wheel arch compared to front. That Mustang certainly gets the point across, rear wheel looks like 2-3 inches bigger than front and the amount of body directly above wheel arch is very similar so in this case, rear wheel looks much bigger than it needs. I'll be searching double staggered e30 on Google 🙂
  5. LOL now I can't get that out of my mind. That never crossed my mind, haven't seen a tractor since I went to the field days 10 years ago.
  6. Absolutely Sometimes I put 255 at rear, sometimes 245 depending on which is cheaper, it's been a while since I last had 225. It's oversteer too much, I'm more confident and can push more when it understeers. If I have really crappy tyre at front, I'm happy to put really good 225 tyre at rear. I do care about how it drives too but whether it's 255 or 225 at rear, I still want the aesthetics side of it
  7. Can run wider rear tyres but it's the look from the side. Wider rear wheels are still the same 17" alloy, sidewall height are still the same. To eliminate the wider tyres from being the focus of this thread, let's say 225/45/17 & 255/35/18 Note that 225/45/17 & 255/40/17 OR 225/40/18 & 255/35/18 actually looks the same from the side, they only look different when you view it from the front or back. The point is the same alloy diameter on rear looks smaller since there's more metal above it, more "body". It's like asking an adult and a child to stand side by side and hold a can of Coke. The can of Coke will look smaller in front of the adult.
  8. Has anyone gone for the bigger alloy at rear look? ie front 225/45/17 & Rear 225/40/18 Since the rear has much more "body" compared to front, same size alloy makes rear alloy look smaller. These days, some models have bigger rear wheels which make the car look more proportional from the side view, however their tyre sidewall seems to be about the same which means rear alloy with tyre will have bigger overall diameter. I'm sure everything is calibrated correctly by engineers. One thing I wonder is, if I go for Front 225/45/17 & Rear 225/40/18, the alloy will look more proportional but I don't know how the smaller rear tyre sidewall will look since I can't increase the sidewall height as I need to keep to the same overall diameter. Just can't imagine how rear with look with less tyre sidewall, will it look funny? I know if I used 225/45/18 then it will looks better since nothing has changed except for bigger alloy.
  9. E46 coupe Windshield cowl for LHD cars. $100 Does anyone have a LHD e46 coupe? It had same part number as RHD cars, no differentiation between RHD & LHD so I bought the wrong part. Should have studied the photo.http://www.trademe.co.nz/1226161405
  10. Thanks Glenn. If you haven't replied, i would have never seen it. They should make the rules more obvious or have it displayed when someone starts a topic in For Sale. Anyway, Thank you for pointing it out.
  11. I have had two topics in the For Sale forum deleted on the day it was created. One of the members had even replied and in both our accounts, there was no trace of that topic or post. Anyone knows why, it's like someone doesn't want me to use the For Sale forum to sell or maybe someone doesn't want me to sell my left over Fuchs brand oil
  12. It doesn't happen often because dealer would register the car themselves and put some kms on it and sell it at a little discount to get it off their yard and get some profit in their pocket but things like this does happen for whatever reason. I'm sure if you ask a dealer, they can come up with many reason why this happens, it's rare but it does happen. These pre-facelift e92 are manufactured right up to Feb2010, so whether it's made in 2008 or Feb2010, it's still the same car. If it was registered in 2011 then there maybe some confusion as to whether it's pre-facelift or facelift which bmw calls LCI. I have seen e36 328i registered in 2000, now e36 328i stopped production in Sept1997. This is a big confusion when advertising the car, but it's not illegal, it is all legal, you advertised the year of the car based on when it was registered, that registered year is on all your legal documents. No one would have thought dealer won't register a vehicle for years.
  13. At the end of the day, yes, these are maintenance items, i should file it under "sunk cost". It is wrong that the owner of a badly maintained car gets the same replacement value if something happened to their car. By the way Olaf, i was looking for e92 electric water pump, and the N54 & N55 engine's water pump is electrically driven instead of belt driven so it's not an extra item. Yes, i would still need to do all the things i did in the e92, however in hindsight the alternative plan might have been replacing only what was broken, and mine e46 wasn't broken yet. so sell e46, rather than spending money, then get a e92 and the plan continues.
  14. Lots of people use AMI, myself included, they must be cheaper. I told them about my modifications, they were listed over 2k for most however they didn't care, said all in insured, i should call up and check if they were noted on my file. Just thought about it now, if it's not listed on my file then i'm probably not insured. exactly what does it mean by insured, if they get stolen i would be replaced with an equal value audio system? If my car is stolen, they would pay me what the car is worth + audio, wheels etc?
  15. WOW $8500 - give us some details, can we still see the ad on Trademe for details and photo? $8500 is a lot, never thought it could go for that much. How much were you paying for the $4k wheels? I wondered the same thing, would they really pay out $10k. So what are you going to replace the 328ci with?
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