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  1. tcbaurpower

    E32 750i parts at Pickapart

    Well I do need a replacement dash cluster however I have a 735i... would need the actual Vin. If you put the first 7 in it comes back as an e21.
  2. tcbaurpower

    E28 In-tank fuel pump

    How about replacing two pumps for one? I found a good write up/ discussion which suggests a TRE-340 in-tank pump is the best solution. http://www.mye28.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=101410&start=100 should add that they do not recommend the Walbro pumps.
  3. tcbaurpower

    WTB e28 m sport front bumper

    How much are you asking for the front? Any repairs on it?
  4. tcbaurpower

    WTB e28 m sport front bumper

    The middle bottom section (between fog lights) is now a flap. Could possibly reinforce with aluminium while I source another. Are you selling the whole kit as I just need the front.
  5. tcbaurpower

    E30 boot lid

    Have one with factory spoiler holes.
  6. tcbaurpower

    M30 Header flange drawing file dfx

    Hi Richard, I do not have a dxf but if you can supply the PDF then I can possibly create one. Regards, Adam
  7. tcbaurpower

    WTB e28 m sport front bumper

    Help needed to source an e28 m sport front bumper as I have major damage and there is no simple fix. The bumper repair shop informed me that repairing polyurethane bumpers is impossible because they can not weld the cracks like plastic bumpers. Anything out there or does anyone have a possible lead? I do have spare undamaged body kit parts to offer as a trade.
  8. tcbaurpower

    WtB_16" Style 5 Wheels_Sports Seats

    Foam for sport seats.
  9. tcbaurpower

    WtB_16" Style 5 Wheels_Sports Seats

    Will check that option out online. Was looking to make it as factory as possible.
  10. tcbaurpower

    WtB_16" Style 5 Wheels_Sports Seats

    WtB a set of 16" style 5 16x7.5 ET20. WtB a set of front sport seats for an e30. WtB the sport seats bolster foam insert (drivers door side) for an e28.. maybe someone has a spare passenger seat which this could be sourced from? Can provide a picture if need be.
  11. tcbaurpower

    M30 Crank Nut Removal Tool

    Unfortunately my tool collection does not currently include a rattle gun so looking for another simple solution. Also it will be useful for the reinstallation as well.
  12. Hi e28 fanatics So I am attempting to remove the 325psi crank nut to replace the timing chain and guides etc on an M30. Engine is on a stand so yeah, great fun. I have locked the flywheel up with a chain and given the breaker bar + longest tube sitting around the garage a go but it is not moving at all. So I turned to google for options (Last time I removed one I could not remember it being this difficult) and what I found was that BMW made a special crank holder tool, which doesn't look to hard to replicate. Has anyone had a go at making this or a similar tool for the job? I am going to give it a try, would anyone be interested in the cad files after I have completed it? Would look to have it water or plasma cut.
  13. tcbaurpower

    Looking for e32 Cluster ChCh

    Howdy ChCh members. So does anyone have or know someone with a e32 who may be willing to help out a bimmersport member? I am looking to borrow a working instrument cluster from an '87 e32. I have had my cluster looked at and there is nothing obviously wrong so they suggested the best way to check it would be by swapping in another working cluster. PM me with contact details if you know someone that may be able to help. Cheers, Adam
  14. tcbaurpower

    Next Batch of Government 7s up for Tender

    What price do they fetch at action, anyone follow the last auction? Wonder if the bad press with diesel VWs might have an impact on interest.
  15. tcbaurpower

    NZ AFM rebuilders?

    Dave. Can you post the link?